Hike: Matadero Creek Pedestrian Trail
Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, California

Hike starting at Arastradero Road,
Matadero Creek Trail & Deer Creek Road
Sunday, March 24, 2013

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: This is my first hike in 2013. My last hike was on October 28, 2012 at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. My friend has gone on several hikes this year when the weather was warm. She told me about the new Matadero Creek Trail that opened over a year ago which she hiked on partially. It was a warm sunny day and we began our hike at 3:16 pm near the Purisima Road & Arastradero Road entrance and made a circular loop clockwise climbing the hills of the Matadero Creek Pedestrian Trail. It was a treat seeing the horses from the Pagemill Pastures. There were yellow fields of mustard flowers on Arastradero Road. Some flowers encountered on the trails include fiddlenecks, lupines, poppies, buttercups, and checkerblooms. Our scenic hike came to Page Mill Road. Walking along Deer Creek Road, we passed by Tesla Motors, SAP, and VMware hi-tech companies. Our hike ended at 5:43 pm. My friend drove me to El Camino Real where I caught Bus #22 to Palo Alto Train Depot. From there, I walked 10 minutes to Stanford Theatre and saw two great Hitchcock films— Dial M for Murder (1954) and Vertigo (1958). I've seen both films before, but as with great classics, one always learn something new.

Trail Entrance, Arastradero Road

Start of Hike, Arastradero Road

Oak Tree on Hillside

Craggy Oak Tree

Y-Tree in Sunshine

Deer Creek by Trail (1)

Craggy Oak Tree

Matadero Creek Signpost

Matadero Pedestrian Trail Sign

Tall Elegant Pine Tree

Fiddleneck Flowers

Matadero Creek Trail Sign

Clouds & Oaks on Hill

Tall Trees on Trail

House on Hilltop

Giant Seagull Cloud

Houses on Hilltop

No Horse-Riding Gate

Stanford University Sign

View of Highway I-280

Highway I-280 & Hills

View Across the Bay

View of Horses

View of Green Pastures

Matadero Creek Signpost

Cometlike Plane Trail

Yellow Mustard Field Below

Hoover Tower & Palo Alto

Invasive Plants on Trail

Gathering of Lupines

Lupines Gathering

Deer Creek Reflections

Deer Creek Bridge

No Horse-Riding Gate on Trail

Scaly Fish Cloud

Craggy Oak Tree

California Poppies

California Poppies

Buttercups in Bloom

Stately Oak Tree

Graceful Oak Tree

Oak Tree & View of Horses

Pink Checkerblooms

Horse Ranch: Page Mill & Deer Creek Rd

Hills Above Page Mill Road

View of Horses from Trail

Bird Cloud over the Hills

Checkblooms in Blossom

Page Mill Road

Deer Creek Road

Cactus on Roadside

Pagemill Pastures: 3450 Deer Creek Road

Oak on Hill & Clouds

Tesla Motors Sign on Fence

Leaning Oak Trees

Tesla Motors: 3500 Deer Creek Road

Eucalyptus by Tesla Motors Entrance

Eucalyptus by Deer Creek Rd

Eucalyptus by Deer Creek Rd

Young Oak on Creek Trail

Craggy Oak Tree

Tesla Motors & SAP on Deer Creek Road

Craggy Oak on Deer Creek Trail

Stanford Theatre's Hitchcock Marquee

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, March 24, 2013

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