A Baby Elephant's Tale

Baby elephant fends off 14 attacking lions in Zambia (GrindTV.com, 11-11-2014)

It's a jungle out there in Africa—
survival of the fittest played out with
wildebeests and zebras eaten by lions.

Now, king of the beast is attacking me—
not one but fourteen wanting me for lunch.
Life was beginning but is this the end?

Papa bull elephant is far away,
Mama elephant is having a long nap,
I'm the one-year-old baby out all alone.

Mama told me to stay with the herd
until I'm older but it's really hot
so I venture to the river for a drink.

That's when the pride of lions attacked
surrounding me on all sides, sharp claws
digging deep into my hide— Ouch it hurts!

One leaped on top of me, two biting
my rump, another grabbing my tail,
the rest ready to pounce for the kill.

Mama has warned me of these lion raids—
didn't want to listen to Samuel Barber's
Adagio for Strings at my early demise.

I summon strength to fend off these lions—
Call Ganesha, the Elephant God who
removes all obstacles. Come! Help me!

An inner voice tells me to stand my ground
and show no fear— I swing my trunk wildly
at the marauders surprised I'm fighting back.

Thanks for this angelic intervention,
I'm now the aggressor chasing these lions
from river to shore— They call me Hercules!

When I'm old and gray with grandchildren
by my side, I'll show them grandpa's scars
and tell them my adventure when I was One.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 11-13-2014

Baby Elephant Runs to Water with Lions on its Back

Baby Elephant Fights Back Swinging its Trunk

Agitated Birds Flying Away from River

Baby Elephants Wants to Fight the Lions

Baby Elephant Chasing Hungry Lion
(Photo by Norman Carr/Caters News)