Memories of Dad: Tsien Chung Chou (1902-2000)

Dad in New York, 1949

Dad was a quiet man, a scholar of few words. He read The New York Times passionately every day, as well as biographies, and books on history, art, poetry, and literature in Chinese, English, and French. We encouraged him to write his memoirs as many of his friends have done. But Dad refused, telling me, “I'm not interested in name dropping and tooting my own trumpet.” Dad was a man of action rather than words. In these sketches, I'm sharing with family and friends the memorable stories he shared with me and the wonderful times we had together.

— Peter Y. Chou

Dad's Obituary with web links

San Jose Mercury News 1-2-2001 Obituary

Palo Alto Weekly 1-3-2001 Obituary

Palo Alto Daily News 12-22-2000 Obituary

Peter's Eulogy to Dad

Elisa's Eulogy to Grandpa

Inspiring Quotes at Memorial Service

Postcards & Wisdom Quotes for Dad's Urn

Dad's Love for Mom

Reading Ficino's Letter to Dad on His Deathbed

Poem to Dad after His Last Breath

Dad Received Four Angel Cards from my Web Site

Online Museum Visits: Humour, Simplicity, Inspiration

Dad's Visit to Paris in 1979

Dad's Classmates: Sartre & Beauvoir at the Sorbonne (1929)

Diamond Wedding Anniversary (1934-1994)

Obituary of Dad's Best Friend: Li Huang (1895-1991)

A Poem: Memories of Li Huang

General Marshall's Most Treasured Memory

Dad's Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times

Poem: The Door of Life

Illuminating Quotes on Death

Poem: Where Are You?

Poem: Be Open...

Rumi: "Unmarked Boxes"

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