Creative Labs (1901 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas)
(Coyote Creek Hike, December 25, 2013)

Why Creation Begins at the Centre?

It's Christmas Day 2013 and my friend
took me hiking at Coyote Creek Trail.
Nearby is Creative Labs whose logo
struck me like lightning out of the blue.

How fitting that the logo designer
of Creative Labs placed at its center
the Greek letter Lambda Λ that Plato
called in Timaeus "Soul of the Universe".

Does not everything begin with the Soul
and all creation start from the centre?—
A pebble thrown in water makes ripples
spreading out from center to circumference.

Buildings are centered by their foundations,
plants grow better centered in their pots,
seeds reside at the center of all fruits,
and the home is center of all families.

The nine planets circle around the Sun
like electrons orbiting the atom's nucleus.
Milky Way has a black hole at its center,
and our universe is born from the Big Bang.

God had an angel with a flaming sword
guarding Tree of Life in the Garden's midst,
so afraid Adam would steal the sacred fruit
that would make him godlike and immortal.

Blake got it right painting God creating
the world with a compass in his hand.
All creation begins at the centre
because that is where the Soul abides.

            Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 11-12-2014