Cay Horner Memorial Gathering

in Her San Jose Home, California

Saturday, September 8, 2018

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Saturday, September 8, 2018, I met Ann at Los Altos Library at 3:05 pm, where she drove us to 15766 Highland Drive, San Jose. Cay's daughter, Jane Mulcaster emailed me on August 6 that her Mom, Cay Horner died in her sleep on July 22, 2018, and invited me to a Memorial Gathering at Cay's home at 4 pm, Sept. 8. Cay was my best friend Connie's hiking companion. After Connie's passing on 9-9-2016, Cay sent me her poem "With Connie on the Trail" promptly. Wrote a poem "Sweetest Sacred Sound" (7-6-2007) about Cay's horrific head-on collision that left her in a coma for four weeks. Because of a typo "sacred" for "scared" in Jane's email on Cay's first words "sacred, very shaken" on awakening from coma, I told Jane that the first words were sacred since God said "Let there be light" and sound came before light, and sound waves are turbulent & shaken. Now it dawned on me that Cay's first words "scared, very shaken" were her last memory after the collision. Her car was totally demolished, so she was "very shaken and scared". Cay and
Connie took me to Henry Cowell Redwoods hike and Pillar Point Bluff Trails, where we went down the cliffs and gathered seashells
on the beach. Cay invited Connie and me for Thanksgiving dinner in 2005 that I recall fondly. She would share photos from her hikes while I send my poems which she enjoyed. After learning of Cay's passing, wrote "Memories of Cay Horner" (8-19-2018) and shared
it at the Gathering. Enjoyed meeting the artist Jeanne Mort Wardrip, whose landscape paintings graced on the walls of Cay's home.
Refreshing to hear Julie's and Jane's stories of her Mom, and Meg's poems about her grandma. Connie was right that Cay's house
is a museum. Below are photos of Cay's home, a treasure trouve from a wonderful woman and great friend of Connie and me.

"Alum Rock Park" painting
by Jeanne Mort Wardrip

Window View from
Cay's Living Room

Cay on Alum Rock Bridge
by Jeanne Mort Wardrip

Unicorn Tapestry
Clositers Museum, NYC

Peacock Tapestry
Cay's Bedroom

Waterfall Room
with Cay's Hike Photos

Outside Garden
of Cay's Home

View of Living Room

Bert Horner Memorial Room

Bert Horner Memorial Room with Books

Medieval Tapetry
Cay's Living Room

San Francisco Photos
in Favorite Photos Room

Plush Stuffed Deer
in Favorite Photos Room

Stuffed Birds in a Row
in Room of Cay's Hike Photos

Mountain & Lake Painting
by Jeanne Mort Wardrip

Silhouette of Cay on Trail
one of her favorite photographs

Medieval Tapestry in Living Room
with Cay's photos in foreground

Animals Decor by
Cay's Frond Door

Cay's Mailbox
15766 Highland Drive

Cay's Favorite Doll
in Childhood Room

Horse on Trail Painting
by Jeanne Mort Wardrip

Cay Posing as Nun
& Bay Area Hike Photos

Cay Horner Card
on Remember me...

© Peter Y. Chou,
    Photos: Sept. 8; Composed: Sept. 14, 2018

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