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This web page is dedicated to my Dad, Tsien-Chung Chou (1902-2000),
who read avidly The New York Times daily & joyfully for over 50 years.

Selected Articles from The New York Times—
December 2000
(* denotes news of special interest)

Sunday, December 31, 2000:
On This Day: December 31 (Jacques Cartier 12/31/1491-9/1/1557, Charles Cornwallis 12/31/1738-10/5/1805, Robert Aitken 12/31/1864-10/29/1951, George C. Marshall 12/31/1880-10/16/1959, Elizabeth Arden 12/31/1884-10/18/1966, Nathan Milstein 12/31/1903-12/21/1992, Jules Stynes 12/31/1905-9/20/1994, Simon Wiesenthal 1908, Odetta 1930, Sir Anthony Hopkins 1937, Sarah Miles 1941, Diane Von Furstenberg 1946, Donna Summer 1948, Val Kilmer 1959)
Truman Declares Hostilities Ended, Terminating Many Wartime Laws (By BERTRAM D. HULEN, December 31, 1946)
* Art World Mourns Henri Matisse, Dead at Home in Nice at Age of 84 [12/31/1869-11/3/1954] (NY Times, November 4, 1954)
Felicia Shpritzer, Broke Police Gender Barrier, Dies at 87 (By WILLIAM H. HONAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Lord Aldington, British Politician and Businessman, Dies at 86 (By PAUL LEWIS, Dec. 31, 2000)
Ronald G. Pisano, Collector and Expert on Long Island's Art, Dies at 51 (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 31, 2000)
Bush's Selections Signal a Widening of Cabinet's Role (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Across Washington, the Inaugural Rush Is On (By IRVIN MOLOTSKY, Dec. 31, 2000)
H.M.O.'s to Drop Many Elderly and Disabled People (By JO THOMAS, Dec. 31, 2000)
Year-End Blizzard Slows Northeast to a Crawl [10-photos slideshow] (By ROBERT D. McFADDEN, Dec. 31, 2000)
FREEDOM'S TOLL: A Fit City Offers Russia a Self-Help Model (By MICHAEL WINES, Dec. 31, 2000)
Where bin Laden Has Roots, His Mystique Grows (By JOHN F. BURNS, Dec. 31, 2000)
For Peru Ex-Spy Chief, on the Lam, a Trail of Intrigue (By LARRY ROHTER, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Numbers for Magic in Spain: 01/01/01 (By EMMA DALY, Dec. 31, 2000)
* After a Year, Millennium Dome Calls It a Day (By WARREN HOGE, Dec. 31, 2000)
Decree Adds Lyrics to Russia's Anthem (By REUTERS, Dec. 31, 2000)
In New York, a Swirling Sky and a Joyful Spell (By DEAN E. MURPHY, Dec. 31, 2000)
Final Year, Final Ambitions [Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani] (By ELISABETH BUMILLER, Dec. 31, 2000)
Trying to Preserve an Improvised Monument to Sobriety (By BARBARA STEWART, Dec. 31, 2000)
* THE SNOW: Fluffy Flakes Make Drifts, Not Snowballs (By SARAH KERSHAW, Dec. 31, 2000)
* NEW YEAR'S EVE: Clearing Way for a Times Square Celebration (By EUN LEE KOH, Dec. 31, 2000)
THE NATION: When 'I'm No. 2' Becomes Something to Cheer About (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 31, 2000)
OUT OF PLACE: The Price of Peace Will Be Paid in Dreams (By JOHN KIFNER, Dec. 31, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: The Case of the Instant Recession (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
* A VIRTUAL SPACE ODYSSEY: The Future Is Coming Faster (By GEORGE JOHNSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
* MEASURING A CENTURY: America Then and Now: It's All in the Numbers (By AM ROBERTS, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Tonight's the Night (By RICHARD E. MOONEY, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Biggest Names of the Year (By THOMAS VINCIGUERRA, Dec. 31, 2000)
Please Give a Mummy a Home (By JOHN LELAND, Dec. 31, 2000)
Who's the Man? Shaft, John Shaft (By DOUG HARVEY, Dec. 31, 2000)
Hark! That's No Herald Angel (By JENNIFER A. KINGSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
EDITORIAL: A Scholar-Statesman Retires [Daniel Patrick Moynihan] (NY TIMES, Dec. 31, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Finding the Next Baton [New York Philharmonic] (NY TIMES, Dec. 31, 2000)
OP-ED: Globalization Grows Up and Gets Political (By FAREED ZAKARIA, Dec. 31, 2000)
OP-ED: Judging the Gentlewoman From New York [Hillary Clinton] (By DALE BUMPERS, Dec. 31, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: When the Boy King Ruled (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 31, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: Real Reality's Revenge (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
* BUSINESS: How Did So Many Get It So Wrong? (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
* MARKET WATCH: A Year Underachievers Everywhere Can Be Proud Of (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Business Book Turns a Page With New Form (By MARY B. W. TABOR, Dec. 31, 2000)
ECONOMIC VIEW: Bush's Task: Deciding How He'll Spend a Big Surplus (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
* INVESTING: Playing Averages for the Long Haul (By FRED BROCK, Dec. 31, 2000)
* An Empire Built on China Chic [Hong Kong] (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 31, 2000)
Ms. Responsibility Takes the Gallup Exam (By MARY B. W. TABOR, Dec. 31, 2000)
Testing Your Business I.Q. (Compiled by Donna Anderson, Dec. 31, 2000)
Business I.Q.: The Answers (Compiled by Donna Anderson, Dec. 31, 2000)
FIVE QUESTIONS for JOSEPH A. CALIFANO Jr.: Battle To End Workplace Violence (By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH, Dec. 31, 2000)
* E-Greetings Outpace E-Commerce (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 31, 2000)
Napster CEO Shares His New Year's Resolutions (By REUTERS, Dec. 31, 2000)
MARKET INSIGHT: Predicting an Upswing in Emerging Markets (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 31, 2000)
* STRATEGIES: Ignoring the Smoke and Mirrors Used by Fund Managers (By MARK HULBERT, Dec. 31, 2000)
Health Food Seller Is Back to Health (By KATE MURPHY, Dec. 31, 2000)
Brazil's Hot Commodity? Not Coffee or Soccer (By LARRY ROHTER, Dec. 31, 2000)
PERSONAL BUSINESS: Cuts in Health Benefits Squeeze Retirees' Nest Eggs (By MILT FREUDENHEIM, Dec. 31, 2000)
Homebuyers Slowly Warm to the Net (By LAURIE J. FLYNN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Private Sector: For Whom the Bell Tolls: Exchange Rings Out '00 (Compiled By RICK GLADSTONE, Dec. 31, 2000)
Should Reports Be Subject to Standards? (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
Investing Diary: Bank Cracks the Case of the Vanishing Wealth (By Robert D. Hershey Jr., Dec. 31, 2000)
Letters: Remedy for a New Economy (By THOMAS LEMBESSIS, Dec. 31, 2000)
MY MONEY, MY LIFE: Living Outside the Law (By CARRIE MANDEL, Dec. 31, 2000)
LIVING: The Hills Were Alive With the Sound of Moolah in 2000 (By BOB MORRIS, Dec. 31, 2000)
A Day of Chinese Beauty With Vivienne Tam (By RUTH LA FERLA, Dec. 31, 2000)
New Club Dance Craze: Rear-Ending (By JULIA CHAPLIN, Dec. 31, 2000)
ON THE STREET: People in Blankets, Pups in Boots [slideshow] (Photographs by BILL CUNNINGHAM, Dec. 31, 2000)
VOWS: Ed Bernstein and Lisa Schacht-Levine (By LOIS SMITH BRADY, Dec. 31, 2000)
A NIGHT OUT WITH / DEBORAH COPAKEN KOGAN: A Saucy Matchmaker (By LINDA LEE, Dec. 31, 2000)
VIEW: Partying With Your Baby (Your Actual Baby, That Is) (By JOANNA COLES & PETER GODWIN, Dec. 31, 2000)
TRAVEL: Finding Nature and Self Near Negril (By LUCHINA FISHER, Dec. 31, 2000)
Rejuvenating, Any Way You Slice It (By CAROLINE SEEBOHM, Dec. 31, 2000)
A Jackpot of Rich Indulgences (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Serious Pampering in the Finger Lakes (By ELISABETH BUMILLER, Dec. 31, 2000)
One Night That's a Holiday Everywhere (By JILL KNIGHT WEINBERGER, Dec. 31, 2000)
Business Travel: Of More Web Sites and Gridlocked Skies (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 31, 2000)
CHOICE TABLES: Food for the Soul, Lyonnais Style (By JACQUELINE FRIEDRICH, Dec. 31, 2000)
PRACTICAL TRAVELER: How to Avoid Passport Woes (By BETSY WADE, Dec. 31, 2000)
Architecture in Review: Models for the New Modern Age (By HERBERT MUSCHAMP, Dec. 31, 2000)
Art in Review: As the Tate Towered, a Giant Guggenheim Got a Lift (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Classical in Review: A Haunting New Opera Amid Happy Returns (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 31, 2000)
Dance in Review: Partial to Balanchine, and a Lot of Built-In Down Time (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 31, 2000)
Film in Review: A Year That Was Very Good. Or Very Bad. (By A.O. SCOTT, Dec. 31, 2000)
Popular Music in Review: A Business Feasts on Its Young (By JON PARELES, Dec. 31, 2000)
Theater in Review: Searching for Chorus Girls, Finding Plays (By BEN BRANTLEY, Dec. 31, 2000)
TV in Review: Reality Took Over but Seemed So Unreal (By CARYN JAMES, Dec. 31, 2000)
Taking a Year 2000 Inner-Space Odyssey (By BILL DESOWITZ, Dec. 31, 2000)
THEATER: The Author of `Art' Has Another Hit on Her Hands (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 31, 2000)
DANCE: Diavolo Dance Theater: On a Stage, All the World's a Staircase (By DONNA PERLMUTTER, Dec. 31, 2000)
From the Quiet of a Bedroom, Raw Songs of America [Bruce Springsteen] (By ANTHONY DeCURTIS, Dec. 31, 2000)
'The West Wing': The Lovable Liberal Behind Bush's Victory (By LAURA LIPPMAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Two Disparate Classical Works Are Brothers Under the Skin (By MATTHEW GUREWITSCH, Dec. 31, 2000)
Santiago Calatrava: Architect, Artist, Engineer (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Mapping, in Space, the Flickering Face of Time (By EDWARD M. GOMEZ, Dec. 31, 2000)
* ON LANGUAGE: stylebook [Some rules really aren't meant to be broken.] (By WILLIAM G. CONNOLLY, Dec. 31, 2000)
SALIENT FACTS: SCOOTERS: Not-So-Hot Wheels (By ROB TURNER, Dec. 31, 2000)
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: The Great Divide (By JACK HITT, Dec. 31, 2000)
QUESTIONS FOR ROBERT M. PARKER JR.: Vino, Vidi, Vici [founder of The Wine Advocate] (By BRUCE SCHOENFELD , Dec. 31, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Drugstore Cowboy (By RANDY COHEN, Dec. 31, 2000)
SHOPTALK: Scoring Goals [Can New Year's resolutions help?] (Moderated by HOPE REEVES, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Reagan Writes [recently discovered radio addresses from the 1970's] (By RONALD REAGAN, Dec. 31, 2000)
Things Are What They Used to Be [Singer Jane Monheit] (By DAVID HAJDU, Dec. 31, 2000)
BOOK REVIEW: Contents (NY TIMES, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Waiting for the Streetcar ["The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams"] (By BILL GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 31, 2000)
* A Sense of Where He's Not {A. Alvarez's memoir "Where Did It All Go Right?"] (By RICHARD EDER, Dec. 31, 2000)
Ambassador in Spite of Himself [Letters of Joseph P. Kennedy] (By THOMAS MALLON, Dec. 31, 2000)
Back to the Stone Age: Evolutionary Psychology [Terry Burnham, "Mean Genes"] (By ERICA GOODE, Dec. 31, 2000)
Hanging Up the Past [Francis Haskell, "The Ephemeral Museum"] (By PAUL MATTICK, Dec. 31, 2000)
The Sacred and the Secular [Ruth R. Wisse, "The Modern Jewish Canon" & Robert Alter, "Canon and Creativity"] (By ESTHER SCHOR, Dec. 31, 2000)
* A Poet at War With His Language ["Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan"] (By MARK M. ANDERSON, Dec. 31, 2000)
The School of Hard Knocks [Jennifer Lauck's "Blackbird"] (By JODI KANTOR, Dec. 31, 2000)
So He's Not a Prophet. So He's a Reformer [George Soros, "Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism"] (By SYLVIA NASAR, Dec. 31, 2000)
Marsha Mason's "Journey: A Personal Odyssey" (By LESLIE CHESS FELLER, Dec. 31, 2000)
BOOKEND: A Reputation Saved by a Book (By PETER MAAS, Dec. 31, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Rare Baby Elephant Delights Seattle [birth video at Seattle zoo's Web site, www.zoo.org] (By SAM HOWE VERHOVEK, Dec. 31, 2000)
* Sky Watch: The Third Millennium [Dionysius Exiguus didn't start AD with year zero] (By JOE RAO, Dec. 31, 2000)

Saturday, December 30, 2000:
On This Day: December 30 (John Milne 12/30/1850-7/30/1913, Asa Griggs Candler 12/30/1851-3/12/1929, Rudyard Kipling 12/30/1865-1/18/1936, Ramana Maharshi 12/30/1879-4/14/1950, Alfred Einstein 12/30/1880-2/13/1952, Sir Carol Reed 12/30/1906-4/25/1976, Bert Parks 12/30/1914-2/2/1992, Bo Diddley 1928, Paul Stookey 1937, Davy Jones 1945, Patti Smith 1946, Matt Lauer 1957, Tracey Ullman 1959, Tiger Woods 1975)
Nixon Orders a Halt In Bombing of North Above 20th Parallel (By BERNARD GWERTZMAN, December 30, 1972)
Alfred E. Smith Dies Here at 70; 4 Times Governor [12/30/1873-10/4/1944] (NY Times, October 4, 1944)
Dr. George Edward Wantz, 77, Innovator in Hernia Operations (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 30, 2000)
Martin Prinz, 69, Curator of Meteorite Collection (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 30, 2000)
Sam Savitt, Artist and Author Who Specialized in Horses, Dies at 83 (By ERIC PACE, Dec. 30, 2000)
Karen McCready, Publisher, Art Gallery Owner and Writer, Dies at 54 (NY TIMES, Dec. 30, 2000)
THE FINAL TALLY: Gore's Lead in the Popular Vote Now Exceeds 500,000 (By DAVID STOUT, Dec. 30, 2000)
THE TRANSITION: New Picks Firm Up Conservative Cast of Bush's Cabinet (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 30, 2000)
THE SEARCH: Nearly Full Cabinet Is Stocked With Republicans (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 30, 2000)
Interior Choice Sends a Signal on Land Policy (By DOUGLAS JEHL, Dec. 30, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: The Second Time Around: Anthony J. Principi (By STEVEN A. HOLMES, Dec. 30, 2000)
THE CHOICES: Small Town Ambition Forms Character of Health Secretary Nominee (By PAM BELLUCK, Dec. 30, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: Houston Schools Chief Used Innovative Methods to Reform Education (By JACQUES STEINBERG, Dec. 30, 2000)
RELIGION JOURNAL: For Armenian Church, a Milestone Midnight (By GUSTAV NIEBUHR, Dec. 30, 2000)
Clintons Buy $2.85 Million Washington Home (By CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS, Dec. 30, 2000)
ROME JOURNAL: Their Job Is to Look Good and Smile (By ALESSANDRA STANLEY, Dec. 30, 2000)
For Y2K Doomsayers, the End Is Not Near Still, Some Are Stocking Up on Spam (By MONTE WILLIAMS, Dec. 30, 2000)
A Master of Latin Jazz Is Rediscovered at 79 [Chico O'Farrill] (By MIREYA NAVARRO, Dec. 30, 2000)
Bronx High School of Science Gets Dual Advisory Panels, but Not Dueling Ones, Officials Say (By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS, Dec. 30, 2000)
NYC: Lowly Bagel, Highly Priced: Nearly a Buck (By CLYDE HABERMAN, Dec. 30, 2000)
OP-ED: Count on Rumsfeld, Not the Missile Shield (By RICHARD L. GARWIN, Dec. 30, 2000)
OP-ED: Another Prohibition, Another Failure (By GARY E. JOHNSON, Dec. 30, 2000)
OP-ED: Working With the Neighbors (By JUDITH RODIN, Dec. 30, 2000)
OP-ED: ABROAD AT HOME: An Unfit Nominee (By ANTHONY LEWIS, Dec. 30, 2000)
Glimpse at Profit Earns $30 Million for Kozmo (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 30, 2000)
Judge Rules That Failed Dot-Com Can Resell Its Lease (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 30, 2000)
BUSINESS: Share Prices Finish Lower on Last Day of Tough Year (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 30, 2000)
From Spotted Owls to Caviar (By JOHN TAGLIABUE, Dec. 30, 2000)
Hedge Fund Retrenches by Giving Back Up to $2 Billion (By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 30, 2000)
A Drought Hit Market for Capital Sales of New Securities Fell by 8% in 2000 (By PATRICK McGEEHAN, Dec. 30, 2000)
* ARTS: CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Dissecting a 'Masterpiece' to Find Out How It Ticks (By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN, Dec. 30, 2000)
* IDEAS: Harvard Expert on Shakespeare Branches Out (By DINITIA SMITH, Dec. 30, 2000)
* Now Playing, Short Stories at a Web Theater Near You (By PETER M. NICHOLS, Dec. 30, 2000)
DANCE: A Troupe Finds a Real Home, With Showers (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 30, 2000)
THINK TANK: After Deciding What to Call It, What Do You Call What You Call It? (NY TIMES, Dec. 30, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Turning Seasons Upside Down (By ANNE RAVER, Dec. 30, 2000)

Friday, December 29, 2000:
On This Day: December 29 (Jeanne-Antoinette Pompadour 12/29/1721-4/15/1764, Charles Macintosh 12/29/1766-7/25/1843, Charles Goodyear 12/29/1800-7/1/1860, William Gladstone 12/29/1809-5/19/1898, Pablo Casals 12/29/1876-10/22/1973, Jess Willard 12/29/1881-12/15/1968, William Gaddis 12/29/1922-12/16/1998, Tom Jarriel 1934, Mary Tyler Moore 1937, Jon Voight 1938, Marianne Faithfull 1946, Ted Danson 1947)
Nazis Bombings Set Big London Fires: Flames Leap High (By RAYMOND DANIELL, December 29, 1940)
Andrew Johnson Dead at 66 [12/29/1808-7/31/1875] (NY Times, August 1, 1875)
* W. V. Quine, Philosopher Who Analyzed Language and Reality, Dies at 92 (By CHRISTOPHER LEHMANN-HAUPT, Dec. 29, 2000)
John Wesley Rice Jr., Father of Bush Adviser, Dies at 77 (NY TIMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
Vincent Palumbo, Stone Carver for Cathedral, Dies at 64 (NY TIMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
Levi Jackson, a Pioneer at Yale, Is Dead at 74 [1st black football captain] (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 29, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: Donald Henry Rumsfeld: Veteran of the Pentagon (By JAMES RISEN, Dec. 29, 2000)
Choice of Rumsfeld Creates Solid Team for Missile Shield (By STEVEN LEE MYERS, Dec. 29, 2000)
Defense Secretary Chosen; Held Same Post Under Ford (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 29, 2000)
Comments by Bush and Rumsfeld on Selection for Secretary of Defense (NY TIMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
Serving More Than Once Has Several Precedents (By CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS, Dec. 29, 2000)
THE INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR: As Bush Ponders on CIA Leader, Some Say That No Change Is Needed (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 29, 2000)
Profiles of Other Choices for Bush Team (NY TIMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
Americans Number 281,421,906 in Census (By STEVEN A. HOLMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
10-Year Estimate of Budget Surplus Surges Once More (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 29, 2000)
Twin Storms Move East After Battering the Plains (By ROBERT D. McFADDEN, Dec. 29, 2000)
7 Victims of Massacre Are Mourned by Hundreds (By CAREY GOLDBERG, Dec. 29, 2000)
NEWS ANALYSIS: Fork in Arafat's Road: New Peace or Old Victimhood (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 29, 2000)
Clinton Scraps North Korea Trip, Saying Time's Short for Deal (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 29, 2000)
* RIO JOURNAL: For Brazil's College-Bound, a Brutal Test of Mettle (By LARRY ROHTER, Dec. 29, 2000)
Clinton's Trade-Offs: Ancestral Lands and Sacred Sites (By JOEL GREENBERG, Dec. 29, 2000)
Canada's Haven: For Notorious Fugitives, Too? (By JAMES BROOKE, Dec. 29, 2000)
Greece Faces the Specter of Violence at the Olympics (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 29, 2000)
Nobelist's Villa Contested [Daw Aung San Suu Kyi] (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 29, 2000)
I-95, a River of Commerce Overflowing With Traffic (By RANDY KENNEDY, Dec. 29, 2000)
What's Fair Rent on the Palace? Royalty and the Church Disagree (By CHARLES V. BAGLI, Dec. 29, 2000)
Historian Restores Early Burial Plots in Queens (By SARAH KERSHAW, Dec. 29, 2000)
* The 4th Day of Christmas: 3,000 Philosophers Thinking (By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS, Dec. 29, 2000)
* Public Lives: An Introspective New Year's Eve [chant of Om] (By SHAILA K. DEWAN, Dec. 29, 2000)
EDITORIAL: What the Census Means (NY TIMES, Dec. 29, 2000)
* OP-ED: Make This Natural Treasure a National Monument (By JIMMY CARTER, Dec. 29, 2000)
* OP-ED: At Last, We Elders Get Some Respect (By ANNIE GOTTLIEB, Dec. 29, 2000)
* OP-ED: PUBLIC INTERESTS: The Last Roundup [new millennium] (By GAIL COLLINS, Dec. 29, 2000)
OP-ED: A Time for Human Rights on Native Ground (By LOUISE ERDICH, Dec. 29, 2000)
LETTERS: Next, an Education Revolution? (By HAROLD HOWE II et. al., Dec. 29, 2000)
BUSINESS: Dow Finishes With Gain for 5th Consecutive Session [Dow +66, Nasdaq +18] (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 29, 2000)
Floyd Norris: During 2000, the Bursting Bubble Did Not Hurt All Stocks (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 29, 2000)
* Montgomery Ward to Close Its Doors (By LESLIE KAUFMAN with CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 29, 2000)
* Meow-Chi, Hot Toy of 2000, Is a Surprise Hit (By JULIAN E. BARNES, Dec. 29, 2000)
Advertising: Primedia Promotes Its Online Business Operations (By JANE L. LEVERE, Dec. 29, 2000)
Providian Settles Credit Card Lawsuit by Paying $105 Million (By MELODY PETERSEN, Dec. 29, 2000)
Guilty Plea Is Set in Internet Hoax Case Involving Emulex (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 29, 2000)
Priceline's Founder Quits Board (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 29, 2000)
ART: Charlotte Salomon: Shaping Stories, Shaping Herself (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Dec. 29, 2000)
FILM: 'Shadow of the Vampire': Son of `Nosferatu,' With a Real-Life Monster (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 29, 2000)
FILM: 'Chunhyang': An Oft-Told Love Fable, Layer by Exotic Layer (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 29, 2000)
THEATER: Seeing Stars: A Guide to Theater Hangouts (By JESSE McKINLEY, Dec. 29, 2000)
ART: Powerful Shirts of the Plains Indians (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 29, 2000)
MUSIC: Straight From the Joyous Heart and Soul, in a Setting Bach Would Relish (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 29, 2000)
THEATER: 'Cat's-Paw': 3 Generations Partnering in Three-Quarter Time (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 29, 2000)
At the Movies [Mike Rich's "Finding Forrester" & Im Kwon Taek's "Chunhyang"] (By DAVE KEHR, Dec. 29, 2000)
* DESIGN REVIEW: Encountered by Millions, Yet Virtually Unknown [Hermann Zapf] (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 29, 2000)
* DESIGN REVIEW: The Fountainhead and Father of the Woolworth Building (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 29, 2000)
DESIGN REVIEW: Giant Strides Beyond Traditional 'Feminine' Fields (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 29, 2000)
ANTIQUES: Lots of Style, No First Lady (By WENDY MOONAN, Dec. 29, 2000)
BOOKS: 'A Desert in Bohemia': Behind the Iron Curtain in an Upside-Down World (By RICHARD EDER, Dec. 29, 2000)
RADIO REVIEW: Now on Video, Briefly Back From the Dead to Give Mourners Some Advice (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 29, 2000)
ON THE ROAD: Honolulu: Pacific Crossroads, Deep in Hibiscus and History (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 29, 2000)
Family Fare: When Magic Goes Awry (By LAUREL GRAEBER, Dec. 29, 2000)
SCIENCE: Company Won't Get Access to Data of Famed Heart Study (By GINA KOLATA, Dec. 29, 2000)
Lack of Power in the West Proves a Boon for Some (By SAM HOWE VERHOVEK, Dec. 29, 2000)
Boys Held in Koala Theft (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 29, 2000)

Thursday, December 28, 2000:
On This Day: December 28 (Thomas Henderson 12/28/1798-11/23/1844, Edward Burnham 12/28/1833-1/9/1916, Woodrow Wilson 12/28/1856-2/3/1924, William Draper Harkins 12/28/1873-3/7/1951, Sir Arthur Eddington 12/28/1882-11/22/1944, Lew Ayres 12/28/1908-12/30/1996, Manuel Puig 12/28/1932-7/22/1990, Lou Jacobi 1913, Johnny Otis 1921, Maggie Smith 1934, Denzel Washington 1954)
First 'Test-Tube' Baby Born in U.S., Joining Successes Around World (By WALTER SULLIVAN, December 28, 1981)
Earl Hines, 77, Father of Modern Jazz Piano, Dies [12/28/1905-4/22/1983] (By JON PARELES, April 24, 1983)
Herman Feshbach, Theorized on Nuclei of Atoms, Dies at 83 (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 28, 2000)
Louis Leprince-Ringuet, French Physicist, Dies at 99 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 28, 2000)
Esther B. Aresty, Collector of Rare Books on the Culinary Arts, Dies at 92 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 28, 2000)
Felix Popper, Conductor and Administrator at City Opera, Dies at 92 (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Benjamin Karp, a Sculptor of Powerful, Sensitive Portraits, Dies at 94 (By WILLIAM H. HONAN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Ex-Defense Secretary Seems to Be Bush Choice for C.I.A. (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 28, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: For 8 Years, a Strained Relationship With the Military (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 28, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: Economic Engine for Foreign Policy (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 28, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: Clinton's Remarks on Foundation of Foreign Policy (Interview By NY TIMES, Dec. 28, 2000)
Bushes Relax, Uncontested, in Florida (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 28, 2000)
Sex Education With Just One Lesson: No Sex (By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO, Dec. 28, 2000)
In Wake of Killings, Strands of Suspect's Life (By KIRK JOHNSON, Dec. 28, 2000)
Employee Pleads Not Guilty as Details Emerge in Office Shootings (By CAREY GOLDBERG, Dec. 28, 2000)
DNA, in New Twist, Enters Divorce Court (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 28, 2000)
FREEDOM'S TOLL: For All Russia, Biological Clock Is Running Out (By MICHAEL WINES, Dec. 28, 2000)
Peru Uses Internet to Hunt Former Spy Chief (By REUTERS, Dec. 28, 2000)
This Dec. 31, Less Is Still Too Much (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 28, 2000)
Owner Takes the Garden Out of Garden Apartments to Add Housing (By DENNIS HEVESI, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Panel of Nobel Laureates to Assess Bronx Science High School (By ABBY GOODNOUGH, Dec. 28, 2000)
Public Lives: Millennium Party Planner Plans to Party On (By ROBIN FINN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Public Lives: Honoring a Life Of Quiet Service (By SHAILA K. DEWAN with Jesse McKinley, Dec. 28, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Remembering Jason Robards (By NY TIMES, Dec. 28, 2000)
OP-ED: What Tax Cuts Can Buy for Health (By MATTHEW MILLER, Dec. 28, 2000)
OP-ED: Marketing the Memoir (By CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY, Dec. 28, 2000)
OP-ED: IN AMERICA: Fragile Victories (By BOB HERBERT, Dec. 28, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: Office Pool, 2001 (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 28, 2000)
BUSINESS: Share Prices Move Higher on Hopes of Easing by the Fed [Dow +111, Nasdaq +46] (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 28, 2000)
Biotechnology Companies Try to Ward Off Generic Drugs (By ANDREW POLLACK, Dec. 28, 2000)
Market Place: Hedge Funds Show Their Mettle (By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 28, 2000)
China at Gate of Profound Shift (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 28, 2000)
Keeping the Show Going in a Circus-Saturated Land (By ELIZABETH OLSON, Dec. 28, 2000)
Advertising: Trying to Draw Young People to the Field (By BERNARD STAMLER, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Economic Scene: Like It or Not, Appearance Counts in the Workplace (By VIRGINIA POSTREL, Dec. 28, 2000)
Leading Indicators Fall Again, Signaling Slowdown in Economy (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 28, 2000)
Skeptic Now Sees the Virtue in Teaching Children Online (By JACQUES STEINBERG, Dec. 28, 2000)
400 Channels and (Click) Digital Television Changes City's Cable Landscape (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 28, 2000)
D.S.L. Service for Linking to Internet Is Problem Ridden (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 28, 2000)
S.E.C. Files Civil Charges Against a Onetime Stock Guru (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 28, 2000)
NetZero Sues Juno Online in a Patent Dispute (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 28, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: A Foothold in London for Imperial Treasures (By ALAN RIDIN, Dec. 28, 2000)
THE POP LIFE: Worthwhile Albums Most People Missed (By NEIL STRAUSS, Dec. 28, 2000)
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: In So Many Musical Bowers, a Season of Gifts Withdrawn (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 28, 2000)
A Film Director in a Campaign for Indonesian Democracy (By DAVID ROHDE, Dec. 28, 2000)
* BOOKS: 'What Remains': Loss, Too, Can Be Found in the Details (By JANET MASLIN, Dec. 28, 2000)
ROCK REVIEW: Into an 80's Time Warp, Complete With Mirror Ball (By JON PARELES, Dec. 28, 2000)
Culture Notes: Attitudes [Frank Bidart receives $150,000 Wallace Stevens Award for poetry] (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 28, 2000)
LIVING: Nothing's Too Good for the Super (By TRACIE ROZHON, Dec. 28, 2000)
A Park Offers Nature, Not Just Hoops (By PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Garden Q.& A.: Willful Amaryllis (By LESLIE LAND, Dec. 28, 2000)
* A Tree Sculptor Revives an Ancient Art (By BRADFORD McKEE, Dec. 28, 2000)
Still Objects That Run Deep (By WILLIAM L. HAMILTON, Dec. 28, 2000)
CIRCUITS: Contents (NY TIMES, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Artificial Intelligence Hasn't Peaked (Yet) (By KATIE HAFNER, Dec. 28, 2000)
* The Internet as a Concert Hall [www.gmn.com & www.onlineclassics.net] (By ADAM BAER, Dec. 28, 2000)
STATE OF THE ART: Slower Than Its Predecessor: Pentium 4 (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 28, 2000)
Going Online to Build a Family (By MINDY SINK, Dec. 28, 2000)
ONLINE SHOPPER: For New Year's Party, Better Have a Backup (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, Dec. 28, 2000)
GAME THEORY: Survival Instinct Makes Way for a Knight in Shining Armor (By PETER OLAFSON, Dec. 28, 2000)
BASICS: Plasma Televisions: Like Costly Works of Art (By CATHERINE GREENMAN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Congregations Put Their Faith in the Net (By JEFFREY SELINGO, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Browsing the Web for the Ideal Utopia Site (By MICHAEL POLLAK, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Invasion of the 'Blog': A Parallel Web of Personal Journals (By DAVID F. GALLAGHER, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Sites Celebrate History of American Indians [www.csulb.edu/projects/ais/index.html#north] (By SHELLY FREIERMAN, Dec. 28, 2000)
* Making a Personal Web Page Part of Baby's Debut (By CATHERINE GREENMAN, Dec. 28, 2000)
WHAT'S NEXT: Cutting the Cost of E-Mail for the Blind (By ANNE EISENBERG, Dec. 28, 2000)
The Internet Makes It Easier to Adopt, or to Be Deceived (By MINDY SINK, Dec. 28, 2000)
Predator CD-RW Burner Has a Sense of Style (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 28, 2000)
MyPalm Can Help You Become More Organized (By CATHERINE GREENMAN, Dec. 28, 2000)
A Cell Phone That Fits on the Back of an Organizer (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Dec. 28, 2000)
Letters to the Editor: Online Delivery at Christmas (By RAFAEL ESCALERA et. al., Dec. 28, 2000)
Q & A: Cell Phones at Altitude and Dueling Systems (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, Dec. 28, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Drug-Resistant Bacteria Still on the Rise (By DENISE GRADY, Dec. 28, 2000)

Wednesday, December 27, 2000:
On This Day: December 27 (Johannes Kepler 12/27/1571-11/15/1630, Sir George Cayley 12/27/1773-12/15/1857, Louis Pasteur 12/27/1822-9/28/1895, Cyrus Eaton 12/27/1883-5/9/1949, Louis Bromfield 12/27/1896-3/18/1956, Inga Swenson 1932, Cokie Roberts 1943, Tracy Nelson 1944, Gerard Depardieu 1948, Arthur Kent 1953)
Afghan President Is Ousted and Executed in Kabul Coup, Reportedly With Soviet Help (By BERNARD GWERTZMAN, December 27, 1979)
* Marlene Dietrich, 90, Symbol of Glamour, Dies [12/27/1901-5/6/1992] (By PETER B. FLINT, May 7, 1992)
* Jason Robards, Actor Who Elevated O'Neill, Dies at 78 (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 27, 2000)
Joe Gilliam, Pioneer Black Quarterback, Dies at 49 (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Census Data Is Due as Congress Braces for a Reshuffling (By STEVEN A. HOLMES, Dec. 27, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: Revival Helps Mask a Party's Flaws (By ROBIN TONER, Dec. 27, 2000)
Clinton's Comments on the Democratic Party (NY TIMES, Dec. 27, 2000)
* In 'the Other California,' a Land Rush Continues (By PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Edgewater Helps Ease E-Business (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 27, 2000)
7 Die in Workplace Rampage; Co-Worker of Victims Arrested (By CAREY GOLDBERG, Dec. 27, 2000)
Other Fatal Shootings of Employees at Workplaces (NY Times, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Where Darwin Mused, Strife Over Ecosystem [Galápagos Islands] (By LARRY ROHTER, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Behind the $100,000 Sable Coat, a Siberian Hunter (By PATRICK E. TYLER, Dec. 27, 2000)
Island May Help China, Taiwan [Taiwan opening Kinmen to China] (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Rabbi Known for Spirited Dancing at Services Resigns (By COREY KILGANNON, Dec. 27, 2000)
Public Lives: Giving Celebrities Their Best Profile (By SHAILA K. DEWAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Public Lives: A Taste of the Good Life, Served With Gusto (By JOYCE WADLER, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Liberal Arts Colleges Add Technology to the Curriculum (By WINNIE HU, Dec. 27, 2000)
Colleges Are Moving to Ensure English Fluency in Teaching Assistants (By ANNE RUDERMAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
OP-ED: When Presidents Spin the Economy (By MICHAEL WALDMAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
OP-ED: The New Parameters of Reconciliation (By RASHID I. KHALI, Dec. 27, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: We're Not Japan (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: A Grimms' Fairy Tale (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 27, 2000)
LETTERS: The Santa Myth: Not Just for Children (By ED KULKOSKY, Dec. 27, 2000)
BUSINESS: Technology Issues Down in a Mixed Day for Share Prices [Dow +57, Nasdaq -24] (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Sales in Holiday Season Rose, Just Barely, Over Last Year's (By LESLIE KAUFMAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
A Year to Forget for the Japanese Stock Market (By MIKI TANIKAWA, Dec. 27, 2000)
Management: Wanted - One C.E.O., Ready to Work (By JONATHAN D. GLATER, Dec. 27, 2000)
Market Place: Williams Leads 3 Producers of Natural Gas to Large Gains (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 27, 2000)
Workplace: It Says `Wise Guy' on Their Résumés (By JEAN E. HERSKOWITZ, Dec. 27, 2000)
Advertising: A New Campaign Against Drunken Driving (By ALLISON FASS, Dec. 27, 2000)
EarthWeb Selling Most of Its Web Sites and News Services (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 27, 2000)
My Job: I Let Students Fall by Design (By PATRICIA R. OLSEN, Dec. 27, 2000)
The Boss: When I Sail, the Ideas Flow (By JENNIFER L. RICH, Dec. 27, 2000)
Business Travel: Of More Web Sites and Gridlocked Skies (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 27, 2000)
Unemployment Rises and Spending Falls in Japan (By STEPHANIE STROM, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Fore! A Key Index Tumbles in Japan (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Dot-com job cuts surge as year winds down (By ELANIE AUSTRIA FARMER, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 27, 2000)
PC market staggers into 2001 hoping for recovery (By JOE WILCOX, CNET NEWS.CO, Dec. 27, 2000)
Webcasters Gear Up for Earnings Under New SEC Rule (By REUTERS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Networking companies take wild ride on public markets (By COREY GRICE, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 27, 2000)
Venture capitalists sail turbulent waters into 2001 (By DAWN KAWAMOTO, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 27, 2000)
Investors Step Back From Stock Funds (By REUTERS, Dec. 27, 2000)
NetZero sues Juno, alleges patent infringement (By JIM HU, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 27, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: Restoring a Window's Glow, Healing a War's Wounds (By JOHN VAROLI, Dec. 27, 2000)
FILM: 'Traffic': Teeming Mural of a War Fought and Lost (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 27, 2000)
ARTS: Interpreting the Theater Without Speaking a Word (By ROBIN POGREBIN, Dec. 27, 2000)
* CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Team Player and Modernist: Violin Virtuoso Redefined (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Philharmonic Broadens Search for a Conductor (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 27, 2000)
MUSIC: A Pride of Pilgrims, Bearing Bach (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Hope Is Artists' Medium in a Bronx Neighborhood (By NINA SIEGAL, Dec. 27, 2000)
For Writers Under the Gun, A Chance to Beat the Odds (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 27, 2000)
BOOKS: Plymouth, Minus the Mythic Trimmings (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 27, 2000)
Top 10 Country Albums of 2000 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Country Music Demand Is Sliding (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Shanghai Show Short on Avant-Garde (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
'Cast Away' Sails To Top Box Office (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Lightman Blends Physics, Fiction (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
'The Claim' Inspired by Hardy (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Burns Calls Jazz an 'American Story' (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
* Kubrick's '2001' Effects Precocious (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)
LIVING: A Morning-After Pill for Hangovers? (By DIANNE PARTIE LANGE, Dec. 27, 2000)
Grown-Ups Don't Nog Eggs [with 5 recipes] (By AMANDA HESSER, Dec. 27, 2000)
Wine Talk: Vintage Port, for Those Willing to Wait (By FRANK J. PRIAL, Dec. 27, 2000)
What Will Microwaves Say Next? (By MATT LEE and TED LEE, Dec. 27, 2000)
The Minimalist: The South in a Soup (By MARK BITTMAN, Dec. 27, 2000)
EN ROUTE: THAILAND: The Very Pungent Start of a Most Piquant Sauce (By MARIAN BURROS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Picking Your Way Through New Year's Revels (By MARIANNE ROHRLICH, Dec. 27, 2000)
THE CHEF / PHILIPPE CONTICINI: Seasoning for the Season: Caviar, Beyond the Spoon (By Amanda Hesser, Dec. 27, 2000)
Temptation: It's a Comeback for Cupcakes (By AMANDA HESSER, Dec. 27, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Antibiotics Resistance Common, Rising (By REUTERS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Wine, Tea May Protect Against Non-Fatal Heart Attack (By REUTERS, Dec. 27, 2000)
Chronology of the Year 2000 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 27, 2000)

Tuesday, December 26, 2000:
On This Day: December 26 (Thomas Gray 12/26/1716-7/30/1771, Charles Babbage 12/26/1791-10/18/1871, Sir Norman Angell 12/26/1873-10/7/1967, George Dewey 12/26/1837-1/16/1917, Henry Miller 12/26/1891-6/7/1980, Robert Ripley 12/26/1893-5/27/1949, Leopold Mannes 12/26/1899-8/11/1964, Richard Widmark 1914, Alan King 1927, Carlton Fisk 1947, Chris Chambliss 1948, Lars Ulrich 1963, Jared Leto 1971)
Churchill Predicts Huge Allied Drive In 1943: Congress Thrilled (By FRANK L. KLUCKHOHN, December 26, 1941)
* Mao Tse-Tung: Father of Chinese Revolution Dies at 82 [12/26/1893-9/9/1976] (By FOX BUTTERFIELD, September 10, 1976)
Robert H. Wiebe, Historian, Dies at 70 (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
Marius B. Jansen, Scholar of Japanese History and Culture, Dies at 78 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 26, 2000)
Nick Stewart, Actor on 'Amos 'n' Andy,' Dies at 90 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Barney McNulty, First to Use TV Cue Cards, Dies at 77 (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 26, 2000)
Thomas Yohe, a Creator of TV's `Schoolhouse Rock,' Dies at 63 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 26, 2000)
Bumps Ahead for Bush's Justice Department Pick (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 26, 2000)
News Analysis: Whitman Gets 2 Grades for One Record (By DAVID M. HALBFINGER, Dec. 26, 2000)
New District Attorney Is Taking Over JonBenet Ramsey Inquiry (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 26, 2000)
6 U.S. Clerics Seek to Safeguard Religious Sites (By BARBARA CROSSETTE, Dec. 26, 2000)
Turks Feel Traditions and Power of Ramadan (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 26, 2000)
Pope Warns of Pervasive 'Culture of Death' (By REUTERS, Dec. 26, 2000)
Kerosene, Weapon of Choice for Attacks on Wives in India (By CELIA W. DUGGER, Dec. 26, 2000)
Fire in Crowded Building Kills at Least 309 in Central China (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 26, 2000)
LA DÉFENSE JOURNAL: A Spy's Advice to French Retailers: Politeness Pays (By SUZANNE DALEY, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Holiday Kitsch Made and Sold in China (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 26, 2000)
Mushrooming Costs of Japan's Aging Population (By MIKI TANIKAWA, Dec. 26, 2000)
Quemoy to Open Up Port (By REUTERS, Dec. 26, 2000)
New Fireworks at Mexico's Testy Volcano (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 26, 2000)
Feeling Scorn on the Beat and Pressure From Above [NY Police Dept] (By KEVIN FLYNN, Dec. 26, 2000)
New Yorkers Flock to the Competing Little Big Tops (By GLENN COLLINS, Dec. 26, 2000)
A Christmas Mass, New York Style (By DIANE CARDWELL, Dec. 26, 2000)
* No Tinsel. No Tree. Just a Taste of Jewish History. (By ANDREW JACOBS, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Public Lives: A Repairman for Leaking Laliques and Other Stained-Glass Crises (By JAMES BARRON, Dec. 26, 2000)
This Year, Washington Didn't Cross Here (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 26, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Race and the Florida Vote (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
OP-ED: Bush Should Start Over in Colombia (By PAUL WELLSTONE, Dec. 26, 2000)
OP-ED: Keep Choice in Mind (By GLORIA FELDT, Dec. 26, 2000)
OP-ED: Why Fathers Work (By CAMERON STRACHER, Dec. 26, 2000)
OP-ED: PUBLIC INTERESTS: Ring in the Vague [Nostradamus & George W] (By GAIL COLLINS, Dec. 26, 2000)
BUSINESS: Standard & Poor's Criticizes Korean Shift in Bank Policy (By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Dec. 26, 2000)
Microsoft Waits for Bush's Position on Its Antitrust Case (By JOEL BRINKLEY, Dec. 26, 2000)
Market Place: Energy Crisis in California Threatens the Stability of Utility Shares (By LAURA M. HOLSON, Dec. 26, 2000)
Advertising: Dot-Comedies, Electoral Spoofs and 2 Dead Dogs (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 26, 2000)
Internet Retailers Switch to Clearing Merchandise (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 26, 2000)
China Sharply Cuts Phone Rates to Prepare for Competition (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 26, 2000)
Nikkei Index Soars on Optimism Over Exports (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 26, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: A Japanese Man of All Parts Turns Violence on Its Ear (By HOWARD W. FRENCH, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Alice Walker: An Explorer of Human Terrain (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 26, 2000)
BOOKS: 'Berlin': For 130 Years, a Metropolis of Extremes (By CHRISTOPHER LEHMANN-HAUPT, Dec. 26, 2000)
Presenters and Renters at Carnegie Wait and See (By DOREEN CARVAJA, Dec. 26, 2000)
LIVING: 80's Looks, Nicened Up (By GINIA  BELLAFANTE, Dec. 26, 2000)
Ephemeral? Now, Virtual (By GUY TREBAY, Dec. 26, 2000)
The Noise From Brazil (By GUY TREBAY, Dec. 26, 2000)
E-Commerce: Fashion's Bermuda Triangle (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, Dec. 26, 2000)
Where Is the Outrage? (By GUY TREBAY, Dec. 26, 2000)
Bashing the Bourgeoisie {Italian Vogue on domestic life] (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, Dec. 26, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Theories Evolve in T. Rex Discoveries (NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
The Week in Science: Complicated Facts (By NICHOLAS WADE, Dec. 26, 2000)
* A Rare Christmas Eclipse (By BARBARA STEWART, Dec. 26, 2000)
THE DOCTOR'S WORLD: A Desperate Gamble for Surgeon and Patient (By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN, M.D., Dec. 26, 2000)
New Efforts Against an Old Foe: Pain (By LAURIE TARKAN, Dec. 26, 2000)
* First Cells, Then Species, Now the Web (By GEORGE JOHNSON, Dec. 26, 2000)
THE FAT EPIDEMIC: Rampant Obesity, a Debilitating Reality for the Urban Poor (By DAVID BARBOZA, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Nobel Prize, Robust at 100, Wasn't Always So Healthy (By JAMES GLANZ, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Why Do the Gods Sleep With the Fishes? {sunken city of Herakleion] (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 26, 2000)
On Remote Mesa, Ranchers and Environmentalists Seek a Middle Ground (By SANDRA BLAKESLEE, Dec. 26, 2000)
* It Works on Sushi. It Could Help Teeth, Too. (By DAVID KIRBY, Dec. 26, 2000)
* PERSONAL HEALTH: For Aromatherapy, Big Claims, Little Proof (By JANE E. BRODY, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Observatory: The King's Doggie Bag [king penguins storing food in their stomachs] (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Dec. 26, 2000)
Prevention: Of Men, Estrogen and Brittle Bones (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
At Risk: Hypertension and the Aging Mind [high blood pressure may contribute to dementia] (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
Patterns: What a Big Mouth Means to Music (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Behavior: Barking by the Light of the Moon (NY TIMES, Dec. 26, 2000)
DNA Clues Improve Outlook for Red Wolf (By CAROL KAESUK YOON, Dec. 26, 2000)
* Essay: On the Eve of 2001, the Future Is Not Quite What It Used to Be (By DENNIS OVERBYE, Dec. 26, 2000)
Letters: Gene-Altered Crops (By DR. PAUL C. BERMANZOHN, Dec. 26, 2000)
Science Q&A: The Uvula [soft tissue dangling over the tongue] (By C. CLAIBORNE RAY, Dec. 26, 2000)

Monday, December 25, 2000:
On This Day: December 25 (Sir Isaac Newton 12/25/1642-3/20/1727, Clara Barton 12/25/1821-4/12/1912, Louis Chevrolet 12/25/1878-6/6/1941, Maurice Utrillo 12/25/1883-11/5/1955, Franz Rosenzweig 12/25/1886-12/10/1929, Conrad Hilton 12/25/1887-1/3/1979, Humphrey Bogart 12/25/1899-1/14/1957, Cab Calloway 12/25/1907-11/18/1994, Rod Serling 12/25/1924-6/28/1975, Tony Martin 1923, Dick Miller 1928, Jimmy Buffet 1946, Larry Csonka 1946, Barbara Mandrell 1948, Sissy Spacek 1949, Annie Lennox 1954)
Gorbachev, Last Soviet Leader, Resigns; U.S. Recognizes Republics' Independence (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, December 25, 1991)
* Anwar el-Sadat, the Daring Arab Pioneer of Peace with Israel [12/25/1918-10/6/1981] (By ERIC PACE, October 7, 1981)
Libertad Lamarque, Mexican Star, Dies at 92 (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 25, 2000)
Zack Carr, Fashion Designer at Calvin Klein, Dies at 55 (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, Dec. 25, 2000)
K. M. Brinkhous, a Pathologist Who Helped Develop Hemophilia Treatment, Dies at 92 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 25, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: The Wisdom to Let the Good Times Roll (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 25, 2000)
Political Memo: Clinton Ending Term on a Busy Note (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 25, 2000)
Daschle's Stock Rises After Vote (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Bush Sr. Defends Son's Cabinet Nods (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 25, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: Critical Player on Bush Agenda Is an Unknown Quantity [Senator Charles E. Grassley] (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 25, 2000)
Illegal Migration Rises Sharply in European Union (By ROGER COHEN, Dec. 25, 2000)
Bethlehem, Dark and Quiet, Falls Victim to the Violence (By JOHN KIFNER, Dec. 25, 2000)
NEWS ANALYSIS: Did U.S. Bombs Help or Hinder? (By STEVEN ERLANGER, Dec. 25, 2000)
Miami Airport Full of Santas, All Heading South (By DAVID GONZALEZ, Dec. 25, 2000)
* Where Mao's Thoughts Once Ruled, Santa Is Now in Vogue (By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, Dec. 25, 2000)
'Fat' Lottery Kicks Off Christmas in Spain (By EMMA DALY, Dec. 25, 2000)
Pope Makes Christmas Peace Wish (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Australia Honors Its Founders (What Were Their Names?) (By JOHN SHAW, Dec. 25, 2000)
Grand Master From India Wins Chess Title (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Shortage of Health Care Workers Keeps Growing (By JENNIFER STEINHAUER, Dec. 25, 2000)
* And a Merry Birthday to You, Too! [Christmas Birthdays] (By JAMES BARRON, Dec. 25, 2000)
EDITORIAL: A Cooper's Christmas [Susan Fenimore Cooper] (By, Dec. 25, 2000)
OP-ED: Faith in Our Founders (By FORREST CHURCH, Dec. 25, 2000)
OP-ED: The Christmas That Comes to the Door (By MICHAEL ALVEAR, Dec. 25, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: Marley's Ghost Writers (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 25, 2000)
* News Site Race Is Just as Clear as Election (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 25, 2000)
NEW ECONOMY: Bringing Competition Policy Into the Age of the Internet (By SETH SCHIESEL, Dec. 25, 2000)
Network Heat Gets Even Hotter at NBC (By BILL CARTER, Dec. 25, 2000)
Mining an Untapped Market, Radio One Becomes an Urban Force (By CLEA SIMON, Dec. 25, 2000)
* A One-Issue Magazine Goes Under (By ALEX KUCZYNSKI, Dec. 25, 2000)
* Japanese Sites for Women Aim for Empowerment (By STEPHANIE STROM, Dec. 25, 2000)
Start-Up Has a Taste for Online Banking (By JENNIFER L. RICH, Dec. 25, 2000)
* E-COMMERCE REPORT: Will Bricks-and-Mortar Merchants Grow Complacent (By BOB TEDESCHI, Dec. 25, 2000)
* Reality Dampening the Dot-Com Hoopla (By LISA NAPOLI, Dec. 25, 2000)
Librarians Unite Against Cost of Journals (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 25, 2000)
Ads Atop Boston Taxis About to Go Digital (By ALLISON FASS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Your Present? It's in the E-Mail (By SUSAN STELLIN, Dec. 25, 2000)
Brazilian Phone Company Buys Internet Access Concern (By REUTERS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Last-Minute Shoppers Mob Malls (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 25, 2000)
IPO Cupboard Is Almost Bare for 2001 (By REUTERS, Dec. 25, 2000)
Patents: Holiday Photos That Can Be Worn (By SABRA CHARTRAND, Dec. 25, 2000)
ARTS: Theatrical Doings for a Blooming Spring in Brooklyn (NY TIMES, Dec. 25, 2000)
BOOKS: 'Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire': A Butterfly Hunter Finds Love in His Net (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 25, 2000)
DANCE: Furious Erotic Encounters and a Turbulent Tribute (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 25, 2000)
DANCE: Spirit and Discipline, Infectiously Combined (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 25, 2000)
FILM: 'All the Pretty Horses': Lost Souls Adrift Across a Barren Mesa (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 25, 2000)
FILM: 'Vatel': A Night Big Enough for the Sun King (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 25, 2000)
FILM: '13 Days': Talkin' Tough at a Time the Earth Stood Still (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 25, 2000)
FILM: 'Malèna': An Italian Heroine Who Might Rouse Memories and Tears of Lollobrigida Fans (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 25, 2000)
REVISIONS: Horrific, Heroic or Banal, Black Life in the Artist's Lens (By MARGO JEFFERSON, Dec. 25, 2000)

Sunday, December 24, 2000:
On This Day: December 24 (Kit Carson 12/24/1809-5/23/1868, Matthew Arnold 12/24/1822-4/15/1888, Michael Curtiz 12/24/1888-4/10/1962, Howard Hughes 12/24/1905-4/5/1976, Anthony S. Fauci 1940, Sharon Farrel 1946, Ricky Martin 1971)
Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial (By DAVID JOHNSTON, December 24, 1992)
I.F. Stone, Iconoclast of Journalism, Is Dead at 81 [12/24/1907-6/18/1989] (By PETER B. FLINT, June 19, 1989)
* Victor Borge, Comic Piano Virtuoso, Dies at 91 (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 24, 2000)
Chen Zhen, 45, Whose Artwork Explored Complexities of China (By HOLLAND COTTER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Alan Tyson, 74, Musicologist And Psychoanalyst, Is Dead (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 24, 2000)
S. Hacker, 83, Book Dealer In New York (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 24, 2000)
Lily Carlson Is Dead at 85; One of First Models for Ford (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Bush Waits, Politely, to Undo What Clinton Has Done (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Senator Ashcroft's Views on the Proper Role of Judges (NY TIMES, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: An Interview With Bill Clinton (NY TIMES, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE CLINTON LEGACY: Striking Strengths, Glaring Shortcomings (By TODD S. PURDUM, Dec. 24, 2000)
Jerusalem Christians Now Back Palestinian Sovereignty (By WILLIAM A. ORME Jr., Dec. 24, 2000)
In China's Heartland, the Fertile Fields Lie Fallow (By ERIK ECKHOLM, Dec. 24, 2000)
Chinese Pigs Feed a Western Fashion Boom (By LESLIE KAUFMAN & CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 24, 2000)
WASHINGTON JOURNAL: Hope Rises in Real-Life Washington (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 24, 2000)
Death Puts Focus on Demographic Change (By MICHAEL JANOFSKY, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE WORLD: Europe's Love-Hate Affair With Foreigners (By ROGER COHEN, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE NATION: Thinking About the Day After Tomorrow (By JAMES BENNET, Dec. 24, 2000)
A New Look at Russia (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 24, 2000)
Archaeology in Transit Treasures Revealed While Building Subway in Athens (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 24, 2000)
Madonna Is Married to a Film Director (By REUTERS, Dec. 24, 2000)
* Joining in the Reindeer Game [parental deception on Santa Claus] (By JANNY SCOTT, Dec. 24, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Fueling China's Growth (NY TIMES, Dec. 24, 2000)
* EDITORIAL: The Dot-Com Bubble Bursts (NY TIMES, Dec. 24, 2000)
OP-ED: The Nuts and Bolts of Bipartisanship (By RICHARD DARMAN, Dec. 24, 2000)
OP-ED: Weak Links in Latin Democracy (By BOB GRAHAM, Dec. 24, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: Hillary's Stocking Stuffer (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 24, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: Bush Looks Backward (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 24, 2000)
BUSINESS: The End of the Party, or Is It? (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 24, 2000)
MARKET WATCH: Behind That Good News at Amazon (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 24, 2000)
A Lightning Rod in California (By BARBARA WHITAKER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Five Questions: Renewing a Union in the New Economy (By STEVEN GREENHOUSE, Dec. 24, 2000)
Book Value: The Team Spirit at Work (Rah, Rah) (By FRED ANDREWS, Dec. 24, 2000)
Repackaging Baseball as Fun Family Fare (By FRED ANDREWS, Dec. 24, 2000)
Portfolios: Living Without the Treasury Market (JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Market Insight: Why Banks Can Avoid a Hard Landing (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
* Look Who's Shopping for Tech Stocks Now (By JOANNE LEGOMSKY, Dec. 24, 2000)
Stock Pickers' Market? Well, Not Necessarily (By RICHARD TEITELBAUM, Dec. 24, 2000)
Those Black Holes in Your Mobile Phone Service (By AMY ZUCKERMAN, Dec. 24, 2000)
Midstream: Sharing the Bounty -- How Much Is Enough? (By JAMES SCHEMBARI, Dec. 24, 2000)
On the Job: Good Cheer, or Not, in the Holiday Trenches (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 24, 2000)
* The Many New Faces of Soy: A Taste Test (By AMANDA HESSER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Personal Business Diary: For Many Workers, A Season of Worry (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 24, 2000)
For Job Hunters on the Job, a Way to Keep the Halo [39,000 Cisco employees] (Compiled by Rick Gladstone, Dec. 24, 2000)
ECONOMIC VIEW: The Floor Under Wages: How Low Can It Fall? (By LOUIS UCHITELLE, Dec. 24, 2000)
New Sprouts, Old Doubts for A.D.M. [Archer Daniels Midland] (By DAVID BARBOZA, Dec. 24, 2000)
INVESTING: FPA Capital Fund (By CAROLE GOULD, Dec. 24, 2000)
LIVING: Who Will Be the Hostess With the Mostest in Bush II? (By CATHY HORYN, Dec. 24, 2000)
VIEW: Once More, With Christmas Spirit ["A Christmas Carol," 1951 version starring Alastair Sim. (By RICK MARIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
ON THE STREET: Now, Smile! [slideshow of photos] (Photographs by BILL CUNNINGHAM, Dec. 24, 2000)
VOWS: Joy Rosenthal and Makanda McIntyre (By LOIS SMITH BRADY, Dec. 24, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Cold Season, Warm Colors in the Garden (By PATRICIA A. TAYLOR, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE AGE OF DISSONANCE: In a Stranger's Guise [angels among us?] (By BOB MORRIS, Dec. 24, 2000)
A NIGHT OUT WITH / JULIAN SCHNABEL: Three Waves of Guests, Then the Police (By LINDA LEE, Dec. 24, 2000)
BITTERNESS? WHAT BITTERNESS?: It's Just a Normal Transition. (By DAN BARRY, Dec. 24, 2000)
HOME ECONOMICS: The First Lesson for Bush: It's Still the Economy (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 24, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: Charity Begins at the Rule Book (By NINA BERNSTEIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
* IDEAS & TRENDS: Children Need Childhood, Not Vocational Training (By ALISON GOPNIK, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE GAB OF GIFTS: Toy Story: How Much Is That Nuclear Reactor in the Window? (By THOMAS VINCIGUERRA, Dec. 24, 2000)
In American Education, Bilingual Means `Learn English' (By JACQUES STEINBERG, Dec. 24, 2000)
Giving Up the Reins (By GERRY FLAHIVE, Dec. 24, 2000)
Have a Very Scary Christmas (By TOM ZELLER, Dec. 24, 2000)
Return to Sender, Please (By SARAH LYALL, Dec. 24, 2000)
That's Mr. Volcano to You (By TIM WEINER, Dec. 24, 2000)
* Go Ahead, Do the Math [$10,000 invested in eToys in 10/99 is worth $35 now] (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 24, 2000)
Fashion's Political Forecast (By WILLIAM NORWICH, Dec. 24, 2000)
TRAVEL: What's Doing in Geneva (By CORINNE LaBALME, Dec. 24, 2000)
Sanctuaries of Surprise in the Heart of Old London [slideshow 7 photos] (By SUSAN ALLEN TOTH, Dec. 24, 2000)
Dances With Buffaloes (Pueblo Indians in Santa Fe, New Mexico] (By SUZANNE RUTA, Dec. 24, 2000)
Hitting Full Stride in China (By RITA BEAMISH, Dec. 24, 2000)
Business Travel: Web Sites to Make the Trip Less Work (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 24, 2000)
Tuileries Welcome Art as Well as Strollers (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 24, 2000)
FRUGAL TRAVELER: In San Antonio, a Stetsonful of Surprises (By DAISANN McLANE, Dec. 24, 2000)
ON LANGUAGE: carpe diem: Reducing a day to a moment (BY WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: Present Tense [What generosity prompts our gift giving?] (By NELSON W. ALDRICH JR., Dec. 24, 2000)
SALIENT FACTS: Going Ape [lessons from acting coaches] (By AMY BARRETT, Dec. 24, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Throwing a Curve (BY RANDY COHEN, Dec. 24, 2000)
POINT OF PURCHASE : Game Over [how they bought the Sony PlayStation 2] (By HOPE REEVES, Dec. 24, 2000)
Yves of Destruction [Saint Laurent is an artist who had to destroy to create] (By CATHY HORYN, Dec. 24, 2000)
Making of an 8-Year-Old Woman: How do we understand early puberty? (By LISA BELKIN Photomontage by GERALD SLOTA, Dec. 24, 2000)
Ebola's Shadow [It's annihilating the way Africa mourns its dead] (Photographs by JODI BIEBER, Text by BLAINE HARDEN, Dec. 24, 2000)
STYLE: Hark!: This herald angel avenges hate (By AMY M. SPINDLER, Photograph by DAVID LACHAPELLE, Dec. 24, 2000)
FOOD: The Zuppa Club [5 recipes on warm winter soups] (By MOLLY O'NEILL, Dec. 24, 2000)
LIVES: My Great-Great-Grandmother, the Roundheel (By GABRIELLE GLASER, Dec. 24, 2000)
ARTS: Museums and Tribes: A Tricky Truce (By STEPHEN KINZER, Dec. 24, 2000)
'A Christmas Carol': If Only Scrooge Could Tabulate His Box Office Receipts (By ANITA GATES, Dec. 24, 2000)
'The House of Mirth': A World in a Raised Eyebrow, but How to Film It? (By DAVID GATES, Dec. 24, 2000)
Steven Soderbergh: Practicing Surprise, Finding Success (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 24, 2000)
Asian-Americans Are Rarely Seen on TV (By ALAN JAMES FRUTKIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
After Jennifer Ringer: Burnout, a Ballerina Ignites Again (By TERRY TRUCCO, Dec. 24, 2000)
American Indian Art: The Buckskin Ceiling and Its Discontents (By KEN SHULMAN, Dec. 24, 2000)
For Art as for People, Home Can Be an Elusive Idea (By KAY LARSON, Dec. 24, 2000)
Sotheby's to Sell Rocks and Books About Them (By RITA REIF, Dec. 24, 2000)
BOOK REVIEW: Contents (NY TIMES, Dec. 24, 2000)
* Backwater Journey [Gao Xingjian, "Soul Mountain"] (By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, Dec. 24, 2000)
* The Wickedest Man in Oxford [Ben Rogers, "A. J. Ayer: A Life"] (By HILARY SPURLING, Dec. 24, 2000)
Dorothy Dunnett's Excellent Adventures (By ANNE MALCOLM, Dec. 24, 2000)
Enlighten Us [Roy Porter, "The Creation of the Modern World"] (By T. H. BREEN, Dec. 24, 2000)
Almost Famous [Joan Schenkar's biography "Truly Wilde" on Oscar's Wilde's niece] (By KARLA JAY, Dec. 24, 2000)
Jeffrey Meyers, "Orwell: Wintry Conscience of a Generation" (By CHRISTINE KENNEALLY, Dec. 24, 2000)
Scott Fitzgerald Was Different [Novels & Stories: 1920-1922] (By CALEB CRAIN, Dec. 24, 2000)
The Wealth of (Some) Nations (By ROBERT SKIDELSKY, Dec. 24, 2000)
Unsafe Haven [Joseph Roth, "The Wandering Jews"] (By RICHARD EDER, Dec. 24, 2000)
BOOKEND: Back to the Future (By SCOTT McLEMEE, Dec. 24, 2000)

Saturday, December 23, 2000:
On This Day: December 23 (James Gibbs 12/23/1682-8/5/1754, Jean-Francois Champollion 12/23/1790-3/4/1832, Joseph Smith 12/23/1805-6/27/1844, Emil Brunner 12/23/1889-4/6/1966, Yosuf Karsh 1908, James Gregory 1911, Emperor Akihito 1933)
Experimental Plane Voyager Completes First Non-Stop, Around-the-World Flight Without Refueling (By SANDRA BLAKESLEE, December 23, 1986)
* Wealthiest Negress Dead at 51: Mrs. C. J. Walker, Real Estate Operator, Made Fortune in Few Years [12/23/1867-5/25/1919] (NY Times, May 26, 1919)
Flo Kennedy, Feminist, Civil Rights Advocate and Flamboyant Gadfly, Dies at 84 (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 23, 2000)
Joseph Heitz, a Standout in California Winemaking, Dies at 81 (By FRANK J. PRIAL, Dec. 23, 2000)
Dr. Stephen A. Mitchell, a Theorist in Psychoanalysis, Dies at 54 (By ERICA GOODE, Dec. 23, 2000)
Conservative Picked for Justice Post; Whitman Chosen to Head E.P.A. (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 23, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: A Stalwart of the Right: John David Ashcroft (By DAVID JOHNSTON, Dec. 23, 2000)
News Analysis: A Balancing Act of Sorts (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 23, 2000)
THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT: Aides Say Bush Is Taking Time on Defense to Avoid a Stumble (By JAMES DAO & ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 23, 2000)
WOMAN IN THE NEWS: Passion for Politics and the Outdoors: Christine Todd Whitman (By DAVID M. HALBFINGER, Dec. 23, 2000)
THE REPUBLICANS: G.O.P. Chief Is Seeking More Diversity (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 23, 2000)
Bush Aides Pledge to Give Clinton's Final Blizzard of Regulations a Hard, Close Look (By ROBERT PEAR, Dec. 23, 2000)
FLORIDA SUPREME COURT: Florida's Justices Call for Ballot-Counting Rules (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 23, 2000)
Profile: Christine Todd Whitman (NY Times, Dec. 23, 2000)
Profile: John David Ashcroft (NY Times, Dec. 23, 2000)
News Analysis: After Recount Battle, More Storms Lie Ahead for Florida Court (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 23, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: The Woman Who Changed the Illegal-Gun Landscape (By FOX BUTTERFIELD, Dec. 23, 2000)
China Widening Crackdown on Corruption (By ERIK ECKHOLM, Dec. 23, 2000)
Rich Nations Will Forgive Debts of 22 Of the Poorest (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 23, 2000)
TBILISI JOURNAL: Where It's Dark and Cold Outside, and Inside, Too (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 23, 2000)
Russia Tells a Bit More About Wallenberg's Fate (By SABRINA TAVERNISE, Dec. 23, 2000)
Figuring Dues: From Each According to Its G.N.P. (Back in '46) (By CHRISTOPHER S. WREN, Dec. 23, 2000)
Medical Marijuana in Canada (By REUTERS, Dec. 23, 2000)
Peru's Fugitive Spy Chief: A Tale of Yachts and Plastic Surgery (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 23, 2000)
Atheist Gets Space Beside Crèche and Menorah (NY Times, Dec. 23, 2000)
LETTERS: From Santa, by Chimney or Cyberspace (By STEPHEN LAUGHLIN, Dec. 16, 2000)
BUSINESS: Nasdaq Soars to End Brutal Week, but Weakness Remains (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 23, 2000)
Traditional Chains Making Inroads in the Online Market (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 23, 2000)
Consumer Confidence Plunges, Especially Among the Affluent (By LOUIS UCHITELLE, Dec. 23, 2000)
E-Mail Warning About Virus Is Hoax, Health Officials Say (NY Timnes, Dec. 23, 2000)
Dot-Com Deliveries Add to Doormen's Woes (By EUN LEE KOH, Dec. 23, 2000)
Web Server Briefly Drops a Kahane Followers' Site (By DEAN E. MURPHY, Dec. 23, 2000)
Investor Forces Changes at Real Media (NY TIMES, Dec. 23, 2000)
A Hacker May Have Entered Egghead Site (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 23, 2000)
Canada Strengthens Internet Privacy (By TIMOTHY PRITCHARD, Dec. 23, 2000)
* IDEAS: Defending His Faith (In Humans) [Paul Kurtz, Council for Secular Humanism] (By GUSTAV NIEBUHR, Dec. 23, 2000)
* IDEAS: Seeking a Promotion for the Virgin Mary (By JAN JARBOE RUSSELL, Dec. 23, 2000)
SHELF LIFE: Stripping Garments but Not the Masks: Sex as the Ultimate Trickery (By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN, Dec. 23, 2000)
FILM: Those Wacky, Drooling, Foaming, Biting Undead (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 23, 2000)
DANCE: Adam and Eve Struggle but Eve Takes the Blame (By JACK  ANDERSON, Dec. 23, 2000)
DANCE: Butterflies Replace Sugarplum Fairies for One Troupe (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 23, 2000)
MUSIC: Medieval Sounds of Cheer, Grief and Boyish Antics (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 23, 2000)
DANCE: Saucers Fly, Shapes Pop and Ribbons Whirl (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 23, 2000)
POP REVIEW: Still Steppin' Out, but Seeing the Darker Side (By JON PARELES, Dec. 23, 2000)
SCIENCE: After a Slow Start, the Flu Is Picking Up Steam, Doctors Say (By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN, Dec. 23, 2000)
MEDICINE MERCHANTS: Drug Makers Design Studies With Eye to Competitive Edge (By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG & JEFF GERTH, Dec. 23, 2000)
* Sky Watch: The Christmas Eclipse: Part II (By JOE RAO, Dec. 23, 2000)

Friday, December 22, 2000:
On This Day: December 22 (James Oglethorpe 12/22/1696-1785, Jean Henri Fabre 12/22/1823-10/11/1915, Frank Kellogg 12/22/1856-12/21/1937, Giacomo Puccini 12/22/1858-11/29/1924, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 12/22/1876-12/2/1944, Giacomo Manzu 12/22/1908-1/17/1991, Lady Bird Johnson 1912, Jim Wright 1922, Steve Carlton 1944, Diane Sawyer 1945, Steve Garvey 1948, Jan Stephenson 1951)
SAVANNAH OURS: General Sherman's Christmas Gift to Lincoln (NY Times, December 22, 1864)
Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Acclaimed British Actress, Is Dead at 83 [12/22/1907-6/14/1991] (By PETER B. FLINT, June 15, 1991)
Pops Staples, Patriarch of the Staple Singers, Dies at 85 (By JON PARELES, Dec. 22, 2000)
Son Sann, Strong Nationalist for Cambodia for Six Decades, Dies at 89 (By REUTERS, Dec. 22, 2000)
Mickey Mantle Jr., Son of Yankees Hall of Famer, Dead at 47 (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 22, 2000)
Sheldon Ross, Dealer in Modern Art, Dies at 75 (NY Times, Dec. 22, 2000)
CHOOSING A CABINET: G.O.P. Split Slows Bush's Selection for Defense Post (By ERIC SCHMITT & JAMES DAO, Dec. 22, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT-ELECT: Bush Is Warned Vouchers Might Hurt School Plans (By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. with DIANA JEAN SCHEMO, Dec. 22, 2000)
Resisting the Recount: G.O.P.'s Depth Outdid Gore's Team in Florida (By ADAM NAGOURNEY & DAVID BARSTOW, Dec. 22, 2000)
A TRANSITION FOR TEXAS: With Emotional Farewell, Bush Quits Governorship (By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr., Dec. 22, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT-ELECT: Cheney and Lieberman Agree to Agree on Some Issues (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 22, 2000)
Political Memo: As Usual, Commerce Dept. Post Proves to Be Reward for a Top Fund-Raiser (By JILL ABRAMSON, Dec. 22, 2000)
Student Failure Causes States to Retool Testing Programs (By JACQUES STEINBERG, Dec. 22, 2000)
Ontario Journal: At California 'Swap Meet,' $1 Goes a Long Way (By MICHAEL JANOFSKY, Dec. 22, 2000)
Guidelines Set for Web Accessibility (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 22, 2000)
Trying to Shore Up Utilities, California Plans Rate Increase (By LAURA M. HOLSON, Dec. 22, 2000)
Capitalism Comes to Russian Health Care (By MICHAEL WINES, Dec. 22, 2000)
QUICAVÍ JOURNAL: A Rich Life of the Mind Makes a Hard Life Easier (By CLIFFORD KRAUSS, Dec. 22, 2000)
Agreement Is Reached for Sale of Rockefeller Center (By CHARLES V. BAGLI, Dec. 22, 2000)
A Christmas Cavil (or, Kicking the Snowman) a Pilgrim Looks for Meaning but Finds a Mishmash (By DAN BARRY, Dec. 22, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: In Calligraphy, Science Versus Art (By JAMES BARRON with Linda Lee, Dec. 22, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Mrs. Clinton's Book Deal (NY TIMES, Dec. 22, 2000)
OP-ED: Tomorrow's Education, Made to Measure (By ARTHUR LEVINE, Dec. 22, 2000)
OP-ED: The War Within East Jerusalem (By YOSSI KLEIN HALEVI, Dec. 22, 2000)
OP-ED: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Double Duty (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Dec. 22, 2000)
Markets Remain Skittish, but the Dow Gains 168 Points (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 22, 2000)
Floyd Norris: How the Fed Should Cope With a Burst Bubble (By Floyd Norris, Dec. 22, 2000)
Lucent Lowers Expectations (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 22, 2000)
Quarterly Loss at Xerox (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 22, 2000)
Excuse Me, but That's Ms. Game Boy to You, Fella (By JULIAN E. BARNES, Dec. 22, 2000)
Stocks Drop Sharply in Japan (By MIKI TANIKAWA, Dec. 22, 2000)
F.C.C. Slap at AT&T (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 22, 2000)
Growth Slows to 2.2 Percent Pace, a 4-Year Low (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 22, 2000)
Fed Rejected a Shift in Stance Last Month (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 22, 2000)
3Com Tops Forecasts (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 22, 2000)
CYBER LAW JOURNAL: The Year in Technology Law (By CARL S. KAPLAN, Dec. 22, 2000)
WEEKEND WARRIOR: Capoeira: Too Beautiful to Be a Fight (By CATHARINE CHATHAM, Dec. 22, 2000)
ART: Fanfare for Copland, a Fervent Adventurer (By JOHN RUSSELL, Dec. 22, 2000)
ART: Playful Wit Reigns at Skidmore's New Museum (By HOLLAND COTTER, Dec. 22, 2000)
Inside Art: Buying Up the Future (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 22, 2000)
Galleries: Four Non-Objective Painters [Hilla Rebay (1890-1967) & Rudolf Bauer (1889-1953)]
(By HOLLAND COTTER, Dec. 22, 2000)
Antiques: To the Ball With a Doll, 1800's Style (By WENDY MOONAN, Dec. 22, 2000)
BOOKS: 'The Constant Gardener': A Murder in Kenya, Then a Search for the Back Story (By MICHIKO KAKUTANI, Dec. 22, 2000)
DANCE: Complexions: Pose. Stop. Hit Another. Don't Forget to Thrust. (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'Cast Away': Ultimate Survivor, Man Against Nature (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM : 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?': Hail, Ulysses, Escaped Convict (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'Miss Congeniality': Operation Ugly Duckling: Fighting Terrorism in Heels (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'The Family Man': O.K., It's a Wonderful Life. But Where Is It? (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'Mr. Rice's Secret': David Bowie With a Secret and a Power (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'The House of Mirth': Forget Honor. Money Makes the World Go 'Round. (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'Nowhere to Hide': Guys Built for Action (Bang! Bang!) (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 22, 2000)
FILM: 'State and Main': Movie Folk, It Turns Out, Are Subject to Venality (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 22, 2000)
At the Movies: Can Lightning Strike Thrice? (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 22, 2000)
MUSIC: Amanda Roocroft: Depths of Suffering to Leaps of Spirit (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 22, 2000)
PHOTOGRAPHY: You Don't Need a Weatherman; Just Point Your Camera and Shoot, Man (By VICKI GOLDBERG, Dec. 22, 2000)
Home Video: Recognition by Mail Order (By PETER M. NICHOLS, Dec. 22, 2000)
THEATER: 'Brecht on Brecht': A Collage That Portrays a Subversive (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 22, 2000)
THEATER: 'Princess Turandot': A Lady Who Turns Heads and Chops Them Off, Too (By SARAH BOXER, Dec. 22, 2000)
THEATER: On Stage and Off: Seeking a Nest For 'Sea Gull' (By JESSE MCKINLEY, Dec. 22, 2000)
TV Weekend: Visiting a Gator-Eat-Gator World (By NEIL GENZLINGER, Dec. 22, 2000)
As 2001 Beckons, Noisemakers (From Funk to Salsa) Cavort (NY TIMES, Dec. 22, 2000)
DESIGN REVIEW: Spellbound on the Sidewalk: Is It Art? (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 22, 2000)
MY MANHATTAN: Bohemian Chic... Until the Moon Hits Your Eye (By MARIA LAURINO, Dec. 22, 2000)
Family Fare: Dreidels and Other Spins {Hanukkah & Solar Eclipse] (By LAUREL GRAEBER, Dec. 22, 2000)

Thursday, December 21, 2000:
On This Day: December 21 (Masaccio 12/21/1401-1428, Benjamin Disraeli 12/21/1804-4/19/1881, Dame Rebecca West 12/21/1892-3/15/1983, Josh Gibson 12/21/1911-1/20/1947, Heinrich Boll 12/21/1917-7/16/1985, Kurt Waldheim 1918, Paul Winchell 1922, Ed Nelson 1928, Phil Donahue 1935, Jane Fonda 1937, Carla Thomas 1942, Michael Tilson Thomas 1944, Chris Evert 1954)
Terrorist bomb exploded on Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 (By CRAIG R. WHITNEY, December 21, 1988)
Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator, Dead at 72 [12/20/1881-12/9/1965] (NY Times, March 6, 1953)
John V. Lindsay, Mayor and Maverick, Dies at 79 (By ROBERT D. McFADDEN, Dec. 21, 2000)
Diodoros I, Top Patriarch of Greek Faith in Holy Land, Dies at 77 (By WILLIAM A. ORME Jr., Dec. 21, 2000)
Milt Hinton, Dean of Jazz Bassists, Is Dead at 90 (By PETER KEEPNEWS, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT-ELECT: Alcoa's Chairman Is Named by Bush to Treasury Post (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT: Man in the News: Industrialist With a Twist; Paul Henry O'Neill (By JOSEPH KAHN with FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: Whitman Seen as Strong Choice to Lead E.P.A. (By DAVID M. HALBFINGER with ANDREW C. REVKIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE CHOICES: Woman in the News: Ann M. Veneman (By MICHAEL JANOFSKY, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE CHOICES: Man in the News: Donald Louis Evans (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE CHOICES: Man in the News: Melquiades Rafael Martinez (By CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Profile: Melquiades Rafael Martinez (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Profile: Paul Henry O'Neill (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Profile: Donald Louis Evans (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Profile: Ann M. Veneman (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
THE CHURCHES: Bush Meeting Focuses on Role of Religion (By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. with GUSTAV NIEBUHR, Dec. 21, 2000)
Ordained as Rabbis, Women Tell Secret (By LAURIE GOODSTEIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
Women Taking Active Role to Study Orthodox Judaism (By LAURIE GOODSTEIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
U.S. Imposes Standards for Organic-Food Labeling (By MARIAN BURROS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Boston's Digging Produces a Green Jewel (By CAREY GOLDBERG, Dec. 21, 2000)
ARDINGLY JOURNAL: Seeds of Hope, to Keep Mother Earth in Gardening (By WARREN HOGE, Dec. 21, 2000)
Gates Foundation's $15 Million Seeks Drugs for African Diseases (By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr, Dec. 21, 2000)
Repeat, Ma'am: 'The Rain in Spain...' [QE II's pronunciation has changed] (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Mexican Volcano Is Calm [Popocatepetl volcano rises 17,886 feet, sprayed hot rock & ash.] (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
It Depends on What You Mean by 'Own' [Mr. Sharpton's ownership of his clothing] (NY Times, Dec. 21, 2000)
METRO MATTERS: Remembering a Mayor, Faults and All [John V. Lindsay] (NY Times, Dec. 21, 2000)
PUBLIC PROFILE: Selling the Mom-and-Pop Supermodel Farm [M. Katherine Ford] (By ROBIN FINN, Dec. 21, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: A Crash Course in Southern Speak [George Clooney on dialect & Marian McEvoy's shells on ceilings] (By JAMES BARRON, Dec. 21, 2000)
EDITORIAL: The Lindsay Legacy (NY TIMES, Dec. 21, 2000)
OP-ED: Tea and Transition (By DOUGLAS BRINKLEY, Dec. 21, 2000)
OP-ED: Stock Gambling on the Cheap (By FRANK PARTNOY, Dec. 21, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: Land of Comebacks (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 21, 2000)
* No Calls at Walden Pond [Thoreau: "But Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate."] (By VAHE A. TIRYAKIAN, Dec. 21, 2000)
BUSINESS: Nasdaq Tumbles 7.1 Percent as Fed Bias Shift Fails to Halt Skid (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 21, 2000)
Economic Scene: America, Don't Smirk. The European Union Is No Joke (By JEFF MADRICK, Dec. 21, 2000)
Market Place: Fed Shift in Stance Deals Blow to Wall Street (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 21, 2000)
AT&T Expects Lower Profit; It Confirms Dividend Cut (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 21, 2000)
Market Paying Price for Valuing New-Economy Hope Over Profits (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 21, 2000)
An Author Savagely Indicts Notions of a New Economy [Thomas Frank] (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 21, 2000)
2nd Thoughts for News Corp. and WebMD (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, Dec. 21, 2000)
Buffett Buys Company Crippled by Asbestos Suits [buys Johns Manville for $1.9 billion] (By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
Back to Business School (By JONATHAN D. GLATER, Dec. 21, 2000)
Protest Over Web Filtering Business (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 21, 2000)
Advertising: Chanel Uses 'Real People' to Sell Scents (By COURTNEY KANE, Dec. 21, 2000)
It's a Free Market, but Who's Fit to Manage? (By JOHN VAROLI, Dec. 21, 2000)
Coke Issues Warnings on Volume Growth (By REUTERS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Salon.com Is Cutting Work Force by 20 Percent (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 21, 2000)
AOL Issues Plea for Fast F.C.C. Approval (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 21, 2000)
Vodafone Lifts Japan Telecom Stake (By STEPHANIE STROM, Dec. 21, 2000)
ARTS: Carnegie Chief Hailed by Supportive Germans (By ROGER COHEN, Dec. 21, 2000)
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Playing in the Key of F, for Fresh (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 21, 2000)
POP REVIEW: WKTU: All Soaring Skyward, Except for the Silent One (By JON PARELES, Dec. 21, 2000)
Dealer Will Enrich Art of the Berlin He Fled (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 21, 2000)
Chinese-Born Composer Wins $225,000 Ives Prize [Chen Yi] (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 21, 2000)
The Pop Life: Seeking Truth About Eminem (By NEIL STRAUSS, Dec. 21, 2000)
BOOKS: 'The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi': An African Prince as Pained Outsider (By JANET MASLIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
MAKING BOOKS: The 'What Ifs' That Fascinate (By MARTIN ARNOLD, Dec. 21, 2000)
MUSIC: Decking Out a 'Messiah' but Hewing to Tradition (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 21, 2000)
THEATER: 'A Child's Garden': In a Garden of Songs, as Happy as Kings (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 21, 2000)
LIVING: House Proud: The Silences Are by Design (By CATHY HORYN, Dec. 21, 2000)
AT HOME WITH / MARTHA SCHWARTZ: Martha Schwartz: Making Her Landscapes Pop (By FRED BERNSTEIN, Dec. 21, 2000)
The Goose: Golden After All These Years [2 recipes] (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 21, 2000)
Revolutions Come and Go, but a Porcelain Factory Endures [Lomonosov Porcelain Factory] (By JOHN VAROLI, Dec. 21, 2000)
Garden Q.& A.: Plant Stars of Tomorrow (By DORA GALITZKI, Dec. 21, 2000)
CIRCUITS: Contents (NY TIMES, Dec. 21, 2000)
STATE OF THE ART: Assessing the New Internet Appliances (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 21, 2000)
PERSONAL SHOPPER: A Bright Expanse of Beauty Underfoot [4 photos slideshow] (By MARIANNE ROHRLICH, Dec. 21, 2000)
* Using Technology to Preserve Art (By LISA GUERNSEY, Dec. 21, 2000)
Computer Consultants Who Make House Calls (By LEAH ROSCH, Dec. 21, 2000)
ONLINE SHOPPER: When the Virtual Shelf Is Bare (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, Dec. 21, 2000)
* Taking the Mask Off Pseudoscience (By BONNIE ROTHMAN MORRIS, Dec. 21, 2000)
GAME THEORY: Video Game Where Alice Is No Longer in Wonderland (By CHARLES HEROLD, Dec. 21, 2000)
College Courses Taught With Tailored Software (By SAM HOOPER SAMUELS, Dec. 21, 2000)
REVIEW: Digital Reading Activities With a Big Red Dog (By ALICE KEIM, Dec. 21, 2000)
* WHAT'S NEXT: Machine Lets You Taste the Web (By ANNE EISENBERG, Dec. 21, 2000)
A Web Site That Came in From the Cold to Unveil Russian Secrets (By SALLY McGRANE, Dec. 21, 2000)
Storage Disks That Make Room for Some Coming Attractions (By BRUCE HEADLAM, Dec. 21, 2000)
Experience the Thrill, the Chill, but Not the Frostbite [Inuit Eskimos do not have 20, 40, or 400 words for snow]
(By MICHAEL POLLAK, Dec. 21, 2000)
A New Ballpoint From Cross That Can Read as Well as Write (By IAN AUSTEN, Dec. 21, 2000)
A New Web Appliance: No Wires, a Few Strings (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 21, 2000)
Macintosh Fans Can Finally Join the Speech Transcription Game (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 21, 2000)
A Camera for Pictures Worth A Thousand Words, With Music (By IAN AUSTEN, Dec. 21, 2000)
Q & A: New U.S.B.'s, Privacy and Browser Remorse (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, Dec. 21, 2000)
TheStreet.com Buys Newsletter Co. (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 21, 2000)
E-Commerce Loses Shine in 2000 (By TROY WOLVERTON AND GREG SANDOVAL, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 21, 2000)
Film Studios Stream Toward Web Delivery (By PATRICIA JACOBUS, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 21, 2000)
Yahoo: Auctions Immune from French Laws (By JIM HU, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 21, 2000)
Privacy Advocates Shine Light on 'Web Bugs' (By STEFANIE OLSEN, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 21, 2000)
XML as the Great Peacemaker (By WYLIE WONG, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 22, 2000)
SCIENCE: Fatty Diet Could Lead to Thin Bones (By REUTERS, Dec. 21, 2000)

Wednesday, December 20, 2000:
On This Day: December 20 (Harvey Firestone 12/20/1868-2/7/1938, Irene Dunne 12/20/1898-9/4/1990, Robert Van de Graaff 12/20/1901-1/16/1967, Max Lerner 12/20/1902-6/5/1992, Sidney Hook 12/20/1902-7/12/1989, George Roy Hill 1922, Peter Criss 1945)
United States sends troops to Panama to topple General Manuel Noriega (By MICHAEL R. GORDON, December 20, 1989)
Branch Rickey, 83, Dies in Missouri; Leading Figure in Baseball for 50 Years [12/20/1881-12/9/1965] (By UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL, December 10, 1965)
Jacques Francoise Goddet, Founder and Editor of L'Équipe, Dies at 95 (By FRANK LITSKY, Dec. 20, 2000)
Robert Goetz, Innovator in Coronary Bypass Surgery, Dies at 90 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 20, 2000)
Milt Hinton, Jazz Bassist and Photographer, Dies at 90 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 20, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT-ELECT: A 'Humbled' Bush Visits His New Home (By ADAM CLYMER, Dec. 20, 2000)
THE PENNSYLVANIA GOVERNOR: Bush Appears to Bypass a Moderate Ally Again (By JAMES DAO, Dec. 20, 2000)
THE NOMINEES: On Economic Affairs, Bush's Man for Commerce Dept. Is His First Pick (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 20, 2000)
THE LEGISLATURES: Seeking a Formula for Voting Laws (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 20, 2000)
FLORIDA: Republican Group Seeks to Unseat Three Justices (By DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 20, 2000)
THE POWER INDUSTRY: News Analysis: Bush in Deep Waters on Energy Policy (By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. & NEELA BANERJEE, Dec. 20, 2000)
Clinton Will Issue New Privacy Rules to Shield Patients (By ROBERT PEAR, Dec. 20, 2000)
Philadelphia Journal: Reinventing an Icon of a Grand Old Philadelphia (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 20, 2000)
* LESSONS: Another Look at the Way That Intelligence Flowers (By RICHARD ROTHSTEIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
Clinton Trip to North Korea Is Mired in Transition Politics (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 20, 2000)
MACAO JOURNAL: If Life's a Crap Game, the Isle of Casinos Is Smiling (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 20, 2000)
Mexicans Resist Flight From 'Friendly' Volcano (By TIM WEINER, Dec. 20, 2000)
China's Movie-Going Masses Cheer Deep Cuts in Ticket Prices (By ERIK ECKHOLM, Dec. 20, 2000)
1992 Razing of a Mosque Is Still Casting a Pall in India (By CELIA W. DUGGER, Dec. 20, 2000)
Tourist Chapter to the Book of Mormon (By WINNIE HU, Dec. 20, 2000)
Public Lives: A Chance for Tea and a Signing [Hillary Clinton] (By JAMES BARRON with Linda Lee, Dec. 20, 2000)
Daily News Is to Expand Its Free Paper (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 20, 2000)
Teachers Adding an H (for Hygiene) to the 3 R's (By KELLY CROW, Dec. 20, 2000)
EDITORIAL: When the Economy Slows (NY Times, Dec. 20, 2000)
EDITORIAL NOTEBOOK: The Image of the Writer at His Labors (By VERLYN KLINKENBORG, Dec. 20, 2000)
OP-ED: What Tax Cuts Can't Do (By BRUCE BARTLETT, Dec. 20, 2000)
OP-ED: The Big Gamble on a Hillary Book (By JEFFREY A. KRAMES, Dec. 20, 2000)
OP-ED: A Little Less Time for Snooping (By JUREK MARTIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: He's Gone! He's Back! (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 20, 2000)
LETTERS: The Electoral College, Under Fire (By GEORGE R. WOOLFE, et. al., Dec. 20, 2000)
BUSINESS: Investors Show Displeasure as the Fed Lets Rates Alone (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
Fed Shifts Aim to Holding Off Recession (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 20, 2000)
Market Place: Brokerage Firms Benefiting From New Policy on Options (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 20, 2000)
MP3.com Faces New Copyright Suit (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 20, 2000)
The Boss: Living for the Now and Later (By SUZANNE KAPNER, Dec. 20, 2000)
Life's Work: Daydreams, Musical Interludes and Greeting a Child at the Bus (By LISA BELKIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
Business Travel: Web Sites to Make the Trip Less Work (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 20, 2000)
SBC Cuts Earnings Forecast (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 20, 2000)
ARTS: After a Brief and Stormy Tenure, Director of Carnegie Hall Resigns (By DOREEN CARVAJAL, Dec. 20, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: Surviving With the Moscow Symphony on $5 a Day (By SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY, Dec. 20, 2000)
Vernon Reid: Fiercely Banging the Drum for Those Who Cannot (By JESSE McKINLEY, Dec. 20, 2000)
OPERA: 'The Merry Widow': A Stylish, Lusty Widow Shakes Up Gay Paree (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 20, 2000)
High-Decibel Oscar Buzz (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 20, 2000)
$10,000 Bobbitt Poetry Prize Is Awarded to David Ferry (By IRVIN MOLOTSKY, Dec. 20, 2000)
BOOKS: Who D'Ya See in Those Doggy Eyes? Arf! (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
MUSIC: Russell Sherman: Proceed With Purpose, Scales and Arpeggios Flying (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 20, 2000)
FILM: 'But Forever in My Mind': Radical Chic, Teenage Italian Style (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 20, 2000)
POP REVIEW: Bo Diddley: Bawdy Jokes and Fishing Tales and, Oh, Yes, Songs (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 20, 2000)
TV Notes: Surviving 'Survivor II' (By BILL CARTER, Dec. 20, 2000)
Culture Notes: Illuminating Art (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 20, 2000)
LIVING: Eating Well: Caviar With a Conscience (By MARIAN BURROS, Dec. 20, 2000)
LIVING: New Yorkers Yawn at New Year's Eve 2001 (By FLORENCE FABRICANT, Dec. 20, 2000)
Sometimes It Takes One to Crack One (By RICK MARIN, Dec. 20, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Cell Phone Studies See No Link to Brain Cancer (By GINA KOLATA, Dec. 20, 2000)
U.S. Weather Follows Global Warming Trend (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 20, 2000)
Study Links Use of Caffeine to Higher Risk of Miscarriage (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 20, 2000)

Tuesday, December 19, 2000:
On This Day: December 19 (Edwin Stanton 12/19/1814-12/24/1869, A.A. Michelson 12/19/1852-5/9/1931, Fritz Reiner 12/19/1888-11/15/1963, Sir Ralph Richardson 12/19/1902-10/10/1983, George Davis Snell 12/19/1903-6/6/1996, Jean Genet 12/19/1910-4/15/1986, Edith Piaf 12/19/1915-10/11/1963, Cicely Tyson 1933, Richard E. Leakey 1944, Robert Urich 1946, Jennifer Beals 1963, Alyssa Milano 1972)
Britain and China Sign Agreement on Hong Kong (By JOHN F. BURNS, December 19, 1984)
Brezhnev Dead at 85; Attempted to Advance Soviet Goals Through Detente [12/19/1906-11/10/1982] (NY Times, November 11, 1982)
Randolph A. Hearst, Whose Father Built Newspaper Empire, Dies at 85 (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 19, 2000)
N. Richard Nash, Author of 'The Rainmaker,' Dies at 87 (By JESSE McKINLEY, Dec. 19, 2000)
Valerio Longoria, Conjunto Musician, Dies at 75 (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 19, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT-ELECT: President-Elect Courts Congress and Urges Tax Cut (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 19, 2000)
INSPECTING THE VOTES: Florida Ballots Are Getting New Scrutiny, by the Media (By DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 19, 2000)
FLORIDA: After Electors Pick Bush, His Brother Speaks of Mending (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 19, 2000)
A FIRST MEETING: After Greeting Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Clinton House-Hunts (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 19, 2000)
Sites Suggested for Washington's Next Memorials (By IRVIN MOLOTSKY, Dec. 19, 2000)
THE BACKDROP: A Signal to Greenspan: No Scores Left to Settle (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 19, 2000)
THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: The Electors Vote, and the Surprises Are Few (By DAVID STOUT, Dec. 19, 2000)
Survey Shows Sex Practices of Boys (By TAMAR LEWIN, Dec. 19, 2000)
Access by Inmates to Tests for DNA Gains Ground (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 19, 2000)
JAKARTA JOURNAL: It's Ramadan. School Is Out. Quick, the Earplugs! (By CALVIN SIMS, Dec. 19, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: Athens's New Subway System Brings Buried Treasures to Light (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 19, 2000)
Bikes, Jeeps and Horses Help to Solve a Mystery of the Amazon (By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, Dec. 19, 2000)
U.S. Is Asked to Ban Beluga Caviar Imports (By ANDREW C. REVKIN, Dec. 19, 2000)
Immigrants Balance Santa With Their Own Traditions (By CHRIS HEDGES, Dec. 19, 2000)
Public Lives: A French Tourist Shops the Colonies (By JAMES BARRON, Dec. 19, 2000)
Tunnel Vision: Rebuilding Bombay Before a Captive Audience (By RANDY KENNEDY, Dec. 19, 2000)
Joe Lieberman, the Senator, Takes a Victory Lap (By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN, Dec. 19, 2000)
Westchester 'Mystery' Man Is Charged With Bilking Investors of $4.5 Million (By WINNIE HU, Dec. 19, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Calling the Great Mentioner (NY Times, Dec. 19, 2000)
EDITORIAL: The Case for the Electoral College (NY Times, Dec. 19, 2000)
OP-ED: The Accidental Electors (By JACK RAKOVE, Dec. 19, 2000)
OP-ED: A Time for Fairness and Ferocity (By ALEX S. JONES, Dec. 19, 2000)
OP-ED: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Powell Perplex (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Dec. 19, 2000)
BUSINESS: Financial Shares Increase, but Technology Still Falls (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 19, 2000)
Tokyo Stocks Fall to 21-Month Low (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 19, 2000)
Market Place: Time Warner Scales Back Its Forecast (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, Dec. 19, 2000)
Advertising: The New World of Online Market-Research Exchanges (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 19, 2000)
Fed to Focus on Controlling Slowdown (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 19, 2000)
Need Is Growing for Geriatric Psychiatrists (NY Times, Dec. 19, 2000)
Loss Is Reported by Circuit City (By BRIDGE NEWS, Dec. 19, 2000)
InfoUSA to Cut 325 Jobs (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 19, 2000)
ARTS: In a Plot Far From the Cold, Le Carré Sums Up the Past (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 19, 2000)
BOOKS: A Daughter's Hate Leads to an Island of Revelation [Jane Rogers. "Island"] (By MICHIKO KAKUTANI, Dec. 19, 2000)
Culture Notes: "Circa 1701: Printed Portraits From the Time of Elihu Yale" (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 19, 2000)
FILM: 'Finding Forrester': Got Game. And Pen. And Mentor. (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 19, 2000)
MUSIC: All Beethoven, All the Time, All From Memory (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 19, 2000)
MUSIC: Esa-Pekka Salonen: A Conductor's Night of Firsts (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 19, 2000)
POP REVIEW: Offspring: The Teen-Age Angst of the 35-Year-Old Man (By ANN POWERS, Dec. 19, 2000)
THEATER: 'Julius Caesar': A Brutus Tougher Than the One You Love to Hate (By SARAH BOXER, Dec. 19, 2000)
BOOKS ON HEALTH: Trying to Bridge the 'Death Gap' Confronting Minority Groups (By JOHN LANGONE, Dec. 19, 2000)
The Week in Science: A Plant in the News (By NICHOLAS WADE, Dec. 19, 2000)
SCIENCE: In Maya Ruins, Scholars See Evidence of Urban Sprawl (By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, Dec. 19, 2000)
Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (By WALTER GIBBS, Dec. 19, 2000)
THE FAT EPIDEMIC / Cultural Legacies: South Africa Confronts Another Health Problem: Obesity (By HENRI E. CAUVIN, Dec. 19, 2000)
NEW ANALYSIS: What's Next for Biotech Crops? Questions (By CAROL KAESUK YOON, Dec. 19, 2000)
Survey Shows Sex Practices of Boys (By TAMAR LEWIN, Dec. 19, 2000)
New Assignment for Satellite System (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 19, 2000)
Rocky Road to Liftoff for a Successor to Space Shuttle (By WARREN E. LEARY, Dec. 19, 2000)
* How the Brain Knows What It Knows (By SANDRA BLAKESLEE, Dec. 19, 2000)
Health Care Online and in the Third Person (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 19, 2000)
A CONVERSATION WITH / Phill Wilson: Speaking Out to Make AIDS an Issue of Color (By LINDA VILLAROSA, Dec. 19, 2000)
PERSONAL HEALTH: Caution, Festive Candles Can Be Deadly (By JANE E. BRODY, Dec. 19, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Patterns: Creatine and Boys in Pursuit of Bulk (By, Dec. 19, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Performance: Hiking Pole, in the Hand and in the Mind (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 19, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Therapies: Short-Lived Gains of Dietary Counseling (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 19, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Treatments: Antibiotics, for Irritable Bowel Relief (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 19, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Prevention: Overcoming a Hazard of New Hips (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 19, 2000)
* Observatory: Solar Christmas Present [Partial Solar Eclipse on 12/25] (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Dec. 19, 2000)
Letters: On Patients Who 'Die' Twice (By DR. BRUCE LEFF, Dec. 19, 2000)
Science Q&A: Nerves and Teeth (By C. CLAIBORNE RAY, Dec. 19, 2000)

Monday, December 18, 2000:
On This Day: December 18 (Sir J.J. Thompson 12/18/1856-8/30/1940, Francis Ferdinand 12/18/1863-6/28/1914, Paul Klee 12/18/1879-6/29/1940, Ty Cobb 12/18/1886-7/17/1961, Dame Gladys Cooper 12/18/1888-11/17/1971, George Stevens 12/18/1904-3/8/1975, Willy Brandt 12/18/1913-10/8/1992, Betty Grable 12/18/1916-7/2/1973, Ramsey Clark 1927, Lonnie Brooks 1933, Keith Richards 1943, Leonard Maltin 1950, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario 1971, Christina Aguilera 1980)
Big Atomic Plant near Pittsburgh Supplying Power (By JOHN W. FINNEY, December 18, 1957)
Robert Moses, Master Builder, is Dead at 92 [12/18/1888-7/29/1981] (By PAUL GOLDBERGER, July 30, 1981)
William Thon, Landscape Painter, Dies at 94 (NY Times, Dec. 18, 2000)
Charles P. Issawi, Middle East Scholar, Dies at 84 (By ERIC PACE, Dec. 18, 2000)
Knud W. Jensen, Who Founded Danish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dies at 84 (By ERIC PACE, Dec. 18, 2000)
Woman in the News: Condoleezza Rice (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 18, 2000)
THE POLLS: Poll Shows Americans Divided Over Election, Indicating That Bush Must Build Public Support (By JANET ELDER, Dec. 18, 2000)
The White House Counsel: Trusted Adviser Takes Top Legal Job (By JIM YARDLEY, Dec. 18, 2000)
THE WHITE HOUSE STAFF: Bush Adviser Gets National Security Post (By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. with FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 18, 2000)
The Presidential Adviser: Loyalist Assumes a White House Role (By ROBERT PEAR, Dec. 18, 2000)
VICE PRESIDENT-ELECT: Cheney Says Bush Administration Will Move Rapidly on Campaign Issues (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 18, 2000)
SECRETARY OF STATE: A Higher Threshold for U.S. Intervention Means Adjustments Abroad (By STEVEN ERLANGER, Dec. 18, 2000)
News Analysis: A Dual Path in Diplomacy (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 18, 2000)
San Francisco Paper Struggles With the Printed Word (By EVELYN NIEVES, Dec. 18, 2000)
SHANGHAI JOURNAL: Mao's Nightmare: Revolutionaries in Bare Midriff (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 18, 2000)
CROSSING BORDERS: For 'New Danes,' Differences Create a Divide (By ROGER COHEN, Dec. 18, 2000)
2015 Outlook: Enough Food, Scarce Water, Porous Borders (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 18, 2000)
Metropolitan Diary: IF ONLY (BY ENID NEMY, Dec. 18, 2000)
A Possible Lifesaver, Yes, but an Insult to the Décor (By BRUCE LAMBERT, Dec. 18, 2000)
Though Retired, Runyon's Guys Hand Out Dolls (By RALPH BLUMENTHAL, Dec. 18, 2000)
Hats That Silently and Stylishly Proclaim Joy (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 18, 2000)
OP-ED: The End of the Imperial Presidency (By MICHAEL BESCHLOSS, Dec. 18, 2000)
OP-ED: The Ballot, Via the Courthouse (By LANI GUINIER, Dec. 18, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: The Black Bloc (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 18, 2000)
Outlook 2001: Can the New Economy Navigate Rougher Waters? (By LOUIS UCHITELLE, Dec. 18, 2000)
Early Bargains Fail to Attract Many Shoppers (By LESLIE KAUFMAN, Dec. 18, 2000)
Wistful Thinking: A Lament for the Dear E-Departed (By JOE QUEENAN, Dec. 18, 2000)
An Industry Patriarch at the Forefront as Genomics Science Comes of Age (By ANDREW POLLACK, Dec. 18, 2000)
Microsoft Shifts to New Vistas (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 18, 2000)
On Adding Value at a Trailblazing Company (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 18, 2000)
A New Horizon for China in Trade (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 18, 2000)
Among Wall St. Firms, the List of Those Left to Merge Shrinks (By PATRICK McGEEHAN, Dec. 18, 2000)
Publishing Trends Go Beyond E-Books (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 18, 2000)
With a Key Growth Engine Stalled, Newspapers Worry a Bit (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 18, 2000)
Patents: How Do You Put a Price on Intellectual Property? (By SABRA CHARTRAND, Dec. 18, 2000)
No End to Upheaval in Telecom Industry (By SETH SCHIESEL, Dec. 18, 2000)
Dying Dot-Coms, Dwindling TV Ads (By BILL CARTER, Dec. 18, 2000)
Post Office Is Full of Ideas to Survive an E-Future (By JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr., Dec. 18, 2000)
Retail Puzzle: Invest in Bricks or Clicks? (By LESLIE KAUFMAN, Dec. 18, 2000)
Exposing the Fraying Edges in the Fabric of the Economy (NY Times, Dec. 18, 2000)
Life's Work: The Art of Making a Plan and Making It Happen (By LISA BELKIN, Dec. 18, 2000)
Car Dealers Learn to Tame the Web (By KEITH BRADSHER, Dec. 18, 2000)
H.M.O.'s Are Pressed on Many Fronts to Reinvent Themselves (By MILT FREUDENHEIM, Dec. 18, 2000)
Six Who Helped Shape New Corporate Landscape Find Faults (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 18, 2000)
Bush Will Face Economic Challenges That Are Stirring Concern (By RICHARD STEVENSON, Dec. 18, 2000)
From Well-Wired Offices, Musings on Tomorrow's Technologies (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 18, 2000)
The Unplugged Internet Generates 'Wapathy' (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 18, 2000)
With Dot-Coms No Longer Soaring, Financial Backers Get Back to Basics (By JONATHAN BURTON, Dec. 18, 2000)
New Economy: 'Software Gap' Solution Arrives (By STEVE LOHR, Dec. 18, 2000)
Rules for AOL-Time Warner May Have Only a Narrow Impact (By SETH SCHIESEL, Dec. 18, 2000)
We Now Interrupt Your Browsing for This Commercial Message (By SUSAN STELLIN, Dec. 18, 2000)
Wishful Thinking: Car Keys, Your Owner Is Calling (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 18, 2000)
* E-Commerce Report: Internet Merchants, Seeing Landscape Shift, Adapt to Survive (By BOB TEDESCHI, Dec. 18, 2000)
S&P Has 'Serious Doubt' on eToys (By REUTERS, Dec. 18, 2000)
MVP.com Lays Off Half Its Staff (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 18, 2000)
Stan Lee Media Feels Dot-Com Crunch (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 18, 2000)
Make an Appointment With the Phones of the Future (By REUTERS, Dec. 18, 2000)
Gates Urges Regulators to Address Instant Messaging (By JIM HU, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 18, 2000)
Genetics Firm Buys Mammoth I.B.M. Supercomputer (By STEPHEN SHANKLAND, CNET NEWS.COM, Dec. 19, 2000)
ARTS: Houston Museum Expands Its Space, Holdings and Public (By STEPHEN KINZER, Dec. 18, 2000)
WRITERS ON WRITING: Directions: Write, Read, Rewrite. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as Needed (By SUSAN SONTAG, Dec. 18, 2000)
* BOOKS: 'Soul Mountain': A Dreamlike Chinese Journey Haunted by Past and Present (By RICHARD EDER, Dec. 18, 2000)
DANCE: A Pair of Russian Guests Take a 'Nutcracker' Turn (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 18, 2000)
MESSIAEN FESTIVAL REVIEW: Oh, the Joys and Charm of a New Child on Earth (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 18, 2000)
Two Pianos Illuminate the Diverse Meanings of 'Amen' (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 18, 2000)
MUSIC: That Craveable Beethoven for Those Who Crave (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 18, 2000)
TV REVIEW: Deann Borshay Liem: Face-to-Face in Korea (By RON WERTHEIMER, Dec. 18, 2000)
This Week: Step This Way [Poet's Corner: David Ferry] (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 18, 2000)
SCIENCE: Drilling to Find Clues to Demise of Dinosaurs (By REUTERS, Dec. 18, 2000)

Sunday, December 17, 2000:
On This Day: December 17 (Ludwig Beethoven 12/17/1770-3/26/1827, Joseph Henry 12/17/1797-5/13/1878, John Greenleaf Whittier 12/17/1807-9/7/1892, Ford Madox Ford 12/17/1873-6/26/1939, Mackenzie King 12/17/1874-7/22/1950, Edwin Cohn 12/17/1892-10/1/1953, Erskine Caldwell 12/17/1903-4/11/1987, William Safire 1929, Bob Guccione 1930, Tommy Steele 1936)
* Orville & Wilbur Wright had first successful man-powered airplane flights near Kitty Hawk, NC (NY Times, December 17, 1903)
* Arthur Fiedler, 84, Conductor Of Boston Pops 50 Years, Dies [12/17/1894-7/10/1979] (By ALLEN HUGHES, July 11, 1979)
Alice Ireys, Landscape Architect, Dies at 89 (By PAULA DEITZ, Dec. 17, 2000)
Rosemarie Kanzler, International Matchmaker, Dies at 85 (By ENID NEMY, Dec. 17, 2000)
Christabel Leighton-Porter, a Comic Stripper, Dies at 87 (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
Dotty Todd, Concert Pianist and Singer, Dies at 87 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 17, 2000)
A CRUCIAL CHOICE: Powell to Head State Dept. as Bush's First Cabinet Pick (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 17, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: Colin Luther Powell: Insider With Star Power (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 17, 2000)
FOREIGN POLICY: A Soldier-Statesman Who Has Advocated a Blend of Strength and Caution (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE CONGRESS: With Minimal Fanfare, Congress Calls It Quits (By ADAM CLYMER & LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE DEMOCRATS: Many Seem Skeptical of Gore's Future (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE TV COVERAGE: An Apocalyptic Attitude Gripped the TV Commentators, Not Their Viewers (By CARYN JAMES, Dec. 17, 2000)
Sony Toy Is Less Costly, but Still Scarce (By JULIAN E. BARNES, Dec. 17, 2000)
Georgia Church Donates Bulk of $60 Million Bequest (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 17, 2000)
Ozone Layer Over Arctic Is Not Healing Quickly, Scientists Say (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 17, 2000)
One Sheik's Mission: Teach Hatred of West (By JOHN F. BURNS, Dec. 17, 2000)
Chinese Media Suddenly Focus on a Growing AIDS Problem (By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, Dec. 17, 2000)
Malaysians See a Sock in the Eye, and a Scar (By SETH MYDANS, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Test Ahead for Powell (and His Doctrine) (By JANE PERLEZ, Dec. 17, 2000)
Wall St. Goes Hunting for Treasure in China (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 17, 2000)
Kazakh Mastermind, or New Ugly American? (By DAVID JOHNSTON, Dec. 17, 2000)
Iranian Cleric Goes to Battle in Cyberspace (By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Dec. 17, 2000)
Europe Is Told It May Not Be Safe to Eat Fish, Either (By MARLISE SIMONS, Dec. 17, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: European Ties Bind and Form Knots (By SUZANNE DALEY, Dec. 17, 2000)
No Tannenbaum? Well, Maybe Just a Sapling (By CHARLIE LeDUFF, Dec. 17, 2000)
Round-the-World Flight Kept Aloft by Dreams and Duct Tape (NY Times, Dec. 17, 2000)
MANHATTAN JOURNAL: Wrap It Up, They'll Take It, Just Make It Snappy (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 17, 2000)
FOLLOWING UP: Internet Nostalgia: An Oxymoron No More (By JOSEPH P. FRIED, Dec. 17, 2000)
OP-ED: Can Bush Mend His Party's Rift With Black America? (By Jesse Jackson et. al., Dec. 17, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: How to Serve Man, and Get Rich Doing It (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 17, 2000)
LETTERS: From a Teacher, Sighs and Smiles (By JANET SCHWARTZ et. al., Dec. 17, 2000)
LETTERS: Did Gore Make a Sacrifice for the Country? (By PETER D. WILF et. al., Dec. 17, 2000)
WINNING: Now He Must Persuade the Voters (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE LEGAL SPECTACLE: Divining the Consequences of a Court Divided (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE ELECTION: For the President, a Perfect Time for a Recession (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: Death and the White House (By JIM YARDLEY, Dec. 17, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: Hotels Take a Lesson From Airline Pricing (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 17, 2000)
WORD FOR WORD / WONDERING EYES: The Literary Puzzle Involving a Certain Jolly Old Elf (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 17, 2000)
Finally, Nap Time for America (By JENNY LYN BADER, Dec. 17, 2000)
Why A-Rod's Contract Is Good for Baseball (By JONATHAN MAHLER, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE ELECTION: Democrats Seek a Silver Lining (By ADAM CLYMER, Dec. 17, 2000)
Clarence Thomas Speaks Out (By NEIL A. LEWIS, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Toast to Science (By ANTHONY RAMIREZ, Dec. 17, 2000)
Borrowing to Pay for Stock Buyback a Bad Recipe for Pizza Maker (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Tale of Two Germanys (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 17, 2000)
Soldiers Tell How War Feels (By KRISTIN HOHENADEL, Dec. 17, 2000)
SPORTS: The Genesis of a Huge Contract (By MURRAY CHASS, Dec. 17, 2000)
BUSINESS: Perelman's Endless (and Costly) Love (By RIVA D. ATLAS, Dec. 17, 2000)
MARKET WATCH: Buybacks for All the Wrong Reasons (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
INVESTING: The Mass Marketing of Venture Capital (By LYNNLEY BROWNING, Dec. 17, 2000)
PERSONAL BUSINESS: That Dazed Feeling on Insurance Prices (By JOSEPH B. TREASTER, Dec. 17, 2000)
GRASS-ROOTS BUSINESS: Finding A Niche as High Tech's Back Office (By JOEL KOTKIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Wall St. Son at Nasdaq's Table (By PATRICK McGEEHAN, Dec. 17, 2000)
ECONOMIC VIEW: Easy Money, Harder Times and the Road in Between (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE RIGHT THING: Giving Advice Through Rose-Colored Stock Options (By JEFFREY L. SEGLIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
STRATEGIES: In Asset Allocation, Think Location, Location, Location (By MARK HULBERT, Dec. 17, 2000)
Investing With Robert T. Gardiner: Wasatch Micro Cap Fund (By CAROLE GOULD, Dec. 17, 2000)
Armed to Send Chads Into Voting Oblivion (By JOHN HENDREN, Dec. 17, 2000)
PRELUDES: Learning to Value Our Own Labor (By ABBY ELLIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
The High Price of Estate-Tax Cheating (By DAVID CAY JOHNSTON, Dec. 17, 2000)
* Are Biotech Stocks Worth a New Look? (By SANA SIWOLOP, Dec. 17, 2000)
Internet Changes A Vacation Option (INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, Dec. 17, 2000)
Private Sector: He May Win the Pennant, but Easy on the Champagne (Compiled By RICK GLADSTONE, Dec. 17, 2000)
Business Diary: Emily, Get Another Job. Ashley, You're Toast (By Julian Barnes, Dec. 17, 2000)
Funds Watch: Perseverance, Despite a Tumble (By Carole Gould, Dec. 17, 2000)
Personal Business Diary: You Ordered Enya. You Got Eminem (By Vivian Marino, Dec. 17, 2000)
Letters: When Dad Quits His Job (By MARK FUCELLO, Dec. 17, 2000)
OUT THERE / ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: American Lion Seeks Russian Lioness (By JOHN VAROLI, Dec. 17, 2000)
GETTING NAKED WITH / JAMIE OLIVER: The Chef Who Turns It Up to 11 (By RICK MARIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
ON THE STREET: The Herd [11 photos slideshow] (Photographs by Bill Cunningham, Dec. 17, 2000)
Madonna: Trans-Atlantic Love Affair (By JAMES COLLARD, Dec. 17, 2000)
VOWS: Arina Hinzen and Willie Gluckstern (By LOIS SMITH BRADY, Dec. 17, 2000)
* MIRROR, MIRROR: Consumerism and Its Discontents (By PENELOPE GREEN, Dec. 17, 2000)
A NIGHT OUT WITH / RONNIE CUTRONE: Another New Thing (By NANCY HASS, Dec. 17, 2000)
The Storefront Ethic Is in Their Blood (By KAREN TINA HARRISON, Dec. 17, 2000)
And Jingling Bells in Her Clothes (By ELIZABETH HAYT, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Kit to Pop the Question With (By JENNIFER TUNG, Dec. 17, 2000)
* ART: On Form in Emptiness: A Zen Way (By JEFFREY KASTNER, Dec. 17, 2000)
ART: If Small Is Beautiful, It Passes the Test (By TESSA DeCARLO, Dec. 17, 2000)
ARCHITECTURE: It's History Now, So Shouldn't Modernism Be Preserved, Too? (By GINGER THOMPSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITICS' PICKS 2000: The Year in Film: Paradise and Politics (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITICS' PICKS 2000: Danceable Grooves, Hip-Hop Worldviews (By JON PARELES, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITIC'S PICKS 2000: A. O. Scott's Film Picks: Point Counterpoint (By A. O. Scott, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITICS' PICKS 2000: Elvis Mitchell's Film Picks: Peeling Back Layers (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITICS' PICKS 2000: Ann Powers's Album Picks: An Old Spell, a New 'Voodoo' (By Ann Powers, Dec. 17, 2000)
CRITIC'S PICKS 2000: Ben Ratliff's Album Picks: Pan-American Jazz, Ecstatic Neo-Soul (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 17, 2000)
DANCE: Blobs and Windows That Grab the Emotions (By VALERIE GLADSTONE, Dec. 17, 2000)
DANCE: Reserving a Stage for Tomorrow's Choreographers (By GIA KOURLAS, Dec. 17, 2000)
FILM: Beauty, Her Moreau Eyes Say, Isn't Everything (By LAURA WINTERS, Dec. 17, 2000)
FILM: Learning How the Private Ryans Felt and Fought (By KRISTIN HOHENADEL, Dec. 17, 2000)
FILM: 'Cast Away' Director Defies Categorizing (By DAVE KEHR, Dec. 17, 2000)
* MUSIC: Leonard Bernstein: This Maestro Defies Convention Even in Death (By JAMES R. OESTREICH, Dec. 17, 2000)
MUSIC: Neil Strauss's Album Picks: Raps of Persecution, Songs of Alienation (By NEIL STRAUSS, Dec. 17, 2000)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Warp and Woof: A Tapestry of Photographic History (By VICKI GOLDBERG, Dec. 17, 2000)
Russell Sherman: A Commanding Virtuoso Avoids the Celebrity Circuit (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 17, 2000)
THEATER: A Glimmer of Satire Amid Freedom's Obscurities (By CAROL ROCAMORA, Dec. 17, 2000)
THEATER: Celebrating Nelson Rodrigues, a Giant of Brazilian Theater (By LARRY ROHTER, Dec. 17, 2000)
* ON LANGUAGE: gifts o'gab (BY WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 17, 2000)
HE WAY WE LIVE NOW: To Loaf or Not to Loaf (By JOHN LELAND, Dec. 17, 2000)
QUESTIONS FOR BUD CORT: Deconstructing Harold (By DANA SHAPIRO, Dec. 17, 2000)
* INTIMATIONS: A Very Fine Line: mystical visions or mental illness? (BY LORENZO ALCABETE, Dec. 17, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Where There's Smoke (BY RANDY COHEN, Dec. 17, 2000)
WHAT THEY WERE THINKING: Aimy Courtier and Jason Courtier Tompkinsville, Ky., Oct. 14, 2000 (Photograph by MIKE SMITH Interview by CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS, Dec. 17, 2000)
Sentenced to Nature: parents taming teenagers by the wilderness (By CHARLES SIEBERT Photographs by ROBERT YAGER, Dec. 17, 2000)
Back in the U.S.S.R. (By MATTHEW BRZEZINSKI, Dec. 17, 2000)
STYLE: Another Child's Christmas In Wales [7 photos slideshow] (By ALICE THOMAS ELLIS, Dec. 17, 2000)
FOOD: Plaen and Fancy [with 4 recipes] (By ALICE THOMAS ELLIS, Dec. 17, 2000)
LIVES: Evening the Score (By HOPE REEVES, Dec. 17, 2000)
TRAVEL: For Air Travelers, a Holiday Survival Guide (By LAURENCE ZUCKERMAN, Dec. 17, 2000)
* A Walk on the Avenue of the Dead [10 photos slideshow] (By GINGER THOMPSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Haunting Legacy in Provence (By MICHAEL FRANK, Dec. 17, 2000)
CHOICE TABLES: Beyond the Beer Garden, Munich's Fine Cuisine (By MAUREEN B. FANT, Dec. 17, 2000)
What's Doing in Toronto (By KATHERINE ASHENBURG, Dec. 17, 2000)
'... and a Koala in a Gum Tree!' (By DEBBIE SEAMAN, Dec. 17, 2000)
CORRESPONDENT'S REPORT: Violence in Indonesia Prompts Safety Warning (By CALVIN SIMS, Dec. 17, 2000)
Business Travel: Clinton Sees His Future - Long Lines in Airports (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 17, 2000)
Where a Revolution Was Sparked (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 17, 2000)
BOOK REVIEW: Contents (NY Times, Dec. 17, 2000)
Alan Greenspan and the Temple of Boom (By ROBERT KUTTNER, Dec. 17, 2000)
Her Majesty: A new biography of Jackie O (By WILLIAM NORWICH, Dec. 17, 2000)
A Studio of One's Own [Drusilla Modjeska, "Stravinsky's Lunch"] (By STACY SCHIFF, Dec. 17, 2000)
Roots: Three Generations of George F. Kennan's Family (By MICHAEL LIND, Dec. 17, 2000)
Unfinished Business [Susan Estrich, "Sex & Power"] (By ANN HULBERT, Dec. 17, 2000)
* Lacks Interpersonal Skills [Louis Berger, "Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vison"] (By MARK EDMUNDSON, Dec. 17, 2000)
Back to Bloomsbury [Nigel Nicolson, "Virginia Woolf"] (By AOIBHEANN SWEENEY, Dec. 17, 2000)
* Deconstructing the System ["Essential Works of Michel Foucault"] (By EDWARD W. SAID, Dec. 17, 2000)
Recombinant DNA: Collected Stories of Ellen Gilchrist (By KATHERINE DIECKMANN, Dec. 17, 2000)
Will There Always Be One? [Peter Hitchens, "Abolition of Britain"] (By ALAN COWELL, Dec. 17, 2000)
BOOKEND: The Ties That Bound in America (By CALEB CRAIN, Dec. 17, 2000)
SCIENCE: Third Moon of Jupiter May Have Sea Under Its Ice (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 17, 2000)
* Sky Watch: Coming Attractions: The Christmas Eclipse (By JOE RAO, Dec. 17, 2000)

Saturday, December 16, 2000:
On This Day: December 16 (Catherine of Aragon 12/16/1485-1/7/1536, Jane Austen 12/16/1775-7/18/1817, Francois Boieldieu 12/16/1775-10/8/1834, George Santayana 12/16/1863-9/26/1952, Sir Noel Coward 12/16/1899-3/26/1973, V.S. Pritchett 12/16/1900-3/20/1997, Arthur C. Clarke 1917, Liv Ullmann 1939, Lesley Stahl 1941, Sam Robards 1961)
President Truman proclaimed a state of emergency to fight Communist imperialism (By ANTHONY LEVIERO, December 16, 1950)
* Margaret Mead Is Dead of Cancer at 76 [12/16/1901-11/15/1978] (By ALDEN WHITMAN, November 16, 1978)
Edward Ahrens, Cholesterol Researcher, Dies at 85 (By CARMEL McCOUBREY, Dec. 16, 2000)
Ruth Martin, Translator of Rare and Popular Operas, Dies at 86 (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 16, 2000)
Moses Abramovitz, Led U.S. Economic Association, Dies at 88 (By MICHAEL M. WEINSTEIN, Dec. 16, 2000)
John Kobler, Biographer of Al Capone, Dies at 90 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 16, 2000)
Cardinal Lyubachyvsky, of Ukraine, Dies at 86 (By REUTERS, Dec. 16, 2000)
Oliver William Wolters, Malay Scholar, Dies at 85 (NY TIMES, Dec. 16, 2000)
A CRUCIAL CHOICE: Powell, Bush's Pick for State Dept., Will Lend a Voice of Experience on Foreign Policy (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 16, 2000)
MAN IN THE NEWS: Colin L. Powell: Ultimate Insider With Star Power (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 16, 2000)
Cheney to Play a Starring Role on Capitol Hill (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 16, 2000)
Saying Downturn Is Possible, Bush Trumpets Tax Cut (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 16, 2000)
SECOND CAREERS: Lucrative Lobbying Jobs Await Many Leaving Government Service (By LESLIE WAYNE, Dec. 16, 2000)
Congress Adopts Spending Measure, Ending Its Work (By ROBERT PEAR, Dec. 16, 2000)
Putin, in Cuba, Signals Priority of Ties to U.S. (By PATRICK E. TYLER, Dec. 16, 2000)
* Russia's Doctors are Beggars at Work, Paupers at Home (By CAREY GOLDBERG with SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY, Dec. 16, 2000)
* LONDON JOURNAL: 'Nice Little Run' of 'Mousetrap' Hits 20,000 Tonight (By WARREN HOGE, Dec. 16, 2000)
Chief of New York City Schools Plans to Revamp Bilingual Study (By LYNETTE HOLLOWAY, Dec. 16, 2000)
THE CHOICES: Bilingual Education (NY TIMES, Dec. 16, 2000)
Once Again, West Side of Manhattan Is Making Developers Dream (By CHARLES V. BAGLI, Dec. 16, 2000)
In Park Slope, Recalling a Day of Snow and Fire [1960 Plane Crash] (By NICHOLE M. CHRISTIAN, Dec. 16, 2000)
Learning the Physics of Spheres and Hoops (By NICHOLE M. CHRISTIAN, Dec. 16, 2000)
Hillary Clinton Book Advance, at $8 Million, Is Nearly a Record (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 16, 2000)
* RELIGION JOURNAL: Political Expressions of Personal Piety Increase (By GUSTAV NIEBUHR, Dec. 16, 2000)
SPORTS: Starks Thrives at Garden (By MIKE WISE, Dec. 16, 2000)
Shaquille O'Neal Adds Degree to His Résumé (By JERE LONGMAN, Dec. 16, 2000)
EDITORIAL: The Bush Foreign Policy Team (NY TIMES, Dec. 16, 2000)
OP-ED: Stalin's Best Tune (By SOLOMON VOLKOV, Dec. 16, 2000)
OP-ED: Give the People What They Want: The Center (By HOWARD H. BAKER JR. JOHN C. DANFORTH SAM NUNN & ROBERT S. STRAUSS, Dec. 16, 2000)
OP-ED: ABROAD AT HOME: A Failure of Reason (By ANTHONY LEWIS, Dec. 16, 2000)
OP-ED: The George Bush I Knew (By LANNY J. DAVIS, Dec. 16, 2000)
OP-ED: Keep My TV Reality-Free (By ANDY BOROWITZ, Dec. 16, 2000)
BUSINESS: Stocks Fall Sharply on Record Volume [Dow -240, Nasdaq -75] (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 16, 2000)
A High-Tech Domino Effect: As Dot-com's Go, So Go the E-Commerce Consultants (By JONATHAN D. GLATER, Dec. 16, 2000)
NEWS ANALYSIS: An Unlikely Policeman for Mergers [AOL & Time Warner] (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 16, 2000)
Enron to Buy Back a Stock Issue at Half What Public Paid (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 16, 2000)
EToys Says Sales are Off in Crucial Period and Cash Is Dwindling (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 16, 2000)
Guilty Plea by Division of Drug Giant Monitors for Diabetics Found to Be Defective [LifeScan's SureStep monitor] (By MELODY PETERSEN, Dec. 16, 2000)
Chemical Companies Reshuffling Units (By EDMUND L. ANDREWS, Dec. 16, 2000)
AT&T to Shed Liberty Media (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 16, 2000)
Phillips, the Auction House, to Merge With Private Dealers (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 16, 2000)
Big Board Seat Price Falls [1366 seats; $1.7 million down $300,000 from 11/13] (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 16, 2000)
ARTS: Director Leaves Jazz at Lincoln Center [Roy Gibson] (By RALPH BLUMENTHAL, Dec. 16, 2000)
* IDEAS: Resolute Adversary of Divorce (By ELISABETH BUMILLER, Dec. 16, 2000)
* IDEAS: Slippery but Ever Potent, Symbols in All Their Symbolism (By CELESTINE BOHLEN, Dec. 16, 2000)
CLASSICAL MUSIC For Maestro and Virtuoso, an Accord (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 16, 2000)
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Trying to Enjoy the Sound While Hating the Sentiment (By JAMES R. OESTREICH, Dec. 16, 2000)
THINK TANK: A Band With a Lot More to Offer Than Talented Trumpeters (ERIC SCIGLIANO, Dec. 16, 2000)
DANCE: If Dante Were Around, A Somewhat Divine Surprise [Rosa Mei's "Divine Comedy"] (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 16, 2000)
THEATER: A Poignant Slice of Lives Restarted (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 16, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Bewitching Barks, Huggable Trunks (By ANNE RAVER, Dec. 16, 2000)
PRACTICAL TRAVELER: Rules of the Road for A.T.M. Fees (By BETSY WADE, Dec. 16, 2000)
SCIENCE: Putting Estrogen on Cancer List Is Advised (By DENISE GRADY, Dec. 16, 2000)
* Oceanographers Find Undersea World (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 16, 2000)
Feeling in Control Can Prolong Life, Study Shows (By REUTERS, Dec. 16, 2000)
Drug Firms Studying How Medicines Affect Kids (By REUTERS, Dec. 16, 2000)

Friday, December 15, 2000:
On This Day: December 15 (Nero 12/15/37 AD-6/9/68 AD, George Romney 12/15/1734-11/15/1802, Joseph Moses Levy 12/15/1812-10/12/1888, Gustave Eiffel 12/15/1832-12/28/1923, Niels Ryberg Finsen 12/15/1860-9/24/1904, Maxwell Anderson 12/15/1888-2/28/1959, Tim Conway 1933, Cindy Birdsong 1939, Dave Clark 1942, Don Johnson 1949)
* French Capture 7,500 in Big Verdun Drive; Smash Six-Mile Front (NY Times, December 15, 1916)
* J. Paul Getty Dead at 83; Amassed Billions From Oil [12/15/1892-6/6/1976] (By ALDEN WHITMAN, June 6, 1976)
George Montgomery, Dashing Cowboy, Dies at 84 (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 15, 2000)
Ndabaningi Sithole, Fighter for Zimbabwe, Dies at 80 (By HENRI E. CAUVIN, Dec. 15, 2000)
Götz Friedrich, Longtime Chief of Prestigious Berlin Opera House, Dies at 70 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 15, 2000)
Thomas Babe, Playwright for Papp's Public Theater, Dies at 59 (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT-ELECT: Bush and Cheney Starting to Enlist Democrats' Help (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE CONGRESS: House Leader Differs With Bush on Tax Cuts (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 15, 2000)
CHALLENGING THE COUNT: After the Vote: In Desperate Florida Fight, Gore's Hard Strategic Calls (By KEVIN SACK, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT: Clinton Praises Speeches That Ended Campaign (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE DISPUTED VOTES: Recount Redux: This Time, News Groups Petition for Ballots (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 15, 2000)
CONSERVATIVES: Many on Right Are Urging No Compromise on Cabinet (By ROBIN TONER, Dec. 15, 2000)
TEXAS POLITICS: Texas's Bipartisanship May Differ From Capital's (By JIM YARDLEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
WORLD LEADERS: Congratulations, and Some Skepticism, as Other Nations Size Up Bush (By ALESSANDRA STANLEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
Low Profile for Gore on Morning After (NY TIMES, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: A Pledge to Change How Floridians Vote (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 15, 2000)
Clinton, Winding Up Trip, Tells Developed Nations Not to Forget the World's Poor (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
Putin Feels Whiff of Soviet Era in Cuba (By PATRICK E. TYLER, Dec. 15, 2000)
NEMURO JOURNAL: The Russians Have Come, and They're Welcome (By HOWARD W. FRENCH, Dec. 15, 2000)
Iran's Liberal Culture Minister Is Out, Dealing Blow to Reform (By REUTERS, Dec. 15, 2000)
South Asia Criticized for Bias Before Birth (By REUTERS, Dec. 15, 2000)
* THE BIG CITY: Hallowed be the Name on the Label (By JOHN TIERNEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
PUBLIC PROFILE: Engineer Tracks Bridges' Twists and Turns (By ROBIN FINN, Dec. 15, 2000)
Meet Me at 60th and 60th: Navigating Tangled Streets of Queens (By SARAH KERSHAW, Dec. 15, 2000)
EDITORIAL: A Russian Return to Havana (NY TIMES, Dec. 15, 2000)
EDITORIAL: What Mr. Bush Can Do (NY TIMES, Dec. 15, 2000)
OP-ED: Our System Leaves the Loser Standing (By MAX FRANKEL, Dec. 15, 2000)
OP-ED: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Medal of Honor [Gore took a bullet for the country] (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Dec. 15, 2000)
OP-ED: A Hero of the Celtic Renaissance (By THOMAS LYNCH, Dec. 15, 2000)
OP-ED: Run to the Right, Not the Middle (By GARY BAUER, Dec. 15, 2000)
BUSINESS: Earnings Disappointments Rattle All Gauges [Dow Sinks 240; Nasdaq Loses 75] (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 15, 2000)
Analysts See Strength in AOL Time Warner's Size (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 15, 2000)
AOL and Time Warner Gain Approval for Huge Deal, but With Strict Conditions (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE GANTLET: Some Tangled Issues Kept F.T.C. on Edge During Negotiations (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE IMPACT: Consumers Can Expect More Internet Providers (By AMY HARMON, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE INDUSTRY: Media Rivals See Victory in Restrictions From F.T.C. (By JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 15, 2000)
THE NUMBERS: Time Warner's Operating Income Grew Less Than Reported (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, Dec. 15, 2000)
Floyd Norris: Junk Bonds Are So Cheap, They Look Good (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 15, 2000)
Microsoft Shares Fall on Earnings Warning (By BARNABY J. FEDER, Dec. 15, 2000)
Oracle Earnings Beat Expectations (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 15, 2000)
S.E.C. Accuses MicroStrategy Executive of Fraud (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 15, 2000)
Firestone and Ford Make Progress on Tire Inquiries (By KEITH BRADSHER, Dec. 15, 2000)
U.P.S. and FedEx Cut Their Forecasts on Profits (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 15, 2000)
Advertising: Agencies and Clients Offer Guidelines for Consultants (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 15, 2000)
Gucci Posts Strong Growth, but Share Price Declines (By JOHN TAGLIABUE, Dec. 15, 2000)
News Executive Is Named Head of NBC Entertainment [Jeff Zucker] (By BILL CARTER, Dec. 15, 2000)
* TV SPORTS: Significant Look At Sports and Sex (By RICHARD SANDOMIR, Dec. 15, 2000)
* WEEKEND WARRIOR: Darts: Launching That Small Steel Missile (By PETER DeMARCO, Dec. 15, 2000)
ARTS: On Stage and Off: Cold Comfort at the Till (By JESSE MCKINLEY, Dec. 15, 2000)
ART: For Hikers Seeking Art, Brooklyn Is a Left Bank (By HOLLAND COTTER, Dec. 15, 2000)
ART: Highland Highlights: Scottish Master Drawings (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 15, 2000)
ART: The Sympathetic Eye on a Metropolitan Beat (By JOHN RUSSELL, Dec. 15, 2000)
Inside Art: More Millions for Old Masters (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 15, 2000)
Clinton Names Arts Medalists (NY TIMES, Dec. 15, 2000)
Antiques: Collecting Russian Treasures (By WENDY MOONAN, Dec. 15, 2000)
BOOKS: 'Eastward to Tartary': A Strategic Area Straddling Two Disparate Civilizations (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 15, 2000)
FILM: 'Chocolat': Candy Power Comes to Town (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 15, 2000)
FILM: 'What Women Want': Is There Any Hope for a Dyslexic Mind Reader? (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 15, 2000)
FILM: 'Pollock': A Dynamic Force, Hurling Passion Onto Life's Canvas (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 15, 2000)
FILM: 'The Emperor's New Groove': A Ruler, Something of a Snake, Becomes a Llama (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 15, 2000)
At the Movies: Into Alien Territory (By DAVE KEHR, Dec. 15, 2000)
WATCHING MOVIES WITH Curtis Hanson: A Dark Lesson in Trust (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 15, 2000)
Home Video: Talking About a 'Conversation' (By PETER M. NICHOLS, Dec. 15, 2000)
THEATER: 'Pete 'n' Keely': King and Queen of Kitsch (Ta-daaa!) (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 15, 2000)
THEATER: 'The House of Bernarda Alba': House of Women, Captives of Mother (By SARAH BOXER, Dec. 15, 2000)
* TV Weekend: Marching as to War, in Double Time (By WILLIAM MCDONALD, Dec. 15, 2000)
LIVING: Family Fare: A Salute to Satchmo [Louis Armstrong] (By LAUREL GRAEBER, Dec. 15, 2000)
* MY BRONX: Yesterday's Heroes, Up on Pedestals [98 busts at the Hall of Fame] (By MIMI SHERATON, Dec. 15, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Honey May Prevent Recurring Tumors (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 15, 2000)
* Botanists Find 'Living Fossil' Tree (By REUTERS, Dec. 15, 2000)
* Partial Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible in North America on Christmas (By AGENCE-FRANCE PRESSE, Dec. 15, 2000)
I'm Not Dead Yet: Genetic Mutation That Lives Up to Its Name Is Found (By GINA KOLATA, Dec. 15, 2000)
Modified-Crop Studies Are Called Inconclusive (By CAROL KAESUK YOON, Dec. 15, 2000)

Thursday, December 14, 2000:
On This Day: December 14 (Nostradamus 12/14/1503-7/2/1566, Tycho Brahe 12/14/1546-10/24/1601, Roger Fry 12/14/1866-9/9/1934, James Doolittle 12/14/1896-9/27/1993, Lee Remick 12/14/1935-7/2/1991, Clark Terry 1920, Don Hewiit 1922, Patty Duke 1946)
Israel annexed the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967 (By JOHN DARNTON, December 14, 1981)
* Shirley Jackson, Author of Horror Classic, Dies [12/14/1919-8/8/1965] (NY Times, August 10, 1965)
Marie Windsor, Femme Fatale and Queen of the B's, Dies at 80 (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 14, 2000)
M. B. Gottlieb, Leader in Fusion Energy, Dies at 83 (By JAMES GLANZ, Dec. 14, 2000)
Willard Nixon, a Pitcher Known for Beating the Yankees, Dies at 72 (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 14, 2000)
Bush Pledges to Be President for 'One Nation,' Not One Party; Gore, Conceding, Urges Unity (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 14, 2000)
Man in the News: The 43rd President, George Walker Bush (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 14, 2000)
Bush's Remarks on End of the Rac (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
News Analysis: Another Kind of Bitter Split (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 14, 2000)
AN END TO A QUEST: Vice President Offers to Aid Bush but Admits Disappointment (By RICHARD L. BERKE & KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 14, 2000)
News Analysis: The Time for Mending (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 14, 2000)
In His Remarks, Gore Says He Will Help Bush 'Bring Americans Together' (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
THE JUSTICE: Justice Thomas Speaks Out on a Timely Topic, Several of Them, in Fact (By NEIL A. LEWIS, Dec. 14, 2000)
More on the Outcome [8 articles] (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
THE PRESIDENT: Clinton Talks to His No. 2, About Speech (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Reaction: On Capitol Hill, Feelings of Finality & Disappointment & Sighs of Relief (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Two Sides: The Counting Is Over, but Moving Vans Are Needed More Than Ever (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 14, 2000)
For Democrats, It's Time to Send Out Résumés (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Democratic Chairman: Outspoken Rendell's Message at Times Crosses the Party Line (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Running Mate: Cheney Meetings Take on the Air of a Victory Lap (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 14, 2000)
Networks Scrambled for Final Episode (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
Mood in Texas: Victory Celebration Is Tempered by Bush's Need to Focus on Reconciliation (By JIM YARDLEY, Dec. 14, 2000)
ON TV: Critic's Notebook: Bush and Gore Reach for Grandeur but Can't Escape Their Past Images (By CARYN JAMES, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Voters: Some Americans Seem Ready to Move on, but Others Aren't so Sure (By BARBARA WHITAKER, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Veterans: A Not-So-Golden Year in the Land of the Chad (By RICK BRAGG, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Battleground: After All, Only Memories of Vote's Extended Refrain (By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Statehouse: Oh, That Appointed Slate? Lawmakers are Glad to Forget It (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Experts: Ruling Will Hold a Place, as Yet Unclear, in History (By AMY WALDMAN, Dec. 14, 2000)
The History Lesson: Breyer, in Dissent, Sees Repeat of Tarnished Past (By N. R. KLEINFIELD, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Legal Issues: Concession on 'Deadline' Helped Seal Gore's Defeat (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Schedule: Before a Concession, a Party for 300 (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 14, 2000)
Affirmative Action Plan Is Upheld at Michigan (By JODI WILGOREN, Dec. 14, 2000)
Discarded Tapes Checked for Los Alamos Link (By WILLIAM J. BROAD and DAVID JOHNSTON, Dec. 14, 2000)
Modified-Crop Studies Are Called Inconclusive (By CAROL KAESUK YOON, Dec. 14, 2000)
* In China, MSG Is No Headache, It's a New Treat (By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, Dec. 14, 2000)
Japan Confidence Index Ready to Fall (By REUTERS, Dec. 14, 2000)
100 French Cows Infected With Mad Cow Disease (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 14, 2000)
Two Continents, Disconnected (By DEAN E. MURPHY, Dec. 14, 2000)
Questions on Mrs. Clinton's Book Bids (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK & CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS, Dec. 14, 2000)
METRO MATTERS: Over 50? Make Way for Tomorrow (By JOYCE PURNICK, Dec. 14, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: Harsh Words for Their Honors (By JAMES BARRON with Florence Fabricant, Dec. 14, 2000)
'Floating Pool Lady' Crosses the River to See a Dream Fulfilled (By JOYCE WADLER, Dec. 14, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Beyond the Election (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Supreme Court Fault Lines (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
OP-ED: A Presidential Personality (By RICHARD BROOKHISER, Dec. 14, 2000)
OP-ED: The Court in the Crossfire (By SAMUEL ISSACHAROFF, Dec. 14, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: The Coming Together (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 14, 2000)
LETTERS: The Turbulent Voyage to the Bush Presidency (By STANLEY HOFFMANN, Dec. 14, 2000)
BUSINESS: Dow Drops 119; Nasdaq Loses 94 (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 14, 2000)
F.T.C. Approves AOL-Time Warner Merger (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 14, 2000)
Market Place: Cries of Alarm as Nasdaq Adds Details to Its New Trading Plan (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 14, 2000)
Economic Scene: Technology Rise and Fall Is as American as the Model T (By HAL R. VARIAN, Dec. 14, 2000)
When Good Drugs Go Gray (By MELODY PETERSEN, Dec. 14, 2000)
Advertising: Selling Mutual Funds With Beauty, Not Numbers (By SUZANNE KAPNER, Dec. 14, 2000)
In Downturn, an Overhaul for Whirlpool (By DAVID BARBOZA, Dec. 14, 2000)
Perelman Said to Buy Back Bonds in Big Bet on Revlon (By RIVA D. ATLAS, Dec. 14, 2000)
New Bush Status Does Little to Fuel Sustained Rally (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 14, 2000)
Fidelity Reduces Technology Holdings Again (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 14, 2000)
* ONLINE SHOPPER: Handling the Stress of Selling on the Net (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, Dec. 14, 2000)
Q & A: Bluetooth, Addresses and Irksome Warnings (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, Dec. 14, 2000)
BOOKS: Günter Grass on His New Book and His 'Strenuous Homeland' (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 14, 2000)
DANCE: 3 Couples, a Power Beat and a Sweet Aphrodisiac (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 14, 2000)
Innovative Theater Space Is Planning an Expansion (By ROBIN POGREBIN, Dec. 14, 2000)
Casting Herself as 'Seussical' Savior, O'Donnell to Don Cat's Hat (By JESSE McKINLEY, Dec. 14, 2000)
ARTS IN AMERICA: A Glass Half Full: The Potter as Prodigious Pragmatist (By JO THOMAS, Dec. 14, 2000)
Cartoon Captures Spirit of the Internet (By GLENN FLEISHMAN, Dec. 14, 2000)
The Pop Life: Alternative Rap Gains Steam (By NEIL STRAUSS, Dec. 14, 2000)
* MAKING BOOKS: Self-Advertising on the Web (By MARTIN ARNOLD, Dec. 14, 2000)
BOOKS: 'Schmidt Delivered': The Geezer Has a Kitten (A Young Girlfriend, Too) (By JANET MASLIN, Dec. 14, 2000)
JAZZ REVIEW: Playing to an Audience Ready and Willing to Dance (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 14, 2000)
Culture Notes: Harlem in Mind (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 14, 2000)
OPERA: A Soprano Put to the Test Shifts in Tone and Intensity (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 14, 2000)
LIVING: Artists vs. Dot-Coms: Fighting San Francisco's Gold Rush (By BILL HAYES, Dec. 14, 2000)
DESIGN NOTEBOOK: The Presidential Library: Spin Masters Molding Myth With a T-Square (By JULIE V. IOVINE, Dec. 14, 2000)
Honey, They Blew Up the Housewares (By WILLIAM L. HAMILTON, Dec. 14, 2000)
TURF: Up Ran the Stranger, or the Lobby's Tale (By TRACIE ROZHON, Dec. 14, 2000)
PERSONAL SHOPPER: The View Through Polyester and Steel [slide show: 4 photos] (By MARIANNE ROHRLICH, Dec. 14, 2000)
Human Nature: Raising His Plants Not to Fear the Cold (By ANNE RAVER, Dec. 14, 2000)
Garden Q.& A.: The Touchy Croton (By LESLIE LAND, Dec. 14, 2000)
* SCREEN GRAB: Stylish Add-Ons for Old-Fashioned Laptops [Folding Bishop's Mitre napkin] (BY JOYCE COHEN, Dec. 14, 2000)
CIRCUITS: Contents (NY Times, Dec. 14, 2000)
Track Your Reputation Online (By LISA GUERNSEY, Dec. 14, 2000)
Study Finds That Caching by Browsers Creates a Threat to Surfers' Privacy (By IAN AUSTEN, Dec. 14, 2000)
* SCIENCE: First Complete Plant Genetic Sequence Is Determined (By ANDREW POLLACK, Dec. 14, 2000)

Wednesday, December 13, 2000:
On This Day: December 13 (Carlos Gozzi 12/13/1720-4/4/1806, Sir William Hamilton 12/13/1730-4/6/1803, Lawrence Lowell 12/13/1856-1/6/1943, Emily Carr 12/13/1871-3/2/1945, Archie Moore 12/13/1913-12/9/1998, George P. Shultz 1920, Dick Van Dyke 1925, Christopher Plummer 1929, Richard Zanuck 1934, John Davidson 1941)
Poland Restricts Civil and Union Rights; Solidarity Activists Urge General Strike (By JOHN DARNTON, December 13, 1981)
* Carlos Montoya, 89, Flamenco Guitarist, Is Dead [12/13/1903-3/3/1993] (By ALLAN KOZINN, March 5, 1993)
THE OVERVIEW: By Single Vote, Justices End Recount, Blocking Gore After 5-Week Struggle (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 13, 2000)
Ruling Effectively Gives Election Victory to Bush (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 13, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: With a Victory Apparently His, Bush Plays the Strong, Silent Role (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 13, 2000)
THE CANDIDATES: Bush and Gore Fill the Hours in Another Day of Waiting (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE with DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 13, 2000)
Text of Bush's Speech (NY Times, Dec. 13, 2000)
Text of Gore's Concession Speech (NY Times, Dec. 13, 2000)
News Analysis: Another Kind Of Bitter Split When JurisprudenceIs Pulled Into Politics (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 13, 2000)
Jack Liebowitz, Comics Publisher, Dies at 100 (By ERIC P. NASH, Dec. 13, 2000)
Eldon Elder, Set Designer and Creator of the Delacorte Theater, Dies at 79 (By MEL GUSSOW, Dec. 13, 2000)
It Takes a Bidding War: Vying for a First Lady's Memoirs (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 13, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: House Adopts Bush Electors, but Act May Be Moot (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 13, 2000)
ELECTORAL LAW: Deadline Passes, but There Are Others to Come (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 13, 2000)
THE LONG WAIT: A Day in Limbo Ends in Anger and Relief After the Supreme Court Rules (By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA with MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 13, 2000)
India, Beauty Superpower, Is Becoming Jaded (By BARRY BEARAK, Dec. 13, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: The Bloom Is Off the Robe (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 13, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: In the Tank? (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 13, 2000)
OP-ED: Yes, It's About Money (By ANDREW ZIMBALIST, Dec. 13, 2000)
SPORTS: Rodriguez Throws $252 Million Bat at Mets (By MURRAY CHASS, Dec. 13, 2000)
SPORTS: The Modern Master in the Art of the Deal (By JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr., Dec. 13, 2000)
SPORTS: Red Sox Spice Up Baseball's Best Rivalry (By JACK CURRY, Dec. 13, 2000)
BUSINESS: Dow Gains 42; Nasdaq Loses 83 (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 13, 2000)
Failed Merger Said to Enrich Sprint Leaders (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 13, 2000)
Directors Who Owed Millions Depart From Troubled Insurer Conseco (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 13, 2000)
This Year the Thought Does Count (By LESLIE KAUFMAN, Dec. 13, 2000)
No Ads, but Strong Sales for Electric Toothbrushes (By GREG WINTER, Dec. 13, 2000)
G.M. Phaseout of Olds Is at Center of a Range of Cutbacks (By KEITH BRADSHER, Dec. 13, 2000)
Advertising: Oldsmobile Backfires on Madison Avenue (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 13, 2000)
A Storied Nameplate Relegated to the Museum (By JIM MOTAVALLI, Dec. 13, 2000)
Management: Changes of Scenery Taken to the Nth Degree (By TANYA MOHN, Dec. 13, 2000)
The Boss: Trying to Make a Difference (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 13, 2000)
One Office, One Career, One Place, One Person (By TINA KELLEY, Dec. 13, 2000)
Business Travel: Clinton Sees His Future - Long Lines in Airports (By JOE SHARKEY, Dec. 13, 2000)
Wharton School to Start Program in San Francisco (By JONATHAN D. GLATER, Dec. 13, 2000)
Kodak Cuts Its Profit Forecast for Third Time This Autumn (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 13, 2000)
ARTS: Plummeting, Then Soaring Up to Put Her Agony on Paper (By DINITIA SMITH, Dec. 13, 2000)
* EN ROUTE: THAILAND: Lemon Grass on Native Ground [with 3 recipes] (By MARIAN BURROS, Dec. 13, 2000)
MUSIC: Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax: After 25 Years, a Symmetry of Soul (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 13, 2000)
Dance in Review: Minimalism, With Emotion and Japanese Stillness (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 13, 2000)
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Christa Ludwig Guides Young Singers (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 13, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: Actor's Goal: To Make Kabuki Nothing to Snooze at (By STEPHANIE STROM, Dec. 13, 2000)
MUSIC: Beethoven the Engineer, Barenboim the Conductor (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 13, 2000)
JAZZ REVIEW: Remembering Armstrong in a Morphing Mix of Ways (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 13, 2000)
BOOKS: Wilde's Letters: Behind the Wit, a Consummate Intellect (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 13, 2000)
THEATER: 'Fermat's Last Tango': Yep, You Can Sing That in X, Y and Z (By WILBORN HAMPTON, Dec. 13, 2000)
E-COMMERCE SPECIAL: As Boldest E-Commerce Ventures Fall, Modest Dreamers Fly On (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 13, 2000)
From Big Idea to Big Bust: The Wild Ride of Boo.com (By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, Dec. 13, 2000)
* Looking for Value in Failed Dot-Coms (By BARBARA WHITAKER, Dec. 13, 2000)

Tuesday, December 12, 2000:
On This Day: December 12 (Alvaro de Bazan Santa Cruz 12/12/1526-2/9/1588, John Jay 12/12/1745-5/17/1829, William Lloyd Garrison 12/12/1805-5/24/1879, Gustave Flaubert 12/12/1821-5/8/1889, Edvard Munch 12/12/1863-1/23/1944, Alvin Kraenzlein 12/12/1876-1/6/1928, Edward G. Robinson 12/12/1893-1/26/1973, Bob Barke 1923, Ed Koch 1924, Connie Francis 1938, Dionne Warwick 1940, Cathy Rigby 1952)
Joyful Kenya Gets Independence From Britain (By Robert Conley, December 12, 1963)
* Frank Sinatra Dies at 82; Matchless Stylist of Pop [12/12/1915-5/14/1998] (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, May 16, 1998)
Teresa Sterne, 73, Pioneer in Making Classical Records, Dies (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 12, 2000)
James T. McHugh, 68, Bishop of Long Island, Dies (By SHAILA K. DEWAN, Dec. 12, 2000)
Ruling Effectively Gives Election Victory to Bush (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 12, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Justices' Questions Underline Divide on Whether Hand Recount Can Be Fair (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 12, 2000)
Bush Prevails in Supreme Court (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 12, 2000)
INSIDE THE COURT: Black Robes With Humans Inside Them (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 12, 2000)
OUTSIDE THE COURT: On the Street, More Arguments Were Heard (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 12, 2000)
THE REACTION: In Chicago, a Sense That a Bush Win Is Imminent (By PAM BELLUCK, Dec. 12, 2000)
THE CANDIDATES: On Their Biggest Day in Court, Rivals Remain True to Form (By DAVID E. SANGER with KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 12, 2000)
THE LEGISLATURE: Committees Approve Resolutions Allowing Florida Lawmakers to Name Electors (By DEXTER FILKINS & DANA CANEDY, Dec. 12, 2000)
THE LEGAL BATTLE: Justices Seemed to Be Trying to Find Middle Ground, Legal Experts Say (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 12, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Nine Votes for History (NY Times, Dec. 12, 2000)
OP-ED: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: A Tally Of Two Countries (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Dec. 12, 2000)
OP-ED: As Florida Goes... (By BRUCE ACKERMAN, Dec. 12, 2000)
OP-ED: No Surprise. It's an Activist Court. (By LARRY D. KRAMER, Dec. 12, 2000)
OP-ED: For Clinton's Last Act... (By ROBERT S. MCNAMARA & BENJAMIN B. FERENCZ, Dec. 12, 2000)
OP-ED: Harvard B-School's E-Mania (By PHIL BUCHANAN, Dec. 12, 2000)
Beneath the Sheets Lies a Big, Hidden Economy (By CHARLIE LeDUFF, Dec. 12, 2000)
Rivals Cooperate on Chip Equipment (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 12, 2000)
Alex Rodriguez Strikes It Rich in Texas (By MURRAY CHASS, Dec. 12, 2000)
Ramirez Agrees to Sign With the Red Sox (By MURRAY CHASS, Dec. 12, 2000)
SPORTS BUSINESS: How Can the Rangers Afford So Much? TV (By RICHARD SANDOMIR, Dec. 12, 2000)
BUSINESS: Technology Shares Lift Market; Nasdaq Gains 98; Dow Adds 13 (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 12, 2000)
Market Place: Tracking Stocks' Luster Masks Risk (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 12, 2000)
Drug Maker Is Sold for $4 Billion (By ANDREW POLLACK, Dec. 12, 2000)
LIVING: Rush Hour All Month at the Beauty Salons (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, Dec. 12, 2000)
FRONT ROW: Vanity Fair Is at the Top of the List (By CATHY HORYN, Dec. 12, 2000)
Plan for Wine Futures Roils Bordeaux (By JOHN TAGLIABUE, Dec. 12, 2000)
Morgan Stanley Capital Alters Global Stock Index Formulas (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 12, 2000)
Odyssey Ends at Auction for 'Ulysses' Manuscript (By DINITIA SMITH, Dec. 12, 2000)
ARTS ABROAD: One Museum Loses a Sculpture, Another Gains an Endowment (By ROGER COHEN, Dec. 12, 2000)
TELEVISION REVIEW: 'Nova': Starving for Self-Esteem: Yes, You Can Be Too Thin (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 12, 2000)
THEATER: 'The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant': Fassbinder's Lesbian Triangle (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 12, 2000)
MUSIC: Shining Through the Veils and Mist of 'Pelléas' (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 12, 2000)
DANCE: Ballet Hispánico: To Cuban Roots Add Modern, Making It Look Easy (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 12, 2000)
THEATER: 'Icarus': Taking a Beach House? Check Out the Neighbors (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 12, 2000)
MUSIC: Sound and Images Exploring the Elusiveness of Truth (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 12, 2000)
SCIENCE: Quantum Theory Tugged, and All of Physics Unraveled (By DENNIS OVERBYE, Dec. 12, 2000)
ESSAY: 'A Practical Tool,' but Puzzling Too (By JOHN ARCHIBALD WHEELER, Dec. 12, 2000)
* Rewarding Individual Scientists in an Era of Group Effort (By JAMES GLANZ, Dec. 12, 2000)
* How Nobel Prize Winners in the Sciences Have Influenced Our Lives (By Jackie Glasthal & Andrea Perelman, Dec. 12, 2000)
In a Burst of Laser Heat, Farsightedness Is Zapped (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 12, 2000)
SCIENTIST AT WORK / John Reed: Running Hot in Pursuit of Cancer Treatment (By JON CHRISTENSEN, Dec. 12, 2000)
An Atlas Unveils the Intricacies of Ancient Worlds (By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, Dec. 12, 2000)
Cases: Journeys From Death to Life (By SANDEEP JAUHAR, M.D, Dec. 12, 2000)
PERSONAL HEALTH: Exposing the Perils of Eating Disorders (By JANE E. BRODY, Dec. 12, 2000)
The Week in Science: A Social Call in Space (NY Times, Dec. 12, 2000)
Space Station's Wings Also Provide a Beacon for Viewing/A> (By WARREN E. LEARY, Dec. 12, 2000)
Observatory: Lost, Hungry Penguins (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Dec. 12, 2000)
Experiment Aims to Get Real Men to Go to the Doctor (By JULIE FLAHERTY, Dec. 12, 2000)
Campaign Touts the Benefits of Folic Acid (By ERIC NAGOURNEY, Dec. 12, 2000)
Ill Patients Fight to Keep Receiving Banned Drug (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 12, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: At Risk: For Men, a Sadder Tale of the City (By ERIC NAGOURNEY, Dec. 12, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Reactions: When Stress Erodes Vaccine Benefits (By ERIC NAGOURNEY, Dec. 12, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Update: Scuba Diving's Effect on the Brain (By ERIC NAGOURNEY, Dec. 12, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Safety: Doubts Cast on Merits of Back Belts (By ERIC NAGOURNEY, Dec. 12, 2000)
Lasers Help Shrink Uterine Fibroid Tumors (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 12, 2000)
House Mice May Contribute to Asthma Attacks (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 12, 2000)
Letters: When Food Is Modified (By DR. STUART A. NEWMAN, Dec. 12, 2000)
Science Q&A: A Germ's Germ (By C. CLAIBORNE RAY, Dec. 12, 2000)

Monday, December 11, 2000:
On This Day: December 11 (Leo X 12/11/1475-12/1/1521, Hector Berlioz 12/11/1803-3/8/1869, Alfred de Musset 12/11/1810-5/2/1857, Robert Koch 12/11/1843-5/27/1910, Max Born 12/11/1882-1/5/1970, Sir Kenneth MacMillan 12/11/1929-10/29/1992, Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1918, Jean-Louis Trintignant 1930, Rita Moreno 1931, Donna Mills 1943, Brenda Lee 1944, Lynda Day George 1946, Teri Garr 1948, Jermaine Jackson 1954)
U.S. NOW AT WAR WITH GERMANY AND ITALY (By Frank L. Kluckhohn, December 11, 1941)
La Guardia Is Dead at 64; City Pays Homage To 3-Time Mayor [12/11/1882-9/20/1947] (NY Times, September 21, 1947)
Vlado Gotovac, a Voice of Freedom in Croatia, Dies at 70 (By CHRIS HEDGES, Dec. 11, 2000)
Gisela Kahn Gresser, Champion Chess Player, Dies at 94 (By EUN LEE KOH, Dec. 11, 2000)
Tom Darcy, Prize-Winning Cartoonist, Dies at 67 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 11, 2000)
Hoyt Curtin, Prolific Cartoon Tunesmith, Dies at 78 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 11, 2000)
Clifford Mallory Jr., Led Mystic Museum, Dies at 84 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Bush v. Gore Is Now in Hands of Supreme Court (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 11, 2000)
News Analysis: Collision With Politics Risks Court's Legal Legitimacy (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: Bush's Aides Say an End Is in Sight (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Awaiting Another Court Date, Gore Stays Close to Home (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE COUNT: After a Fraction of the Ballots Are Tallied in a Brief Recount, Both Sides Claim Gains (By MICHAEL COOPER and DANA CANEDY, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE STRATEGIES: Political Options Shrink With 9 Key Voters Left (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE LAWYERS: For Supreme Court Hearing, Gore Picks Lawyer Handling Florida Case (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 11, 2000)
Excerpts From Gore and Bush Briefs Filed With the U.S. Supreme Court (NY Times, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE REACTION: Justices Are Final Arbiters of Vote, Lawmakers Say (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE LAW: Experts Say Vote Count Could Go Past Deadline (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE RUMORS: As News Shifts, Town's Talk Turns to Tracking the Ballots (By DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE BIG NEWS: Floridians at Last Have a Vote to Cheer (By RICK BRAGG, Dec. 11, 2000)
Gene-Altered Corn Changes Dynamics of Grain Industry (By DAVID BARBOZA, Dec. 11, 2000)
Online Advertisers Pay Donors' Tabs (By TAMAR LEWIN, Dec. 11, 2000)
Public Lives: Scholarly Regulator Guides Antitrust Law Into New Age (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 11, 2000)
Europeans Approve Expansion of Union (By SUZANNE DALEY, Dec. 11, 2000)
BOGOTA JOURNAL: An Ugly-Duckling Face Wins TV-Watchers' Hearts (By JUAN FORERO, Dec. 11, 2000)
The Attacker of Pope John Paul II Could Go Free in an Amnesty (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 11, 2000)
MS. MOFFETT'S FIRST YEAR: Tears and Sleepless Nights: A New Teacher's Struggles (By ABBY GOODNOUGH, Dec. 11, 2000)
Metro Matters: Imagine a Day When Candor Rules Politics (By JOYCE PURNICK, Dec. 11, 2000)
Metropolitan Diary [Buying one of the biggest Christmas trees] (By ENID NEMY, Dec. 11, 2000)
For Deliveryman, Hard Work, Small Tips and Vindication (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 11, 2000)
At CUNY Law, a Bit More Gavel (By KAREN W. ARENSON, Dec. 11, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Back to the Supreme Court (NY Times, Dec. 11, 2000)
OP-ED: The Court Casts Its Vote (By PAMELA S. KARLAN, Dec. 11, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: Biting the Ballot (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 11, 2000)
OP-ED: IN AMERICA: To Any Lengths (By BOB HERBERT, Dec. 11, 2000)
OP-ED: ABROAD AT HOME: Raising the Stakes (By ANTHONY LEWIS, Dec. 11, 2000)
LETTERS: The Divided Justices: Two Days, Two Jolts (By ROBERT W. JOHNSON, Dec. 11, 2000)
BUSINESS: No President-Elect? Blame the News Media (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 11, 2000)
The Kingpin of Washington Book Deals (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 11, 2000)
Supporting the Cause on a Cruise (By ALEX KUCZYNSKI, Dec. 11, 2000)
Media: Greed and Sex Fail to Sustain the Ratings (By JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 11, 2000)
Advertising: Weak Retail and Dot-coms Take a Toll (By STUART ELLIOTT & JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 11, 2000)
Patents: Inventions That Help Shoppers (By SABRA CHARTRAND, Dec. 11, 2000)
ESSAY: A Fast-Changing Genie Alters the World (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 11, 2000)
E-COMMERCE REPORT: Lessons From the Online Rubble (By BOB TEDESCHI, Dec. 11, 2000)
New Economy: How Reality Fits With Fantasy in Cyberspace (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 11, 2000)
Coming to Grips With the World Wide Web (By THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 11, 2000)
A FOUNDER: An Archetypal Entrepreneur Says Mere Profits Are Not Enough (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 11, 2000)
COMMUNITIES: They Built Online Meeting Places But the Venture Capital Didn't Stay (By KATIE HAFNER, Dec. 11, 2000)
ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment Industries Learn New Lessons (By AMY HARMON, Dec. 11, 2000)
ONLINE ADVERTISING: Banners' Ineffectiveness Stalls an Up-and-Coming Rival to TV (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 11, 2000)
THE OLD ECONOMY: Efficiencies Found Online Help Companies Build Profits Offline (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 11, 2000)
SIMPLICITY: In Search for Online Success, 'Easy Does It' Is Good Theme (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 11, 2000)
BOTTLENECKS: Web Is Sexy but TV Is Still More Reliable (By SETH SCHIESEL, Dec. 11, 2000)
NEW ECONOMY: Mobile Web Remains a Promise (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 11, 2000)
Several Suitors for Bookseller (By REUTERS, Dec. 11, 2000)
One Tech Start-Up Finds Backers (By LAURA M. HOLSON, Dec. 11, 2000)
Exploring the Microelectronic World (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 11, 2000)
ARTS: From Naughty and Bawdy to Stars Reborn (By ROBIN POGREBIN, Dec. 11, 2000)
BOOKS: 'The Last Samurai': Mother and Son on an Intellectual Quest (By JANET MASLIN, Dec. 11, 2000)
CABARET: Baby Jane Dexter: A Belter Who Rides a Song Like a Roller Coaster (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 11, 2000)
DANCE: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: The Passionate Essence of Broken Love (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 11, 2000)
JAZZ: Bebop and Blues, Earthy and Learned (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 11, 2000)
POP REVIEW: Paul Simon: A World Traveler, Still Homeward Bound (By ANN POWERS, Dec. 11, 2000)
THEATER: 'Jane Eyre': An Arsonist in the Attic; a Feminist in the Making (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 11, 2000)
Revisions: Reading a Play Demands Reading Between the Lines (By MARGO JEFFERSON, Dec. 11, 2000)
SCIENCE: Makers to End Pesticide's Sale for Home Use (NY Times, Dec. 11, 2000)

Sunday, December 10, 2000:
On This Day: December 10 (Battista Guarini 12/10/1538-10/7/1612, Adriaen von Ostade 12/10/1610-?/2/1685, César Franck 12/10/1822-11/8/1890, George Macdnald 12/10/1824-9/18/1905, Emily Dickinson 12/10/1830-5/15/1886, Nelly Sachs 12/10/1891-5/12/1970, Mary Norton 12/10/1903-8/29/1992, Morton Gould 12/10/1913-2/21/1996, Mako 1933, Gloria Loring 1946, Susan Dey 1952, Kenneth Branagh 1960, Sarah Chang 1980)
U.N. General Assembly adopted its Universal Declaration on Human Rights (By JOHN KENTON, December 10, 1948)
* Dr. Melvil Dewey, Library Expert and Educator, Dead at 80 In Florida [12/10/1851-12/26/1931] (NY Times, December 27, 1931)
Porter McCray, Official at Museum of Modern Art, Dies at 92 (By JOHN RUSSELL, Dec. 10, 2000)
Rupert C. Barneby, Botanical Garden Curator and Expert on Beans, Dies at 89 (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 10, 2000)
Marvel Jackson Cooke, Pioneering Black Newspaper Reporter, Dies at 99 (NY Times, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Supreme Court, Split 5-4, Halts Florida Count in Blow to Gore (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 10, 2000)
Supreme Court's Decision to Halt the Florida Recount (NY Times, Dec. 10, 2000)
New Tally Is Cut Short (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 10, 2000)
Democrats Say They Fear Time Is Running Out (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE OUTLOOK: News Analysis: Nation's Fault Line Divides Justices, Too (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 10, 2000)
THE GORE CAMP: In Storm's Eye, Gore Stays Upbeat Aides Say (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE & MELINDA HENNEBERGER, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE BUSH CAMP: Texas Governor's Roller-Coaster Ride Suddenly Soars Back to Confidence (By DAVID E. SANGER & FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 10, 2000)
Task Beginning With Confusion Across Florida (By DEXTER FILKINS & DANA CANEDY, Dec. 10, 2000)
Duval County: Election Officials Ask for Time to Review Ballots (By SOMINI SENGUPTA, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE SCENE: The T-Shirts Are Dropping in Price, as Locals Await the End of the Siege (By MICHAEL COOPER & ADAM NAGOURNEY, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE LAW: Recount Ruling Prompts Cart and Horse Debate (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE APPEALS COURT: Appellate Judges Refuse to Stop the Recounts (By KEVIN SACK, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE PROCESS: Officials Chase Elusive Sense of Certainty on the Other Side of Statistical Significance (By FORD FESSENDEN & JOSH BARBANEL, Dec. 10, 2000)
As Son Dies, Parents Do 'Right Thing' (NY Times, Dec. 10, 2000)
Signs Point to Economic Growth, Clinton Says (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 10, 2000)
Playing It Fast and Loose With Lady Luck (By GLENN COLLINS, Dec. 10, 2000)
A Mystery in a Refuge: 600 Dead Geese (By ROBERT HANLEY, Dec. 10, 2000)
EDITORIAL: A Time for Patience (NY Times, Dec. 10, 2000)
OP-ED: The Reach Across the Aisle (By NELSON W. POLSBY, Dec. 10, 2000)
OP-ED: Peace Is Still Possible in the Middle East (By NABIL FAHMY, Dec. 10, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning? (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 10, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: California Screaming (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 10, 2000)
LETTERS: Applying to College, Made Easy (By BEN BROWNING, Dec. 10, 2000)
BUSINESS: CMGI Can Defy Gravity Only So Long (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 10, 2000)
Consumers Facing Sharp Rise in Health Costs (By MILT FREUDENHEIM, Dec. 10, 2000)
The Soul of the Ultimate Machine (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 10, 2000)
MARKET WATCH: Dissecting the Nature of the Downturn (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 10, 2000)
Coming to America to Learn a Secret: Boldness (By LYNNLEY BROWNING, Dec. 10, 2000)
In Fund Ads, the Weeks That Weren't (By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 10, 2000)
VICARIOUS CONSUMPTION: Do I Hear $10 Million? The Fight for a Ferrari (BY ALAN COWELL, Dec. 10, 2000)
How to Erase a Giant's Shadow (By WILLIAM SANTIAGO, Dec. 10, 2000)
ECONOMIC VIEW: When Nations Are Punished for Fiscal Discipline (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 10, 2000)
This Money Doesn't Just Talk. It Wraps. (By ANDREA HIGBIE, Dec. 10, 2000)
OFF THE SHELF: Seeing Spies Behind the Boardrooms (By ALISON LEIGH COWAN, Dec. 10, 2000)
MARKET INSIGHT: Making a Soft Landing Even Softer (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 10, 2000)
PORTFOLIOS: Why Junk Bonds May Not Look That Bad After All (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 10, 2000)
BACKSLASH: Heel. Sit. Fetch Your Batteries (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 10, 2000)
MY MONEY, MY LIFE: Taking Baby to a Power Lunch (By DANIEL R. MINTZ, Dec. 10, 2000)
Investing With Mark Greenberg: Invesco Leisure Fund (By CAROLE GOULD, Dec. 10, 2000)
Furukawa's New Image Is Turning Some Heads (By MICHELLE LEDER, Dec. 10, 2000)
Business Diary: No Home for the Aged in This Gin Game (By Charles L. P. Fairweather, Dec. 10, 2000)
Investing Diary: Found in a Taxicab— Keys to the Bank (By Julie Dunn, Dec. 10, 2000)
Personal Business Diary: Grin, Then Bear the Dividends (By Mickey Meece, Dec. 10, 2000)
As Chrysler Love Sours, the Chief Takes New Vows (Compiled By RICK GLADSTONE, Dec. 10, 2000)
LIVING: The Max Factor Factor in Their Genes (By LAURA M. HOLSON, Dec. 10, 2000)
Mayor of Spin City, for a Night (By RICK MARIN, Dec. 10, 2000)
ON THE STREET: Cold Remedies (Photographs By BILL CUNNINGHAM, Dec. 10, 2000)
VOWS: Amy Foote and Matthew McCooe (By LOIS SMITH BRADY, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE AGE OF DISSONANCE: A Cat Story That Got Shaggy (By BOB MORRIS, Dec. 10, 2000)
NOTICED: Sleep, The Final Luxury (By RUTH LA FERLA, Dec. 10, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Seasons of a Gardener: A Harvest of Words (By MARTY ROSS, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE WORLD: He Knows How to Torment Presidents. Who's Next? (By ELAINE SCIOLINO, Dec. 10, 2000)
WHAT COUNTS: The Latest Stop on a Wild Ride: the Ballot Box, Again (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE ELECTION: Five Lessons We Had No Time to Learn (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE ELECTION: The Devil and Political Fund-raising (By JOHN M. BRODER, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE UNVEILING: Behind the Political Curtain (By NEAL GABLER, Dec. 10, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: Sex at 8: The Partridges Don't Live Here Anymore (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 10, 2000)
WORD FOR WORD: Veni, Vidi, Vici, Babe: Football for Eggheads (By SCOTT VEALE, Dec. 10, 2000)
Take Sugar, Eggs, Beliefs... and Aim (By THOMAS VINCIGUERRAy, Dec. 10, 2000)
TECHNOSPEAK: Language Heads Down the Rabbit Hole (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE ELECTION: Was Buchanan the Real Nader? (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 10, 2000)
Please, Stay. Oh, but by the Way... (By ALAN MAIMON, Dec. 10, 2000)
Speaking of Recession (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 10, 2000)
TRAVEL: A Slow Ride, With Reason [Switzerland's Glacier Express] (By BARBARA CANSINO, Dec. 10, 2000)
Running With the Herd: Kenya on Horseback (By NANCY S. LOVING, Dec. 10, 2000)
What's Doing in Rome (By ALESSANDRA STANLEY, Dec. 10, 2000)
ESSAY: Hanging Gardens of the Donald (By RALPH SCHOENSTEIN, Dec. 10, 2000)
FRUGAL TRAVELER: Admiring Houston's Creative Bent (By DAISANN McLANE, Dec. 10, 2000)
* ON LANGUAGE: chad: a lexical star is born (BY WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 10, 2000)
QUESTIONS FOR GAO XINGJIAN: Found in Translation (By PAISLEY REKDAL; Interpreted by VALERIE LINCY, Dec. 10, 2000)
FEATHERED NEST: Panda Pad (By CINTRA SCOTT, Dec. 10, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Rolling in Dough (BY RANDY COHEN, Dec. 10, 2000)
GENERATIONS: The Kids Are All Right: When rockers play family style (By SEAN CALLAHAN, Dec. 10, 2000)
Lonely Gay Teen Seeking Same (By JENNIFER EGAN, Dec. 10, 2000)
The Billion-Dollar Shack [money laudering at Pacific island of Nauru] (By JACK HITT, Dec. 10, 2000)
Magic Johnson Builds an Empire (By LARRY PLATT, Dec. 10, 2000)
Life After Death Row (By SARA RIMER, Dec. 10, 2000)
BOOK REVIEW: Contents (NY Times, Dec. 10, 2000)
* SCIENCE: Sky Watch: The 'Long-Night's Moon' (By THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 10, 2000)

Saturday, December 9, 2000:
On This Day: December 9 (John Milton 12/9/1608-1/5/1674, Carl Wilhelm Scheele 12/9/1742-5/21/1786, Comete Claude-Louis Berthollet 12/9/1748-11/6/1822, Clarence Birdseye 12/9/1886-10/7/1956, Emmett Kelly 12/9/1898-3/28/1979, Grace Murray Hopper 12/9/1906-1/1/1992, John Cassavetes 12/9/1929-2/3/1989, Kirk Douglas 1916, Dina Merrill 1925, Dick Van Patten 1928, Morton Downey Jr. 1933, Beau Bridges 1941, Dick Butkus 1942, John Malkovich 1953, Donny Osmond 1957)
Charles and Diana Are Separating 'Amicably' (By WILLIAM E. SCHMIDT, December 9, 1992)
Thomas P. O'Neill Jr., a Democratic Power in the House for Decades, Dies at 81 [12/9/1912-1/5/1994] (By MARTIN TOLCHIN, January 7, 1994)
H. C. Artmann, Austrian Poet, Author and Literary Rebel, Dies at 79 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 9, 2000)
Richard LeBlond Jr., Former Chief of the San Francisco Ballet, Dies at 76 (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 9, 2000)
Florida Court Backs Recount; Bush Appealing to U.S. Justices (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 9, 2000)
A Miraculous Revival Brings Elation but No Rest for Gore (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 9, 2000)
Spotlight Again Shifts to Justices in Washington (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 9, 2000)
Stunned Republicans Vow Fight to End (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE CONTEXT: News Analysis: Pick an Arbiter— Courts, Politicians or the Public (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 9, 2000)
Broad Recount Presents Risks for Both Sides (By FORD FESSENDEN & JOSH BARBANEL, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: In the Bush Camp, the Florida Justices' Decision Brings a Sense of Weary Disbelief (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 9, 2000)
RECOUNTING THE VOTES: Judge Sets Sunday Deadline for Counts (By SOMINI SENGUPTA & DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE MEDIA: A Daily Double: Getting It First, and Right (By PETER MARKS, Dec. 9, 2000)
After Reversal, Sauls Is Leaving Case (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE DEMONSTRATORS: The Plot Thickens, and a Crowd Expecting the End of the Story Roils in Disbelief (By ADAM NAGOURNEY, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: Ruling Fuels G.O.P. Resolve to Appoint Electors and Democrats' Will to Fight (By DANA CANEDY & DAVID BARSTOW, Dec. 9, 2000)
VOTING RIGHTS: Civil Rights Commission to Scrutinize Florida Vote (NY Times, Dec. 9, 2000)
CONGRESS: The Detours (and Monsters) Along the Electoral Road (By ADAM CLYMER, Dec. 9, 2000)
THE PROCESS: An Electoral Road Map: Where the Battle for Florida Might Head Next (By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, Dec. 9, 2000)
LEGAL ANALYSIS: Florida Court Used a Classic Tool of Judicial Review (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 9, 2000)
ABSENTEE BALLOTS: In Twin Lawsuits Over Ballots, Twin Rulings Against Gore (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 9, 2000)
Destination Nebraska, at Last (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 9, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: Mr. and Mrs. Anti-Clinton Are Pleased to Denounce... (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 9, 2000)
Oxygen and Nitrogen Mix-Up Is Suspected in Three Deaths (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 9, 2000)
F.D.A. Approves New Ointment for the Treatment of Eczema (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 9, 2000)
Russian Deputies Restore Soviet National Anthem (By PATRICK E. TYLER, Dec. 9, 2000)
Clinton Gives a Final Foreign Policy Speech (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 9, 2000)
LONDON JOURNAL: At Lunch, Prince Philip Outwits the Yankee Press (By WARREN HOGE, Dec. 9, 2000)
From One Revolutionary to Another [Fidel Castro honors John Lennon] (By REUTERS, Dec. 9, 2000)
Lights Go Out Across City for a Few Seconds (By NICHOLE M. CHRISTIAN, Dec. 9, 2000)
EDITORIAL: A Victory for Mr. Gore (NY Times, Dec. 9, 2000)
OP-ED: The Chaos a Recount Could Bring (By PETER J. WALLISON, Dec. 9, 2000)
OP-ED: A Setup for a Seminole Surprise (By JED RUBENFELD, Dec. 9, 2000)
OP-ED: ABROAD AT HOME: Fair and Square (By ANTHONY LEWIS, Dec. 9, 2000)
OP-ED: For Gays, Tolerance Is a Prime-Time Fantasy (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 9, 2000)
LETTERS: Bullish on Taiwan (By JUNG-TZUNG YIH, Dec. 9, 2000)
LETTERS: The Nader Factor, a Month Later (By GEORGIA L. LLOYD, Dec. 9, 2000)
BUSINESS: Shares Rally as Intel Rises, Before Latest Electoral Twist (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 9, 2000)
U.S. Jobs Report Is Another Indication of a Slowing Economy (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 9, 2000)
Laser Eye Centers Wage an All-Out Price War (By MILT FREUDENHEIM, Dec. 9, 2000)
F.T.C. Nears a Decision on AOL Case (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 9, 2000)
Big Board Tries to Move the Battle Lines in Its Fight With Nasdaq (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 9, 2000)
Record Labels Win Internet Ruling (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 9, 2000)
German Exchange Plans Internet Portal (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 9, 2000)
Schwab Acknowledges Web Security Flaw (By REUTERS, Dec. 9, 2000)
Morningstar Demotes Its Chief Executive (NY Times, Dec. 9, 2000)
ARTS: IDEAS: Analysts Turn to P.R. to Market Themselves (By DINITIA SMITH, Dec. 9, 2000)
IDEAS: If It's Funny, You Laugh, but Why? (By EMILY EAKIN, Dec. 9, 2000)
CLASSICAL MUSIC: From the Crib to Awestruck Shepherds (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 9, 2000)
CONNECTIONS: Together, the Rational and the Spontaneous Can Make Sweet Illogic (By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN, Dec. 9, 2000)
DANCE: Saluting the Ailey Junior Troupe (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 9, 2000)
MUSIC: Polyphony of Howls and Screams (By JESSE McKINLEY, Dec. 9, 2000)
MUSIC: Honoring Two Who Went Their Own Way (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 9, 2000)
THEATER: A Holiday Standard by You-Know-Who (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 9, 2000)
TV REVIEW: David's Tough Boyhood and Yada Yada Yada (By NEIL GENZLINGER, Dec. 9, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Seasons of a Gardener: A Harvest of Words (By MARTY ROSS, Dec. 9, 2000)
SCIENCE: Lung Virus in Infants Is Called Widespread (By REUTERS, Dec. 9, 2000)
See Spot Run, or Is That Spot's Clone? (By DAVID W. CHEN, Dec. 9, 2000)

Friday, December 8, 2000:
On This Day: December 8 (Queen of Scots Mary 12/8/1542-2/8/1587, Queen Christina 12/8/1626-4/19/1689, Eli Whitney 12/8/1765-1/8/1825, Aristide Maillol 12/8/1861-9/27/1944, Camille Claudel 12/8/1864-10/19/1943, Jean Sibelius 12/8/1865-9/20/1957, Diego Rivera 12/8/1886-11/2/1961, James Thurber 12/8/1894-11/2/1961, Elzie Segar 12/8/1894-10/13/1938, Josephine Bell 12/8/1897-4/24/1987, Maximilian Schell 1930, David Carradine 1936, James MacArthur 1937, James Galway 1939, Gregg Allman 1947, Kim Basinger 1953, Teri Hatcher 1964)
* Sammy Davis Jr. Dies at 64; Top Showman Broke Barriers [12/8/1925-5/16/1990] (By PETER B. FLINT, May 17, 1990)
Rayner S. Unwin, a Publisher and Early Advocate for 'The Hobbit', Dies at 74 (By DOREEN CARVAJAL, Dec. 8, 2000)
Rabbi Irving Koslowe, 80; Gave Rosenbergs Last Rites (By ARI L. GOLDMAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
Werner Klemperer, Col. Klink in TV's 'Hogan's Heroes,' Dies at 80 (By BERNARD WEINRAUB, Dec. 8, 2000)
Mark Tucker, Jazz Historian Who Studied Early Ellington, Dies at 46 (By BEN RATLIFF, Dec. 8, 2000)
Florida Supreme Court Reverses Circuit Court and Orders Hand Recounts (By DANIEL J. WAKIN, Dec. 8, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Florida High Court Hears Gore's Appeal on Vote (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 8, 2000)
ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Fate of 25,000 Votes in Seminole and Martin Counties Is Now in Judges' Hands (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 8, 2000)
ON THE BENCH: Judge in Case That Gore Lost Had Run-Ins With Justices (By DAVID BARSTOW & SOMINI SENGUPTA, Dec. 8, 2000)
THE FLORIDA GOVERNOR: Storm Over Election Casts Cloud on Prospects of the Younger Bush (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 8, 2000)
THE BUSH ADVISERS: Inner Circle Likely to Extend Its Orbit to a Bush White House (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 8, 2000)
ON THE BENCH: Judge's Toughness Tested in Highly Political Trial (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 8, 2000)
Legal Analysis: Florida Justices' Dilemma - Peek in the Ballot Box or Walk Away (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 8, 2000)
Cheney's Home? Wyoming (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 8, 2000)
THE LAWYER: Bush Lawyer Juggles Cases in Endurance Test (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 8, 2000)
THE DEMONSTRATORS: Jesse Jackson at Head of Protest in New York Over Florida Vote (By NICHOLE M. CHRISTIAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
CONTRIBUTIONS: Many Donors to Campaign Are Financing Recount Fight (By JOHN M. BRODER, Dec. 8, 2000)
Arguments Before the Florida Supreme Court on the Presidential Recount (NY Times, Dec. 8, 2000)
WESTMOUNT JOURNAL: Both 'Phones Take Megaphone Against a Megacity (By JAMES BROOKE, Dec. 8, 2000)
Exiled Chinese Author Names Literature's Foes (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 8, 2000)
As Arafat Embraces Revolt, His Sagging Popularity Rises (By DEBORAH SONTAG, Dec. 8, 2000)
An Art Pricing Scheme Anyone Can Understand (By SHAILA K. DEWAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
Man of Desperate Words Has a Hopeful Vocabulary (By AARON DONOVAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
PUBLIC LIVES: Trump Considers Thinking Globally (By JAMES BARRON, Dec. 8, 2000)
OP-ED: The Problem Isn't the Kids (By LOUIS V. GERSTNER JR. & TOMMY G. THOMPSON, Dec. 8, 2000)
OP-ED: Citizens Who Can't Vote for President (By EDDA PONSA-FLORES, Dec. 8, 2000)
OP-ED: Just Zig When I Zag (By DAVE MARTIN, Dec. 8, 2000)
OP-ED: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Last Green Mile (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
LETTERS: The Florida Voters Who Lost a Voice (By ANN GROSSMAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
BUSINESS: Stocks Slide on Technology Worries (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 8, 2000)
Warning From Intel (By CHRIS GAITHER, Dec. 8, 2000)
News Analysis: The Fine Art of Discerning a Recession (By LOUIS UCHITELLE, Dec. 8, 2000)
Make a Wish, It's Bonus Time on Wall Street (By PATRICK McGEEHAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
Wireless Licenses Expected to Raise $15 Billion for U.S. (By STEPHEN LABATON, Dec. 8, 2000)
Motorola to Fall Shy of Estimates (By BARNABY J. FEDER, Dec. 8, 2000)
Floyd Norris: With Argentina's Peso Overvalued, It Can't Compete (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 8, 2000)
Advertising: Amazon.com Breaks Up With FCB San Francisco (By ALLISON FASS, Dec. 8, 2000)
Pace of Borrowing by Consumers Slows (By BLOOMBERG NEWS, Dec. 8, 2000)
Investor Frenzy Over Tales of Gold (By SAM LEN, Dec. 8, 2000)
The Nexus of Privacy and Security [Microsoft Conference] (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, Dec. 8, 2000)
AT&T Weighs Selling an Asset (By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, Dec. 8, 2000)
Toy May Move to China [Etch A Sketch made by Ohio Art Co. since 1960] (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 8, 2000)
ARTS: CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Making the Spirit Go A-Leaping (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Dec. 8, 2000)
ART: Sol LeWitt: Conceptualism, by the Gallon, Covers the Walls (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
ART: Primer on Printmaking That Stresses Innovation (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 8, 2000)
ART: A Rich Vein of Treasures From the Silversmiths of Ancient Peru (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 8, 2000)
ART: No Gold or Decorator Frames, Please, Just a Window on Another World (By JOHN RUSSELL, Dec. 8, 2000)
Inside Art: The Modern in Queens (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 8, 2000)
Antiques: Twin Brothers With One Pursuit: Old Treasures (By WENDY MOONAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
BOOKS: 'Protect and Defend': A President, a Vacancy and Complications (By MICHIKO KAKUTANI, Dec. 8, 2000)
DANCE: David Dorfman Dance: Into the Blur of Meanings Love Creates (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon': Master the Fire of Flashing Steel (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'Proof of Life': Where Cynicism Rules, Integrity Can Be Heroic (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'Dungeons and Dragons': After D and D, You May Need R and R (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'Vertical Limit': Man vs. Mountain, the Nth Round (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'The Art of Amália': A Voice Seen as Embodying the Spirit of an Entire Culture (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 8, 2000)
FILM: 'The Day Silence Died': An Orderly Hamlet Lies in its Own Metaphorical Dirty Laundry (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 8, 2000)
At the Movies: When Stardom Means Starving (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 8, 2000)
MUSIC: Albums Wishing You a Merry With a Ha-Ha and a Ho-Ho-Ho (NY Times, Dec. 8, 2000)
THEATER: 'Old Money': Social Lions and Losers (By BEN BRANTLEY, Dec. 8, 2000)
THEATER: 'Richard III': When the Best and Brightest Are Scoundrels (By SARAH BOXER, Dec. 8, 2000)
TV Weekend: Mismatched in Every Way but One (By RON WERTHEIMER, Dec. 8, 2000)
Museum of Jewish Heritage Names New Director (By RALPH BLUMENTHAL, Dec. 8, 2000)
GALLERIES: Architect of Dreams": 'The Theatrical Vision of Joseph Urban' (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 8, 2000)
LIVING: WEEKEND EXCURSION: O Little Town of... You Know [Bethlehem, PA] (By CHARLES STRUM, Dec. 8, 2000)
MY MANHATTAN: A Cornucopia Spills Onto City Streets (By SUSAN JACOBY, Dec. 8, 2000)
SCIENCE: Celera to Charge Other Companies to Use Its Genome Data (By GINA KOLATA, Dec. 8, 2000)
3 Research Centers for California (By JOHN MARKOFF, Dec. 8, 2000)

Thursday, December 7, 2000:
On This Day: December 7 (Gian Lorenzo Bernini 12/7/1598-11/28/1680, Allan Cunningham 12/7/1784-10/30/1842, Pietro Mascagni 12/7/1863-8/2/1945, R.W. Sears 12/7/1863-9/28/1914, Joyce Cary 12/7/1888-12/18/1939, Eli Walach 1915, Ellen Burstyn 1932, Carole Simpson 1940, Johnny Bench 1947, Larry Bird 1956)
* Japan Wars on U.S. and Britain; Makes Sudden Attack On Hawaii (By FRANK L. KLUCKHOHN, December 7, 1941)
* Willa Cather Dies at 73; Author of 'Lost Lady' Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1922 [12/7/1873-4/24/1947] (NY Times, April 25, 1947)
Victor Clarence Vaughan III, 81, Physician, Editor and Educator, dies (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 7, 2000)
Colin Cowdrey, Great Cricket Batsman, Dead at 67 (By FRANK LITSKY, Dec. 7, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: With Court Set to Hear Appeal, Legislators Move on Electors (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 7, 2000)
News Analysis: The Great G.O.P. Divide (By ADAM CLYMER, Dec. 7, 2000)
THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS: With 24,000 Votes at Stake, Dual Trials Open on Incomplete Ballot Applications (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Political Memo: On Cloudy Economic Horizon, Bush's Silver Lining (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 7, 2000)
THE LEGISLATURE: Florida Lawmakers to Convene Special Session Tomorrow (By DANA CANEDY & DAVID BARSTOW, Dec. 7, 2000)
Political Memo: Bush's View Shifting to Prospect of Leading (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 7, 2000)
THE LEGAL FRONT: Appeals Court Gives Gore Victory, Rejecting Bush Request to Bar Manual Recounts (By KEVIN SACK, Dec. 7, 2000)
Clinton Says He Felt Pushed Into Gay Policy (By JOHN KIFNER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Washington Journal: Waiting for a President, Capital Exults Over Pandas (By FRANCIS X. CLINES, Dec. 7, 2000)
Ease Up, Top Colleges Tell Stressed Applicants (By KATE ZERNIKE, Dec. 7, 2000)
Time Out or Burn Out for the Next Generation (By William Fitzsimmons, Dec. 7, 2000)
Feminine Mystique Grows in Senate (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 7, 2000)
In Ruined Liberia, Its Despoiler Sits Pretty (By NORIMITSU ONISHI, Dec. 7, 2000)
TSUKIDATE JOURNAL: Meet a 'Stone Age' Man So Original, He's a Hoax (By HOWARD W. FRENCH, Dec. 7, 2000)
Shakespeare's Mother, Mary, Gets a New Address (By ALAN COWELL, Dec. 7, 2000)
101 Rabbis Call for Sharing Temple Mount (By LAURIE GOODSTEIN, Dec. 7, 2000)
Hot Economy Cooling Down? Not New York's (By LESLIE EATON, Dec. 7, 2000)
Museum Rethinks Its Hall of Ocean Life From the Whale Down (By DAVID W. DUNLAP, Dec. 7, 2000)
Long Reviled, Neglected and Troubled: The Manhattan Bridge (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 7, 2000)
PUBLIC PROFILE: A Determined Rocker Takes on Broadway (By ROBIN FINN, Dec. 7, 2000)
OP-ED: The Greenspan Effect (By DANIEL GROSS, Dec. 7, 2000)
OP-ED ESSAY: Al Gore Agonistes (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 7, 2000)
OP-ED: IN AMERICA: Keep Them Out! (By BOB HERBERT, Dec. 7, 2000)
BUSINESS: Profit Warning by Bank of America Sets Off Big Retreat (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 7, 2000)
Market Place: USA Networks May Sell Stations (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, Dec. 7, 2000)
Warning From Bank of America (By REUTERS, Dec. 7, 2000)
Dow Jones Lowers Its Forecast for Earnings in This Quarter (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Advertising: Cocktail Hour Returns to TV (By PATRICIA WINTERS LAURO, Dec. 7, 2000)
Accounting Board Eases Stance on Mergers (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 7, 2000)
Economic Scene: Groups Can Make Decisions After All (By ALAN B. KRUEGER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Productivity Loses Steam as Economy Keeps Ebbing (By REUTERS, Dec. 7, 2000)
Building the Latin American Internet (By JENNIFER L. RICH, Dec. 7, 2000)
Big Merger in Net Access for Europe (By ALAN COWELL, Dec. 7, 2000)
ARTS: CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Looking for the Real John Lennon (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 7, 2000)
BOOKS: Tales With Rivers of Blood and Freshets of Freud (By JANET MASLIN, Dec. 7, 2000)
MAKING BOOKS: Why Jazz Books (By MARTIN ARNOLD, Dec. 7, 2000)
CIRCUS REVIEW: Circus Oz: Topsy-Turvy, Wacky, Zany and Funny (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Culture Notes: New York 'Nutcracker' (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 7, 2000)
DANCE: Ballet Hispánico: Delving Deftly Into the Life of a Revered Spanish Composer (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 7, 2000)
MIME REVIEW: Gregg Goldston: As If an Umbrella and Hat Conspired to Defeat a Man (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 7, 2000)
OPERA: Restoring Swirling Cloaks and Passion to 'Il Trovatore' (By PAUL GRIFFITHS, Dec. 7, 2000)
U2: Divinely and Romantically, Embracing a Higher Love (By JON PARELES, Dec. 7, 2000)
TV REVIEW: 'Shooting War': In Trenches With War Photographers (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 7, 2000)
DESIGN NOTEBOOK: The New Nordics: Burning the Forest and Breaking the Ice (By WILLIAM L. HAMILTON, Dec. 7, 2000)
Among Italian Ruins, Settlers Face the Boot (By CHRISTOPHER HAWTHORNE, Dec. 7, 2000)
PERSONAL SHOPPER: The Fine Art of the Menorah [Slide Show of 6 photos] (By MARIANNE ROHRLICH, Dec. 7, 2000)
CIRCUITS: Contents (NY Times, Dec. 7, 2000)
Shipping: the Grinch's Best Friend (By LISA GUERNSEY, Dec. 7, 2000)
Electronic Cards: Sorry for Your Loss, but Not That Sorry (BBy JOYCE COHENy, Dec. 7, 2000)
STATE OF THE ART: Snapshots Come to TV (By DAVID POGUE, Dec. 7, 2000)
ONLINE SHOPPER: EBay, a Site for the Lost and Found (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, Dec. 7, 2000)
Have My Answering Machine Call Your Answering Machine (By CATHERINE GREENMAN, Dec. 7, 2000)
Scooping Up Online Nuggets for Offline Reading at Leisure (By MICHEL MARRIOTT, Dec. 7, 2000)
GAME THEORY: 'Escape From Monkey Island' Reviewed (By CHARLES HEROLD, Dec. 7, 2000)
SCREEN GRAB: Spy Agencies Bare Much, but Not All, on Web Sites (By MICHAEL POLLAK, Dec. 7, 2000)
Short Films Coming Soon to a Hand-Held Device Near You (By MATTHEW MIRAPAUL, Dec. 7, 2000)
Exploring the Depths That Will Live in Infamy (By SHELLY FREIERMAN, Dec. 7, 2000)
Wireless Technology for Offline Shoppers (By IAN AUSTEN, Dec. 7, 2000)
BASICS: Sites Keep Up With Games and Gamers (By PETER OLAFSON, Dec. 7, 2000)
Tiny Sets Recall TV Before Cable (By JAMES GORMAN, Dec. 7, 2000)
WHAT'S NEXT: Researchers Trying to Find Ways to Turn Microchips Into Lasers (By IAN AUSTEN, Dec. 7, 2000)
U.S. Lags Behind Europe in Short Messenging Services (By KATIE HAFNER, Dec. 7, 2000)
Statistics on Online Shopping (By LISA GUERNSEY, Dec. 7, 2000)
Q & A: Spelling, Windows 3.1 and Jammed CD Drives (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, Dec. 7, 2000)
INCOMING Letters to the Editor: Netscape's New Browser 6.0 (NY Times, Dec. 7, 2000)
SCIENCE: Study Supports Theory That Modern Humans Originated in Africa (By REUTERS, Dec. 7, 2000)
* New Dinosaur Fossil Supports Link to Birds (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 7, 2000)

Wednesday, December 6, 2000:
On This Day: December 6 (Baldassare Castiglione 12/6/1478-2/2/1529, Niccolo Zucchi 12/6/1586-5/21/1670, Sophie von LaRoche 12/6/1731-2/18/1807, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin 12/6/1805-6/13/1861, Max Müller 12/6/1823-10/28/1900, Evelyn Underhill 12/6/1875-6/15/1941, Joyce Kilmer 12/6/7/30/1918, Sir Osbert Sitwell 12/6/1892-5/4/1969, Ira Gershwin 12/6/1896-8/17/1983, Dave Brubeck 1920, Wil Shriner 1953, JoBeth Williams 1953, Steven Wright 1955)
A Million Persons Will Hear Coolidge's Voice When He Addresses Congress [more than any man in history] (NY Times, December 6, 1923)
* Alfred Eisenstaedt, Photographer of the Defining Moment, Is Dead at 96 [12/6/1898-8/23/1995] (By CHARLES HAGEN, August 25, 1995)
Mario Giacomelli, Poetic Photographer, Dies at 91 (By MARGARETT LOKE, Dec. 6, 2000)
George Wells, Screenwriter of M-G-M Comedies and Musicals, Dies at 91 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 6, 2000)
Emily Wilkens, Designer Who Dressed Girls Like Girls, Dies at 83 (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, Dec. 6, 2000)
Henck Arron, Leader of Suriname, Dies at 64 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 6, 2000)
Conservatives to Lead Senate (By ALISON MITCHELL, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Gore Says He'll Continue Fight (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 6, 2000)
Gore's Remarks at White House News Conference (NY Times, Dec. 6, 2000)
SEMINOLE COUNTY: Democrats Look to Another Trail (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: Bush Sees a Chance to 'Erase Cynicism' (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 6, 2000)
Excerpt From CBS Interview With Bush (NY Times, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE COURTS: Florida Supreme Court Moves Quickly to Hear Gore Contest of Presidential Election (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE REPUBLICAN RUNNING MATE: Cheney Visits Friends in Congress, Where Ties May Bind Him (By ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: Speaker Tempers Call for Session on Electors (By DANA CANEDY, Dec. 6, 2000)
THE LEGAL ISSUES: Several Paths Available to Extend the Litigation (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 6, 2000)
CHANGING THE SYSTEM: Senators Propose Bills to Upgrade Balloting (By JOHN M. BRODER, Dec. 6, 2000)
MANUAL RECOUNTS: U.S. Appeals Court Is Urged to Reject Florida Recounts (By KEVIN SACK, Dec. 6, 2000)
Space Station Eclipses Most Other Objects in Sky (By WARREN E. LEARY, Dec. 6, 2000)
Worldwide Survey Finds U.S. Students Are Not Keeping Up (By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO, Dec. 6, 2000)
LESSONS: How to Help Solve the Teacher Shortage (By RICHARD ROTHSTEIN, Dec. 6, 2000)
Antigang 'Role Model' Is Up for a Nobel and Execution (By EVELYN NIEVES, Dec. 6, 2000)
Putin Pushes Soviet Hymn, Creating Disharmony (By PATRICK E. TYLER, Dec. 6, 2000)
Could Terra-Cotta Warriors Be a Trojan Horse? (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 6, 2000)
OP-ED: 'What Ho, Malvolio!' (By HAROLD BLOOM, Dec. 6, 2000)
OP-ED: 'LIBERTIES: Sisyphus at Starbucks (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 6, 2000)
OP-ED: 'RECKONINGS: Cheney Gets Vulgar (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 6, 2000)
OP-ED: 'Recounts Are Part of the Game (By MIKLOS HARASZTI, Dec. 6, 2000)
LETTERS: Gore's Last Stand: Showdown in Tallahassee (By R. CAHN, Dec. 6, 2000)
BUSINESS: Nasdaq Sets Record in Rally (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 6, 2000)
Greenspan Suggests the Need to Lift Rates Is Diminished (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 6, 2000)
Market Place: Whoopee, a Stock Surge! Now a Reality Check (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 6, 2000)
Apple Warns It Will Record Loss (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 6, 2000)
Xerox to Spin Off Company (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 6, 2000)
Management: Big Plush Offices Make Way for Humble Space (By EVE TAHMINCIOGLU, Dec. 6, 2000)
Advertising: Madison Avenue Moves to Reassure Wall Street (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 6, 2000)
Nokia Offers Upbeat View Through '03 (By SUZANNE KAPNER, Dec. 6, 2000)
Last Word in China's Phone Industry (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 6, 2000)
Europeans Free Phone Market for Local and Internet Service (By PAUL MELLER, Dec. 6, 2000)
The Boss: Making a Bad Situation Better (By AMY ZIPKIN, Dec. 6, 2000)
Life's Work: An Office Tour for Mom and Dad (By LISA BELKIN, Dec. 6, 2000)
Big Bird and the Crew Get a New Owner (NY Times, Dec. 6, 2000)
ARTS: The British Museum: Stodgy Never Looked So Chic (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 6, 2000)
Step by Step, Sol LeWitt's Work Climbs the Walls at the Whitney (By CELESTINE BOHLEN, Dec. 6, 2000)
THEATER: 'Tiny Alice': Testing a Steadfast Faith With Flesh (By BEN BRANTLEY, Dec. 6, 2000)
ARTS IN AMERICA: A Pocket-Size Opera From a Harrowing Kafka Story (By STEPHEN KINZER, Dec. 6, 2000)
Customs Service Returns Looted Art to Germany (By RALPH BLUMENTHAL, Dec. 6, 2000)
THEATER: 'Secret History': Of the Struggles at Journey's End (By SARAH BOXER, Dec. 6, 2000)
TV Notes: Philbin Defends 'Millionaire' (NY Times, Dec. 6, 2000)
The New Chinese: It's Hotter (By JOHN LELAND, Dec. 6, 2000)
Sichuan Cooks Relight the Fire (By FLORENCE FABRICANT, Dec. 6, 2000)
A Chef in Full: Soltner Beyond the Kitchen (By REGINA SCHRAMBLING, Dec. 6, 2000)
The Minimalist: Barbecue That Isn't (By MARK BITTMAN, Dec. 6, 2000)
Recipe: Barbecue Shrimp (By MARK BITTMAN, Dec. 6, 2000)

Tuesday, December 5, 2000:
On This Day: December 5 (Pope Julius II 12/5/1443-2/21/1513, Martin Van Buren 12/5/1782-7/24/1862, Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz 12/5/1822-6/27/1907, Christina Rossetti 12/5/1830-12/29/1894, George Armstrong Custer 12/5/1839-6/25/1876, Marcus Daly 12/5/1841-11/12/1900, Clyde V. Cessna 12/5/1879-11/20/1954, Fritz Lang 12/5/1890-8/2/1976, Werner Heisenberg 12/5/1901-2/1/1976, Kate Simon 12/5/1912-2/4/1990, Strom Thurmond 1902, Little Richard 1932, Joan Didion 1934, Calvin Trillin 1935, Morgan Brittany 1951)
Prohibition Repeal Is Ratified at 5:32 PM; Roosevelt Asks Nation to Bar the Saloon (NY Times, December 5, 1933)
* Walt Disney, 65, Dies on Coast; Founded an Empire on a Mouse [12/5/1901-12/15/1966] (NY Times, December 16, 1966)
* Gwendolyn Brooks, Passionate Poet, Dies at 83 (By MEL WATKINS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Eloise McGraw, Children's Author, Dies at 84 (NY Times, Dec. 5, 2000)
Dr. Cyril Clarke, British Rh Disease Geneticist, Dies at 93 (By WOLFGANG SAXON, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE FLORIDA COURT: Gore Loses Florida Recount Case; Puts Last Hope in State High Court (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE SUPREME COURT: U.S. Justices Agree on Need to Clarify Case (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 5, 2000)
News Analysis: A 'Steeper Mountain' (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Dec. 5, 2000)
THE STRATEGIES: Aura of Pessimism Pervades the Vice President's Team (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE CONGRESS: As G.O.P. Steps Up Pressure on Gore, Democrats Admit End May Be Near (By ALISON MITCHELL & LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 5, 2000)
White House Memo: A Nostalgic Note as Clinton Savors the Rituals of a Waning Presidency (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: Bush Takes Restrained Tone on Day That Goes His Way (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Gore Huddles With Family on a Bad Day (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE MEDIA: The Justices Speak, and the Networks Scramble to Understand What They Said (By PETER MARKS, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: State Republican Leaders Keep a Low Profile, but a Special Session Remains a High Priority (By DAVID BARSTOW, Dec. 5, 2000)
LEGAL ISSUES: Florida Ruling Dwarfs Supreme Court Action (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 5, 2000)
FLORIDA: Gore's Lawyer, Steamrollered, Looks at Bright Side (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 5, 2000)
PALM BEACH COUNTY: Bill of $300 Added to the List of Indignities (By SOMINI SENGUPTA, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE SWEARING-IN: Chief Inauguration Planner Tries to Beat the Clock (By PHILIP SHENON, Dec. 5, 2000)
RIYADH JOURNAL: Saudi Mall-Crawlers Shop Till Their Veils Drop (By SUSAN SACHS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Europe Takes Toughest Steps to Fight Mad Cow Disease (By SUZANNE DALEY, Dec. 5, 2000)
Beth Israel to Pay $1.2 Million in Medicare Overbilling Case (By JENNIFER STEINHAUER, Dec. 5, 2000)
In Subway Changes, W Follows V, but for Riders It's Not So Simple (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 5, 2000)
Tunnel Vision: New Orleans Has 'Desire'; in New York, It's the 'W' (By RANDY KENNEDY, Dec. 5, 2000)
Honors for Online Journalism (By NICHOLE M. CHRISTIAN, Dec. 5, 2000)
Public Lives: Punk Circus Raises Shrieks (By JAMES BARRON with Glenn Collins, Dec. 5, 2000)
Public Lives: Complaints Are Welcome. Perkiness Is Not (By ROBIN FINN, Dec. 5, 2000)
BUSINESS: Dow Surges 186.56 Points as Nasdaq Stumbles Again (By ROBERT D. HERSHEY Jr., Dec. 5, 2000)
Market Place: Intel Retains a Mystique for Investors Trading Online (By FLOYD NORRIS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Down but Not Out in Taiwan (By MARK LANDLER, Dec. 5, 2000)
Turkey Grapples With a Severe Financial Crisis (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 5, 2000)
PepsiCo Sets a New Course With Deal for Quaker Oats (By GREG WINTER, Dec. 5, 2000)
3M to Select G.E. Executive as Next Chief (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 5, 2000)
S.& P. Eliminates 4 Old-Line Stocks From Its 500 Index (NY TIMES, Dec. 5, 2000)
Street.com Co-Founder to Leave Hedge Fund (By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 5, 2000)
3Com Issues Profit Warning (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 5, 2000)
DoubleClick Lays Off 150 Workers (By CHRIS GAITHER, Dec. 5, 2000)
MP3.com to Resurrect Service (By AMY HARMON, Dec. 5, 2000)
Original 777 Is Sold (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Presidential Race Rulings Push Bonds Down (By REUTERS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Plummeting EM.TV Gets a Bailout (By EDMUND L. ANDREWS, Dec. 5, 2000)
A Holiday Toy That's Intended to Be Dubious (By ANDREA HIGBIE, Dec. 5, 2000)
ARTS: CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: A Burst of Energy in the Regional Theater (By BRUCE WEBER, Dec. 5, 2000)
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Cheer Up, Pumpkinheads. Think Reunion (By NEIL STRAUSS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Film Institute Plans to Offer an Annual Top 10 (By RICK LYMAN, Dec. 5, 2000)
MUSIC: The Met Orchestra Leaves Its Founding Father, Only Temporarily (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 5, 2000)
DANCE: Doug Varone: The Heroine Is Unhappy, but It Doesn't Matter Because She's Dead (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 5, 2000)
BOOKS: 'The New Geography': Where to Plant Your Feet in the Digital Landscape (By MICHIKO KAKUTANI, Dec. 5, 2000)
MUSIC: Miriam Kramer: Enhanced by a Violin With a History (By JAMES R. OESTREICH, Dec. 5, 2000)
MUSIC: Earl Wild: An Octogenarian's Recital Presents Youth as Encore (By ALLAN KOZINN, Dec. 5, 2000)
POP REVIEW: K. D. Lang: Cowgirls Get the Blues and Then Move On (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Dec. 5, 2000)
TV REVIEW: 'Mr. Wroe's Virgins': Four Virgins and Their Leader on a Road to Armageddon (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 5, 2000)
TV REVIEW: 'Homicide': Real Detectives. Real Crimes. Real Voyeurism (By CARYN JAMES, Dec. 5, 2000)
LIVING: Old Clothing Never Dies, It Just Fades Far, Far Away (By GUY TREBAY, Dec. 5, 2000)
SCIENCE: Mighty Moon Suits Are Falling Apart (By WARREN E. LEARY, Dec. 5, 2000)
Week in Science: Post-Cold-War Atomic Blues (NY TIMES, Dec. 5, 2000)
New Layers of Evidence Suggest Mars Had Water (By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, Dec. 5, 2000)
For Monkeys, a Millipede a Day Keeps Mosquitoes Away (By NATALIE ANGIER, Dec. 5, 2000)
FREEDOM'S TOLL: Infectious Diseases Rising Again in Russia (By ABIGAIL ZUGER, Dec. 5, 2000)
THE DOCTOR'S WORLD: In This Case, the Patient Had a Secret Service Escort (By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN, M.D., Dec. 5, 2000)
PERSONAL HEALTH: Gene Altered Foods: A Case Against Panic (By JANE E. BRODY, Dec. 5, 2000)
Hamburger Safety May Be Partly in the Flip (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 5, 2000)
Juggling Buckyballs Raises Hope of Warmer Superconductors (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 5, 2000)
Early Intervention Dentistry: Going to Work on Baby Teeth (By CLARA HEMPHILL, Dec. 5, 2000)
A Stealth Substitute for Braces, Designed Only for Adults (By CLARA HEMPHILL, Dec. 5, 2000)
CONVERSATION with Rudolph Tanzi: A Gene Detective Hot on the Trail of Alzheimer's (By CLAUDIA DREIFUS, Dec. 5, 2000)
Using M.R.I., Researchers Explore the Brain in Search of the Funny Bone (By KENNETH CHANG, Dec. 5, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Stages: Of Soy, Supplements and Hot Flashes (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 5, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Prevention: Making Men Care About Their Colons (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 5, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Fertility: If You've Got Rhythm, You've Got Trouble (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 5, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS: Safety: Padded Underwear for Saving Frail Hips (By JOHN O'NEIL, Dec. 5, 2000)
'Virtual Visits' Helping Parents of Preemies (By, Dec. 5, 2000)
Observatory: New Cosmic Titleholder (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Dec. 5, 2000)
Science Q&A: Stroller Potatoes (By C. CLAIBORNE RAY, Dec. 5, 2000)

Monday, December 4, 2000:
On This Day: December 4 (Thomas Carlyle 12/4/1795-2/5/1881, Crazy Horse 12/4/1849-9/5/1877, Lillian Russell 12/4/1861-6/6/1922, Wassily Kandinsky 12/4/1866-12/13/1944, Rainer Maria Rilke 12/4/1875-12/29/1926, Fung Yu-lan 12/4/1875-11/26/1990, Alfred Hershey 12/4/1908-5/22/1997, Jeff Bridges 1949, Tyra Banks 1973)
UNO Bill Approved By Senate, 65 to 7, With One Change (By C. P. TRUSSELL, December 4, 1945)
Out of the Crucible of Civil War, Franco's Iron Hand Forged a Modern Spain [12/4/1892-11/20/1975] (By ALDEN WHITMAN, November 20, 1975)
* Gwendolyn Brooks, Whose Poetry Told of Being Black in America, Dies at 83 (By MEL WATKINS, Dec. 4, 2000)
Ralph Bates, Novelist Who Evoked Spain and Then Fought Franco, Dies at 101 (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Gore and Bush Lawyers Close Arguments Over Florida Tally (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE SCENE: For the Gore Team, a Moment of High Drama (By DAVID BARSTOW & DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE REPUBLICAN RUNNING MATE: History Will View Gore 'In a Better Light' if He Quits Soon, Cheney Says (By RICHARD W. STEVENSON, Dec. 4, 2000)
Public Lives: Trusted Aide Organizes Gore Administration, Just in Case (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Gore Reviews His Legal Options and Says He Remains Determined to Press His Case (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE STRATEGY: Beyond Courtroom, Duels Continue on Other Fronts (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE DEMOCRATIC RUNNING MATE: Armed With Confidence and Resolve, Lieberman Fights On for Gore (By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE VOTES: In One Analysis, the Victor in Florida Is Clearly Gore (By REUTERS, Dec. 4, 2000)
Excerpts From Final Arguments on the Presidential Recount (NY Times, Dec. 4, 2000)
THE LIBERALS: The Left Vows to Be Ready for Battle in January (By ROBIN TONER, Dec. 4, 2000)
U.S. Toughens Enforcement of Nursing Home Standards (By ROBERT PEAR, Dec. 4, 2000)
Kennedy Center Honors Span Spectrum of Song and Dance; and Don't Forget Clint (NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 4, 2000)
A Bit of Burping Is Allowed, if It Keeps Parents on the Job (By PAM BELLUCK, Dec. 4, 2000)
FREEDOM'S TOLL: In Russia, the Ill and Infirm Include Health Care Itself (By MICHAEL WINES with ABIGAIL ZUGER, Dec. 4, 2000)
Indonesia Cracks Down on Separatists in Irian Jaya (By CALVIN SIMS, Dec. 4, 2000)
BANANA ISLAND JOURNAL: Lovely Spot, Ripe for Tourists! About That War... (By NORIMITSU ONISHI, Dec. 4, 2000)
OP-ED: This Isn't a Civics Lesson ‹ It's a Brawl (By ROBERT B. REICH, Dec. 4, 2000)
OP-ED: ESSAY: To a 'Safe Harbor' (By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 4, 2000)
OP-ED: IN AMERICA: A Plan to Intimidate Judges (By BOB HERBERT, Dec. 4, 2000)
LETTERS: A Stephen King Story That Isn't So Scary (By STEVEN SCHRAGIS, Dec. 4, 2000)
SPORTS: Trinidad Adds to His Reputation (By CLIFTON BROWN, Dec. 4, 2000)
BUSINESS: A Cash Infusion for Oxygen (By BILL CARTER, Dec. 4, 2000)
China Allows New Telecom to Start Up (By CRAIG S. SMITH, Dec. 4, 2000)
Japan's Economy Teeters Between Growth and Retreat (By STEPHANIE STROM, Dec. 4, 2000)
Variety Braces as Competitors Enter Hallowed Precincts (By ALEX KUCZYNSKI, Dec. 4, 2000)
Market Place: The Mighty Fall With AT&T (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, Dec. 4, 2000)
NEW ECONOMY: Downbeat Mood at Tech Conference (By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, Dec. 4, 2000)
A 'Tank' Rolls Through CNN Before Merger (By JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 4, 2000)
Advertising: Interpublic Defining Brand Essence of Coke Classic (By STUART ELLIOTT & GREG WINTER, Dec. 4, 2000)
Patents: New Law Removes Some Secrecy From Patent Applications (By SABRA CHARTRAND, Dec. 4, 2000)
E-COMMERCE REPORT: Sites Not Yet Pitching at Full Speed (By BOB TEDESCHI, Dec. 4, 2000)
Sale of Data Raises Privacy Worries (By SUSAN STELLIN, Dec. 4, 2000)
Humor Site Can Afford to Chuckle (By BERNARD STAMLER, Dec. 4, 2000)
Media Talk: Stephen King's E-Tale Didn't Do Too Shabbily (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, Dec. 4, 2000)
A Good Wine for a Sorrowful Story (By MATT RICHTEL, Dec. 4, 2000)
Compressed Data: Political Laughs for Internet Users (By REBECCA FAIRLEY RANEY, Dec. 4, 2000)
Holiday Traffic Lags at Web Stores (By SAUL HANSELL, Dec. 4, 2000)
Drug Therapy May Aid Some Lymphoma Patients (By REUTERS, Dec. 4, 2000)
ARTS: The Goodman Theater: Sleek Digs for a Grande Dame (By STEPHEN KINZER, Dec. 4, 2000)
THEATER: 'The Last of the Thorntons': Wry Smiles Temper the Anguish of Old Age (By BEN BRANTLEY, Dec. 4, 2000)
* WRITERS ON WRITING: Inventing Life Steals Time; Living Life Begs It Back (By GISH JEN, Dec. 4, 2000)
Ratings Grow for a Series, Like the Hair of Its Star (By BERNARD WEINRAUB, Dec. 4, 2000)
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: Valery Gergiev: No Rest for the Maestro, Even Sitting Down (By JAMES R. OESTREICH, Dec. 4, 2000)
DANCE: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Pawing and Poking to Ellington Melodies (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 4, 2000)
DANCE: Alonzo King: Offering a Vibrant Challenge With Visual and Kinetic Impact (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 4, 2000)
MUSIC: Seymour Lipkin: A Pianist's Schubert Cycle Is Off to an Insightful Start (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 4, 2000)
BOOKS: 'A Small Death in Lisbon': On the Trail of Horror in a Tale of Then and Now (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Dec. 4, 2000)
* Metropolitan Diary [free franks for good students; free tickets for a cute couple] (By ENID NEMY, Dec. 4, 2000)
COUNTERINTELLIGENCE: Old Face, New Face, Woman in Between (By ALEX WITCHEL, Dec. 4, 2000)

Sunday, December 3, 2000:
On This Day: December 3 (Gilbert Stuart 12/3/1755-7/9/1828, George B. McClellan 12/3/1826-10/29/1885, Cleveland Abbe 12/3/1838-10/28/1916, Charles A. Pillsbury 12/3/1842-9/17/1899, Ellen Swallow Richards 12/3/1842-3/30/1911, Joseph Conrad 12/3/1857-8/1924, Anton von Werbern 12/3/1883-9/15/1945, Richard Kuhn 12/3/1900-8/1/1967, John von Neumann 12/3/1903-2/8/1957, Andy Williams 1927, Jean-Luc Godard 1930)
Gas Leak in Bhopal India Kills More Than 4000 (By ANJOY HAZARIKA, December 3, 1984)
* Anna Freud, Psychoanalyst, Dies in London at 86 [12/3/1895-10/9/1982] (By REUTERS, October 10, 1982)
Jack Hemingway Dies at 77; Embraced Father's Legacy (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
James Jones, 86, Who Walked With the Hounds, Dies (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE OVERVIEW: Leon County Judge Prepares to Hear More Arguments (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 3, 2000)
News Analysis: To Weigh In or Back Off (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 3, 2000)
Sharply Split Congress Faces a Herculean Job (By ADAM CLYMER, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE LAW: News Analysis: To Count or Not to Count? Judge Ponders Competing Legal Standards (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE SCENE: Hesitations, Introductions and Objections All Contribute to Sluggish Pace (By DAVID BARSTOW & SOMINI SENGUPTA, Dec. 3, 2000)
Court Clerk in Tallahassee Is Ready to Start Counting (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: Bush, Acting Presidential, Meets Congressional Leaders to Plot Agenda Strategy (By FRANK BRUNI with ERIC SCHMITT, Dec. 3, 2000)
Gov. Taft Praises Bush Move in Preparing for Presidency (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 3, 2000)
NEW MEXICO: Out West, the G.O.P. Seeks a Hand Recount (By MICHAEL JANOFSKY, Dec. 3, 2000)
Bush Requests Recount Rights to Match Whatever Gore Wins (By MICHAEL COOPER, Dec. 3, 2000)
After Lunch With an Old Friend, Gore Goes Out for a Coffee Break (By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, Dec. 3, 2000)
Tuscaloosa Journal: A Meeting of Campuses Bridges a Cultural Gap (By JODI WILGOREN, Dec. 3, 2000)
Drop in Spending by U.S. Consumers Signals Slowdown (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 3, 2000)
Fujimori's Fall: A Nation's Lion to Broken Man (By CLIFFORD KRAUSS, Dec. 3, 2000)
An Ailing Russia Lives a Tough Life That's Getting Shorter (By MICHAEL WINES, Dec. 3, 2000)
Death, and Life, in a Medical School in Yemen (By JOHN F. BURNS, Dec. 3, 2000)
Chinese Find Power Abuse Isn't Limited to the Cities (By ERIK ECKHOLM, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Chicken in Every Kyrgyzstan Pot (By DOUGLAS FRANTZ, Dec. 3, 2000)
Ability to Raise Money Becomes a Prerequisite for CUNY Presidents (By KAREN W. ARENSON, Dec. 3, 2000)
Over 60: Fashion's Lost Generation (By RUTH LA FERLA, Dec. 3, 2000)
VIEW: The Sort of Affair to Make a Girl Feel Shabby (By MARY ROBBINS, Dec. 3, 2000)
ON THE STREET: Leaving Room to Grow (Photographs by BILL CUNNINGHAM, Dec. 3, 2000)
VOWS: Marguerite Cyprus and Michael Loucas (By LOIS SMITH BRADY, Dec. 3, 2000)
SPORTS: Trinidad Unifies the Title With a TKO (By CLIFTON BROWN, Dec. 3, 2000)
OUTDOORS: The Rut Brings Out the Recluse to Socialize (By PETE BODO, Dec. 3, 2000)
CORRESPONDENCE / FROM PEACE TO WAR: The Dubious Privilege of Living on Two Sides of a Chasm (By DEBORAH SONTAG, Dec. 3, 2000)
BEAUTY CONTEST: When Not Losing Is Everything (By RICHARD L. BERKE, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE ELECTION: Putting Out More Flags (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 3, 2000)
IDEAS & TRENDS: Practicing What Free Traders Preach (By JOSEPH KAHN, Dec. 3, 2000)
Chewing Over Chads and Choices (By JOHN LELAND, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Banner Year for Big Headlines (By FELICITY BARRINGER, Dec. 3, 2000)
Transition: The Changing of the (786) Guards (By DAVID E. SANGER, Dec. 3, 2000)
When Pigs Could Fly (Forget If) (By JANE FRITSCH, Dec. 3, 2000)
EDITORIAL: Presidents in Waiting (NY TIMES, Dec. 3, 2000)
OP-ED: A Bracing Dose of Partisanship (By THEODORE J. LOWI, Dec. 3, 2000)
OP-ED: LIBERTIES: High and Low (By MAUREEN DOWD, Dec. 3, 2000)
OP-ED: RECKONINGS: Having a Banana? (By PAUL KRUGMAN, Dec. 3, 2000)
LETTERS: Pizza and Pita: Recipes for Supremacy (By DOUGLAS MACDONALD, Dec. 3, 2000)
BUSINESS: So What if Technology Stocks Are Plunging? Bowman Still Finding a Way to Cash In
(By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 3, 2000)
TALKING MONEY WITH SEBASTIAN JUNGER: From 'The Perfect Storm,' a Passage to Financial Freedom
MARKET WATCH: Memo to Analysts: Thanks for Nothing (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Dec. 3, 2000)
This Web Site Rocks! (It's Turning a Profit) (By SUSAN STELLIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
INVESTING: Playing Your Career Against the Market (By ALEXANDRA ALGER, Dec. 3, 2000)
PERSONAL BUSINESS: For Online Shoppers, There Are Pitfalls Abroad (By BARBARA WHITAKER, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Beltway Insider Goes Online (By LESLIE WAYNE, Dec. 3, 2000)
ECONOMIC VIEW: Unfortunate Timing, No Matter Who Wins (By LOUIS UCHITELLE, Dec. 3, 2000)
ON THE CONTRARY: I'll Tell You My Sins, but Not My Salary (By DANIEL AKST, Dec. 3, 2000)
Tech's Down, but He's Up. So What's His Secret? (By DANNY HAKIM, Dec. 3, 2000)
Expanding the Hedge Fund Tent (INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, Dec. 3, 2000)
* MARKET INSIGHT: Where Will Technology Stocks Land, and When? (By KENNETH N. GILPIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
* STRATEGIES: Two Paths to Profit From the January Effect (By MARK HULBERT, Dec. 3, 2000)
SENIORITY: A Never-Say-Old Generation Can't Outrace the Clock Forever (By FRED BROCK, Dec. 3, 2000)
Investing With Anthony R. Manno Jr., Kevin W. Bedell and Kenneth D. Statz: Security Capital U.S. Real Estate Shares Fund (By CAROLE GOULD, Dec. 3, 2000)
Across Eastern Europe, A Tough Search for Stars (By PETER S. GREEN, Dec. 3, 2000)
Private Sector: A Technology Crowd Is Soothed by Song (Compiled By RICK GLADSTONE, Dec. 3, 2000)
Business Diary: In the Digital Capital, the Digit That Got Away (By David Leonhardt, Dec. 3, 2000)
Investing Diary: Are Trees Good Places To Avoid Tech Shock? (By Joanne Legomsky, Dec. 3, 2000)
Personal Business Diary: Does Staff Turnover Help a Company? (By Mickey Meece, Dec. 3, 2000)
TRAVEL: London: 2 Tones of Luxury (By SARAH LYALL, Dec. 3, 2000)
Venetian Hotels of the Moment (By FRANCINE PROSE, Dec. 3, 2000)
CHOICE TABLES: Menus to Match Shanghai's Vitality (By NINA SIMONDS, Dec. 3, 2000)
This Train Beats Walking (Sometimes) (By WAYNE ARNOLD, Dec. 3, 2000)
Mideast Violence Hurts Egypt's Tourism Boom (By SUSAN SACHS, Dec. 3, 2000)
* Travel Q & A: BUDDHIST PILGRIMAGE (By RAY CORMIERy, Dec. 3, 2000)
ART: Memo to Art Museums: Don't Give Up on Art (By ROBERTA SMITH, Dec. 3, 2000)
THEATER: Joining a Rich Tradition of Comedies About Money (By WENDY WASSERSTEIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
ART: In a Leftist's Lens, the 'Common Man' of a Dark Decade [Ben Shahn] (By VICKI GOLDBERG, Dec. 3, 2000)
FILM: When Battle and Ballet Become Synonymous (By VALERIE GLADSTONE, Dec. 3, 2000)
THEATER: We're All Trapped, but Let's Laugh (By JOHN EPPERSON, Dec. 3, 2000)
Light of Foot, They Perform And Move On (By IRIS FANGER, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Believer in Decency, a Wringer of Tears (By EMILY EAKIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
Add Up the Losers, and You Get a Multimillionaire (By ANITA GATES, Dec. 3, 2000)
Lively Puppets In a Dark World (By HAL HINSON, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Provocateur Takes On a New Challenge (By BEN SISARIO, Dec. 3, 2000)
The Queen of Fado, Portugal's Soul, Lives Again (By JON PARELES, Dec. 3, 2000)
At 61, a Wanderer Has Found Home [Dio DiMucci and the Belmonts] (By ANTHONY DeCURTIS, Dec. 3, 2000)
A Playful Geometer Makes the Complex Seem So Simple (By JEFFREY KASTNER, Dec. 3, 2000)
Bocelli Seeks Legitimacy (And Bucks) in 'Bohème' (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, Dec. 3, 2000)
MUSIC: Rappers Who Definitely Know How to Rock (By KELEFA SANNEH, Dec. 3, 2000)
ON LANGUAGE: Netspionage (BY WILLIAM SAFIRE, Dec. 3, 2000)
LEXICON: Code Name: Retract Larch (By WILLIAM M. ARKIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
CHART: Top Secrets (By JONATHAN VANKIN, Drawings by WILLIAM VAN RODEN, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Husbands and Lies (BY RANDY COHEN, Dec. 3, 2000)
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: I Was a Teenage Pornographer (By ERIK TARLOFF, Dec. 3, 2000)
ESSAY: Sieve City: In our nation's capital, leaking is a way of life (By JANE MAYER, Dec. 3, 2000)
WHAT THEY WERE THINKING: Llorraine Neithardt, New York, Nov. 5, 2000 (Photograph by MARK HEITHOFF, Interview by CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS, Dec. 3, 2000)
What Secrets Tell (By LUC SANTE, Dec. 3, 2000)
MEDIA CONSPIRACY: Chelsea Under Wraps (MARGARET TALBOT, Dec. 3, 2000)
AUDIO ARCHAEOLOGY: Eavesdropping On History [recovery long-lost sounds] (By JACK HITT, Dec. 3, 2000)
COMPUTER SECURITY: The Whiz Kid Vs. the Old Boys [C.I.A. director John Deutch] (By THOMAS POWERS, Dec. 3, 2000)
INVISIBLE MAN: The Pretenders [shameful to lose a job in Japan] (By HOWARD FRENCH, Dec. 3, 2000)
CORPORATE SPIES: The Pizza Plot [competitive intelligence on rivals] (By ADAM L. PENENBERG & MARC BARRY, Dec. 3, 2000)
PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: The Cop and the Therapist (By D. T. MAX, Dec. 3, 2000)
* MARKETING A MYSTERY: Outback Confidential (By JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 3, 2000)
HIGH-TECH SMUGGLING: The Submarine Next Door (By KIRK SEMPLE, Dec. 3, 2000)
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: The Last Taboo (By DAPHNE MERKIN, Dec. 3, 2000)
LOST AND FOUND: Silence of the Lam (By MELANIE THERNSTROM , Dec. 3, 2000)
SITE R: Bunker? What Bunker? (By BILL GIFFORD, Dec. 3, 2000)
* A DOUBLE LIFE: A Life of Fiction [Charles Dickens's secrets inspired his work] (By JANE SMILEY, Dec. 3, 2000)
FOOD: The Clandestine Chef (By JONATHAN REYNOLDS, Dec. 3, 2000)
LIVES: Lies I Lived [clanking machinery of Soviet secrecy] (By TATYANA TOLSTAYA, Dec. 3, 2000)
BOOK REVIEW: Contents (NY Times, Dec. 3, 2000)
Editors' Choice: The 10 best books of 2000 (NY Times, Dec. 3, 2000)
Notable Books of the Year [Fiction & Poetry, Nonfiction, Children, Mysteries, Science Fiction] (NY Times, Dec. 3, 2000)
True Romance [Richard Holmes, "Sidetracks"] (By HILARY SPURLING, Dec. 3, 2000)
* Mr. Humanismus [Anthony Grafton, "Leon Battista Alberti"] (By BRUCE BOUCHER, Dec. 3, 2000)
The Original Spin Doctor [Maurizio Viroli biography on Niccolo Machiavelli] (By ALEXANDER STILLE, Dec. 3, 2000)
The Secret Pan [Benjamin Ivry, "Maurice Ravel"] (By ALAN RIDING, Dec. 3, 2000)
Lincoln's Shadow [William J. Cooper Jr., "Jefferson Davis, American"] (By MAX BYRD, Dec. 3, 2000)
* Silent, Holy, Calm, Bright, Etc. [Karal Ann Marling, "Merry Christmas!"] (By JEANINE BASINGER, Dec. 3, 2000)
Whistle While You Read [Robert Gottlieb & Robert Kimball, "Reading Lyrics"] (By DAVID YEZZI, Dec. 3, 2000)
You Jane? [Julia Barrett, "Jane Austen's 'Charlotte'"] (By JAMES R. KINCAID, Dec. 3, 2000)
The Voice of Small-Town America (By ADAM GOPNIK, Dec. 3, 2000)
Sky Watch: A Most Fascinating Body [Half-lit Moon] (By JOE RAO, Dec. 3, 2000)

Saturday, December 2, 2000:
On This Day: December 2 (Georges Seurat 12/2/1859-3/29/1891, Charles Ringling 12/2/1863-12/3/1926, George Richards Minot 12/2/1885-2/25/1950, Sir John Barbirolli 12/2/1899-7/29/1970, Gianni Versace 12/2/1946-7/15/1997, Adolp Green 1915, Alexander Haig 1924, Julie Harris 1925, Stone Phillips 1954, Tracy Austin 1962, Britney Spears 1981)
Final Vote Condemns M'Carthy, 67-22, For Abusing Senate and Committee (By ANTHONY LEVIERO, December 2, 1954)
Maria Callas, 53, Is Dead of Heart Attack in Paris [12/2/1923-9/16/1977] (By RAYMOND ERICSON, September 17, 1977)
Andrew Stone, Director, Writer and Producer of Films, Dies at 96 (By ERIC PACE, Dec. 2, 2000)
Gwen Grant Mellon, Founder of a Haitian Hospital, Dies at 89 [wrote to Albert Schweitzer] (By ERIC PACE, Dec. 2, 2000)
Bernard Vorhaus, Prolific American Director in England, Dies at 95 (NY Times, Dec. 2, 2000)
Jack Hemingway, Son of Famed Author, Dies at 76 (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE SUPREME COURT: U.S. Supreme Court Presses 2 Sides on Vote Case (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 2, 2000)
Supreme Court Close-up: Sharp Questions in a Telling Session (NYTimes, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE FLORIDA COURTS: And in Florida, Justices Refuse Bid for Recount (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE SPECTATORS: Inside, Humor Carries a Bite; Outside, a Loud Jury of Jeers (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE STATE COURTS: Republicans Bear Down on Absentee Ballot Suits (By MICHAEL COOPER with MICHAEL MOSS, Dec. 2, 2000)
GLOBAL REACTION: A World That at First Howled in Derision Grows Somewhat Anxious, and Also Admiring
(By WARREN HOGE, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: A Plan to Appoint Electors With No Jeb Bush Signature (By SOMINI SENGUPTA, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE MEDIA: Without Pictures, TV Networks Were Scrambling (By PETER MARKS, Dec. 2, 2000)
Court Says No to a New Palm Beach Vote (NY Times, Dec. 2, 2000)
FELON VOTERS: Hundred of Felons in Florida Voted Illegally, Newspaper Finds (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 2, 2000)
THE TRANSFER OF POWER: White House Arranging F.B.I. Checks on Both Sides' Cabinet Picks (By MARC LACEY, Dec. 2, 2000)
Religion Journal: Using Principles of Zen in Fight Against AIDS (By GUSTAV NIEBUHR, Dec. 2, 2000)
Museum Honoring Rosa Parks Opens on Historic Street Corner (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 2, 2000)
A New President of Mexico Vows to Share Power (By GINGER THOMPSON, Dec. 2, 2000)
Ex-President for the Capital of the World? (By ELISABETH BUMILLER, Dec. 2, 2000)
Turning Fidgets Into Karate Kicks (By SUSAN SAULNY, Dec. 2, 2000)
Columbia U. Revels in Success of Its Fund-Raising Campaign (By KAREN W. ARENSON, Dec. 2, 2000)
OP-ED JOURNAL: Happy Anniversary Mr. Presidents (By FRANK RICH, Dec. 2, 2000)
OP-ED: Who Says the Election Has a Dec. 12 Deadline? (By STEPHEN GILLERS, Dec. 2, 2000)
OP-ED: ABROAD AT HOME: Through A Glass Darkly (By ANTHONY LEWIS, Dec. 2, 2000)
OP-ED: Now We Know That Not All Votes Count (By JOHN LEWIS, Dec. 2, 2000)
BUSINESS: Failed Rally Ends Week of Wall Street Pain (By ALEX BERENSON, Dec. 2, 2000)
In Consumer Electronics, Shoppers Seem to Be Thinking Downscale (By JULIAN E. BARNES, Dec. 2, 2000)
Group to Buy Controlling Interest in Datek Online for $700 Million (By DAVID BARBOZA, Dec. 2, 2000)
Automakers are Facing a Sales Slowdown (By KEITH BRADSHER, Dec. 2, 2000)
Industrial Activity Contracts for Fourth Consecutive Month (By BRIDGE NEWS, Dec. 2, 2000)
Moody's Puts Xerox Rating Below Investment Grade (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 2, 2000)
* IDEAS: Proposing a Messiah Before Jesus (By EMILY EAKIN, Dec. 2, 2000)
IDEAS: A Sampling of Works in Progress (NY Times, Dec. 2, 2000)
CIRCUS REVIEW: Three-Ring Thrills Distilled to One (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Dec. 2, 2000)
MUSIC: A Corigliano Premiere, Bound for New York (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Dec. 2, 2000)
TV REVIEW: For the Spice of Life, Literally (By RON WERTHEIMER, Dec. 2, 2000)
THINK TANK: Taking Stock: More Lawyers, Fewer Inventors (NY Times, Dec. 2, 2000)
DANCE: Nine Men Amid Gothic Strangeness (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 2, 2000)

Friday, December 1, 2000:
On This Day: December 1 (Étienne-Maurice Falconet 12/1/1716-1/24/1791, Martin Klaproth 12/1/1743-1/1/1817, Marie Tussaud 12/1/1761-4/16/1850, Walter Alston 12/1/1911-10/1/1984, Minoru Yamasaki 12/1/1912-2/6/1986, Mary Martin 12/1/1913-11/3/1990, Stansfield Turner 1923, Lou Rawls 1935, Lee Trevino 1939, Dianne Lennon 1939, Richard Pryor 1940, Bette Midler 1945, Carol Alt 1960)
12-Nation Pact Makes Antarctic Science Reserve (By WALTER SULLIVAN, December 1, 1959)
Gerard Swope, 84, Ex-General Electric Head, Dies [12/1/1872-11/20/1957] (NY Times, November 21, 1957)
Lou Groza, 76, Star Kicker for Cleveland Browns, Dies (By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Dec. 1, 2000)
Jim Tuppeny, 75, Director of Penn Relays, Dies (By FRANK LITSKY, Dec. 1, 2000)
FLORIDA COURTS: Bush's Lawyers Attack Suit by Gore to Challenge Vote (By DAVID FIRESTONE, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE VICE PRESIDENT: With No Dissent in Inner Circle, Gore Hasn't Discussed Conceding (By MELINDA HENNEBERGER, Dec. 1, 2000)
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: Miami Mayor's Role a Riddle in Decision to Halt Recount (By DON VAN NATTA Jr. & DEXTER FILKINS, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE SUPREME COURT: While Justices May Not Settle Dispute Yet, They Could Settle Key Questions (By LINDA GREENHOUSE, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE LEGAL ISSUES: Experts Split on When Florida Legislature Could Name Its Own Slate of Electors (By WILLIAM GLABERSON, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE TEXAS GOVERNOR: Advisers to Bush Say He Would Use Appointments to Send Diversity Message (By FRANK BRUNI, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE VOTING MACHINES: No-Vote Rates Higher in Punch-Card Counts (By FORD FESSENDEN, Dec. 1, 2000)
FLORIDA LEGISLATURE: Lawmakers Move Closer to Special Florida Session for Naming Bush Electors (By DAVID BARSTOW, Dec. 1, 2000)
The Lawyers: For Democrats, A Legal Scholar (By NEIL A. LEWIS, Dec. 1, 2000)
The Lawyers: Trusted Litigator for Republicans (By NEIL A. LEWIS, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE SPECTATORS: Sleeping on the Sidewalk for a Glimpse of History (NY Times, Dec. 1, 2000)
THE COURT SCENE: As the Lawsuits Multiply, So, Too, Do the Litigators (By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA, Dec. 1, 2000)
MOVING THE BALLOTS: TV Follows Truck With Crucial Cargo (By DAVID STOUT, Dec. 1, 2000)
Looking at Higher Education, Report Finds Vast Differences Among States (By JACQUES STEINBERG, Dec. 1, 2000)
Highest Honor to Architects at Princeton (By JULIE V. IOVINE, Dec. 1, 2000)
MEDICINE MERCHANTS / Pirated Pills: Selling Cheap 'Generic' Drugs, India's Copycats Irk Industry (By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr., Dec. 1, 2000)
As Mad Cow Disease Spreads in Europe, Consumers Panic (By SUZANNE DALEY, Dec. 1, 2000)
Behind Europe's Frenzy: A Disease That Affects the Brain (NY Times, Dec. 1, 2000)
Is It the 2000 Bug? Year of the Dragon? It's a Baby Boomlet (By JENNIFER STEINHAUER, Dec. 1, 2000)
As the Battle Between the Tabloids Intensifies, So Do The Post's Labor Woes (By JAYSON BLAIR, Dec. 1, 2000)
PUBLIC PROFILE: A Latter-Day Houdini, Out of Cold Storage (By JOYCE WADLER, Dec. 1, 2000)
OP-ED: A Risky Moment for the Court (By GERALD GUNTHER, Dec. 1, 2000)
Refusing to 'Live With Aids' (By NADINE GORDIMER, Dec. 1, 2000)
BUSINESS: Stock Sell-Off Accelerates and Broadens (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Dec. 1, 2000)
Floyd Norris: This Half-Price Sale Is a Sign of Economic Woes Ahead (By Floyd Norris, Dec. 1, 2000)
PepsiCo Is Reported Close to Purchasing Quaker Oats (By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN and GREG WINTER, Dec. 1, 2000)
G.E.'s New Corporate Face (By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH, Dec. 1, 2000)
Self-Employment on the Decline (By DAVID LEONHARDT, Dec. 1, 2000)
Analysts Debating Gateway (By BARNABY J. FEDER, Dec. 1, 2000)
Japan's Top Mobile Phone Company to Buy AT&T Wireless Stake (By SIMON ROMERO, Dec. 1, 2000)
Advertising: Big Independent Ad Agency Is Sold (By STUART ELLIOTT, Dec. 1, 2000)
Internet Auction Site Reports Fivefold Widening of Loss (By SUZANNE KAPNER, Dec. 1, 2000)
Online Buyers Gain Ability to Sue (By PAUL MELLER, Dec. 1, 2000)
U.S. Making 2 Inquiries on Online Trading (By REUTERS, Dec. 1, 2000)
Rights Sold to Make Harry Potter Items (NY Times, Dec. 1, 2000)
Music Agency Makes Changes in Top Ranks (By RALPH BLUMENTHAL, Dec. 1, 2000)
Legg Mason Funds Feel Some of the Pain (NY Times, Dec. 1, 2000)
CNN Said to Weigh Overhaul and Job Cuts (By JIM RUTENBERG, Dec. 1, 2000)
ART: NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL REVIEW: Eiko and Koma: An Eerie Beauty Darkly Smolders (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 1, 2000)
ART: John Wesley: Outlandishness That Sticks to Its Own Logic (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Dec. 1, 2000)
ART: Childless but Fascinated by Intimate Family Life (By KEN JOHNSON, Dec. 1, 2000)
Inside Art: A Prize That Prickles (By CAROL VOGEL, Dec. 1, 2000)
DANCE: Upward, Downward and Upward Again, the Ailey Toasts a New Season (By JACK ANDERSON, Dec. 1, 2000)
DANCE: Sydney Dance Company: Distilling Emotions in Abstract Encounters (By ANNA KISSELGOFF, Dec. 1, 2000)
DESIGN REVIEW: From Curvy Organic Shapes to Hip and Playful Pop (By GRACE GLUECK, Dec. 1, 2000)
FILM: 'Terror Firmer': Working on a Horror Film? It Can Be Murder, You Know (By ELVIS MITCHELL, Dec. 1, 2000)
FILM: 'Moon Shadow': Walking in a Rainstorm? Hey, It Makes Perfect Sense (By A. O. SCOTT, Dec. 1, 2000)
At the Movies: Bread, Chocolate and Brio (By DAVE KEHR, Dec. 1, 2000)
PHOTOGRAPHY: The Camera in the Raj, Seducing and Upsetting (By HOLLAND COTTER, Dec. 1, 2000)
THEATER: 'Seussical: The Musical': The Cat! The Whos! The Places They Go! (By BEN BRANTLEY, Dec. 1, 2000)
TV Weekend: John Lennon, a Lad; Paul McCartney, a Grown-Up (By CARYN JAMES, Dec. 1, 2000)
TV REVIEW: On a New Limb With Shirley MacLaine (By JULIE SALAMON, Dec. 1, 2000)
BOOKS OF THE TIMES: 'The Persian Bride': Where a Grand Passion Is a Nightmare Come True (By MICHIKO KAKUTANI, Dec. 1, 2000)

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