Books About Monkeys at the Stanford Library

A Selection Compiled by Peter Y. Chou

Wu Cheng'en (1500-1582)
Monkey (translated & edited by Anthony C. Yu)
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1977-1983, 4 volumes (PL2697.H75.E596.1977V.1-4)

Wu Cheng'en (1500-1582)
Monkey (translated from Chinese by Arthur Waley)
Grove Press, New York, 1943, 1958 (PL2697.H73)

Wu Cheng'en (1500-1582)
Adventures of the Monkey God (translated from Chinese by Arthur Waley)
Graham Brash, Singapore, 1973, 1987 (PL2697.H75.E587.1987)

David Kherdian, Monkey: a journey to the west
Retold, Based on: Hsi yu chi / Wu Ch'eng-en
Shambhala Publications, Boston, Mass., 1992 (PS3561.H4.M6.1992)

Subbaraman Ramnath
Beyond the Question of the Monkey Imposter:
Indian influence on the Chinese novel, The journey to the west

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2002 (PL2697.H753.S83.2002)

Hera S. Walker
Indigenous or Foreign?: a look at the origins of the Monkey Hero Sun Wukong
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1998 (PL2697.H753.W35.1998)

Glen Dudbridge, The Hsi-yu chi
A Study of Antecedents to the 16th-Century Chinese Novel
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1970 (PL2697.H753.D8)

Alfred Kuang-yao Yeh (1945- )
The Evolution of a Rebel: An Interpretation of Wu Chen-En's Journey to the West
University of Tulsa, Ph.D. Thesis, 1976 (PL2697.H753.Y4.1976A)

Liu Ts'un-Yan, Wu Ch'êng-Ên: His Life and Career
E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1967 (PL2697.Z5L5)

Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
The Monkey as Mirror: symbolic transformations in Japanese history & ritual
Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1987 (DS821.O3627.1987)

Robert Hans van Gulik (1910-1967)
The Monkey and the Tiger; two Chinese detective stories
Scribner, New York, 1966 (PR6013.U53.M6)

Ernest P. Walker, (1891- ), The Monkey Book
Macmillan, New York, 1954 (599.8.W178)sal

Alistair Gentry, Monkey Boys (fiction)
Spacehopper, London, 1999 (PR6057.E528.M66.1999)

Howard Hawks (Director) & Ben Hecht (Screen Play)
Monkey Business [DVD videorecording]
Cast: Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn, Marilyn Monroe
Twentieth Century Fox, Beverly Hills, CA, 1952, 2002 (ZDVD.3028)

Philip Nikolayev, Monkey Time
Verse Press, Amherst, Mass., 2003 (PS3614.I55.M66.2003)

Claire Dowie, The Year of the Monkey and Other Plays
Methuen, London, 2001 (PR6054.O94 A6.2001)

Christopher Shaw
Sacred Monkey River: a canoe trip with the gods
Norton, New York, 2000 (F1435.S53.2000)

Ian Tattersall
The Monkey in the Mirror: essays on the science of what makes us human
Harcourt, New York, 2002 (GN281.T365.2002)

Thierry Lenain, Monkey Painting
Reaktion Books, London, 1997 (QL737.P9.L42713.1997)art

Peter Khoroche (translated from the Sanskrit)
Once the Buddha was a Monkey: Arya Suras Jatakamala
with a foreword by Wendy Doniger
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1989 (BQ1462.E5.K5.1989)

Ken Keyes, The Hundredth Monkey
Vision Books, Coos Bay, OR, 1982 (BR115.A85.K39.1982)hoover

Derek Walcott
Dream on Monkey Mountain and Other Plays
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 1970 (PR6045.A26.D7)

Kurt Vonnegut
Welcome to the Monkey House (a collection of short works)
Delacorte Press, New York, 1968 (PS3572 .O5 W4)

Leonard Williams, Samba & the Monkey Mind
Norton, New York, 1965 (QL737.P925.W5)

John Galsworthy, The White Monkey
Scribner's Sons, New York, 1930 (822.7.G17MCGV.1)sal

Leonore Brandt (1911- ), Monkeys as Pets
All-Pets Magazine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 1953 (SF459.M6.B7.1953)sal

Susan Minot, Monkeys (fiction)
Dutton, New York, 1986 (PS3563.I4755.M6.1986)

Bruce Weigl (1949- ), The Monkey Wars: Poems
University of Georgia Press, Athens, Georgia, 1985 (PS3573.E3835.M6.1985)

Gotthart Berger, Monkeys and Apes
Arco Publishing, New York, 1985 (QL737.P9 B45513 1985)sal

Rita Wong, Monkeypuzzle: Poems
Press Gang Publishers, Vancouver, 1998 (PR9199.3.W578.M66.1998)

Elizabeth Nickson, The Monkey-Puzzle Tree
Bloomsbury, London, 1994 (PR9199.3.N523.M66.1994)
(fiction based on CIA's mind experiments)

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