Confetti on Market Street

Crowd of million fans in parade

Pablo Sandoval greeting fans

Jubilant Buster Posey

Alex Smith drives Matt Cain

Confetti on Tim Lincecum

Vogelsong speaks as Zito waits

Bochy holds up Series Trophy


These San Francisco Giants are real giant killers
beating the Reds and Cardinals in six straight
Playoff elimination games and then sweeping
the favorite Tigers to win the World Series.

Orange, black, and white confetti rain down from
buildings on Market Street as crowd of a million
die-hard fans celebrate these Giants winning
seven games in a row to be baseball champions.

Series MVP Pablo Sandoval whose 3-homer game
is matched only by Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson,
and Albert Pujols, strolls down the street shaking
hands with crowd waving sign "Panda for President!"

Batting champ Buster Posey's grand slam wins playoff
and two-run homer helps Giants to win the Series.
Sergio Romo strikes out the side to win it all
and his "I Just Look Illegal" T-shirt is a big hit!

Perfect-game Matt Cain who clinched the pennant
has almost-perfect Alex Smith as his driver,
and lowest man on the totem pole Brandon Belt
chauffered by 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh!

Out of the bullpen, Tim Lincecum strikes out
eight in 4-2/3 relief innings of shutout ball.
Hunter Pence rallies the team with inspiring talk
and his broken-bat double wins the pennant.

Zito and Vogelsong suffered their valley lows,
now on the stage sharing their mountaintop highs.
How fitting and sweet that Marco Scutaro does it
again winning the World Series with his RBI!

What a joy holding up the Series Trophy for
Bruce Bochy who managed with such skill
and Tony Bennett singing "I left my heart in
San Francisco" for the parade's grand finale.

While the Great Pumpkin never showed up in Peanuts
Comics' pumpkin patch, its Great Spirit did come to
Giants' pitching, Giants' Panda, Giants' perseverance
as fans cheer in the Giants' Parade on Halloween!

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 10-31-2012

    Photos taken October 31, 2012 during Giants Victory Parade
    in San Francisco by San Jose Mercury News photographers

Confetti rain down Civic Center

Fans with Tiger tied to broom

Poster "Panda for President!"

Sergio Romo's "Illegal" T-shirt

Jim Harbaugh drives Brandon Belt

Confetti on Hunter Pence

Marco Scutaro eyes to heaven

Tony Bennett sings grand finale