Bamboo Trees on Ortega Avenue

Photographs from Mountain View
(July 18-27, 2014)

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: I take Bus #34 or Bus #40 each morning to Showers Drive in Mountain View and board Bus #35 to Montrose Ave in Palo Alto where I spend the day at Foothill College Middlefield Campus Computer Lab. Often I'll get off at Ortega Avenue and walk to Hastings Square West to deliver the TV Guide page and comics from San Jose Mercury News to a friend. While walking there, I'd pass a bamboo grove in a yard on Ortega Ave. Several of the bamboo trees protrude outward to the sidewalk, creating a shady patch. I'd pause and clasp my palm around four of the bamboo stalks leaning outward and contemplate on the bamboo's flexibility, endurance, strength, and wisdom. This inspired the poem "Bamboos for Blessings". While walking to Showers Drive on Latham Street, I passed an enormous Pepper Tree. Looking at the rings of a sliced-off branch, I noticed the shape of the Platonic Lambda Λ "Soul of the Universe" which inspired the earlier poem "A Pepper Tree Stops Me Cold". Photos of this Avalon Towers Pepper Tree are shown at the end.

A Giant Bamboo Stalk

Bamboo to the Sky

Bamboo Grove on Ortega Ave

Touch Bamboos for Blessings

Bamboo Tree for Blessings

Sunflare through Bamboo Leaves

Upper Bamboo Branches

Bamboo Grove on Ortega Ave

Bamboo Stalks in Yard

Bamboo Grove on Ortega Ave

Sunflare and Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo Grove on Ortega Ave

Bamboo Leaves for Panda? (1, 2)

Bamboo Leaves Leaning Tree #2

Bamboo Leaves Leaning Tree #3

Bamboo Trees Shades Sidewalk

Bamboo #1 Blessings: Flexibility

Bamboo #2 Blessings: Endurance

Bamboo #3 Blessings: Strength

Bamboo #4 Blessings: Wisdom

Leaning Bamboo #4 Stalk

Bamboos & Sidewalk Shade (1)

Leaning Bamboo Stalks

Pepper Tree at Avalon Towers

Lambda in Pepper Tree Slice

Lambda in Pepper Tree Slice

Lambda Inside Pepper Tree

Upper Branches of Pepper Tree

— Peter Y. Chou, Photographed July 18-27, 2014

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