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Selected Articles from The New York Times—
September 2000

Saturday, September 30, 2000:
On This Day: September 30 (Etienne Bonnot Condillac 9/30/1715-8/2/1780, Antoine-Jerome Balard 9/30/1802-3/30/1876, Jean Perrin 9/30/1870-4/17/1942, Hans Geiger 9/30/1882-9/24/1945, Sir Nevill Mott 9/30/1905-8/8/1996, Deborah Kerr 1921, Angie Dickinson 1931, Johnny Mathis 1935, Deborah Allen 1953, Martina Hingis 1980)
Britain and Germany Make Anti-War Pact; Hitler Gets Less Than His Sudeten Demands (NY Times, Sept. 30, 1938)
Truman Capote is Dead at 59; Novelist of Style and Clarity [born 9/30/1924] (By ALBIN KREBS, August 26, 1984)
Peter Gennaro, Choreographer of 'Annie,' Dies at 80 (By LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, Sept. 30, 2000)
Carl Sigman, 91, Songsmith for Two Generations, Dies (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, Sept. 30, 2000)
IDEAS: History's Judgment of the 2 Civil War Generals Is Changing (By JANNY SCOTT, Sept. 30, 2000)
IDEAS: Speak, Cultural Memory: A Dead-Language Debate (By ALEXANDER STILLE, Sept. 30, 2000)
FILM: Splashed Across Life's Canvas, Dripping [Jackson Pollock] (By STEPHEN HOLDEN, Sept. 30, 2000)
MUSIC REVIEW: A Venerable Concert Hall That's the Belle of the Ball (By ALLAN KOZINN, Sept. 30, 2000)
Ballet Review: Traipsing Along Jovially All the Way to the Pub (By JENNIFER DUNNING, Sept. 30, 2000)
Kibu.com to shut down (By STEVEN MUSIL & JEFF PELLINE, CNET NEWS.COM, Sept. 30, 2000)

Friday, September 29, 2000:
On This Day: September 29 (Francois Boucher 9/29/1703-5/30/1770, Horatio Nelson 9/29/1758-10/21/1805, Greer Garson 9/29/1904-4/6/1996, Trevor Howard 9/29/1916-1/7/1988, Michelangelo Antonioni 9/29/1912)
New York Giants: 1883-1957 Last Game at Polo Grounds (NY Times, September 29, 1957)
Enrico Fermi Dead at 53; Architect of Atomic Bomb [born 9/29/1901] (NY Times, November 29, 1954)
Pierre Trudeau Is Dead at 80; Fighter for Canadians' Unity (By MICHAEL T. KAUFMAN, September 29, 2000)
In Suburbs, the Batman Meets His Villain [a bat eats 7000 bugs each night] (By JANE GROSS, September 29, 2000)
FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Under the Volcano [AOL Help Center] (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, September 29, 2000)
Apple Computer Stock Plunges After Earnings Announcement (By LAWRENCE M. FISHER, Sept. 29, 2000)
Floyd Norris: Do Computers Now Sell Like Cars? (By FLOYD NORRIS, Sept. 29, 2000)
Fund Tied to Internet Index (By DANNY HAKIM, Sept. 29, 2000)
ART REVIEW: A Postwar Survey, Semi-Wild at Heart (By HOLLAND COTTER, Sept. 29, 2000)
INSIDE ART: A New Home for Old Masters [Van Gogh's "Portrait of Alexander Reid"] (By CAROL VOGEL, Sept. 29, 2000)
ART REVIEW: High Priest of a Boundless Era [John Ruskin] (By GRACE GLUECK, Sept. 29, 2000)
ART REVIEW: Saluting a Pure Form of Abstraction, Long May It Wave [Bridget Riley] (By ROBERTA SMITH, Sept. 29, 2000)
ART REVIEW: Conjuring a Genre From Light and Air (By GRACE GLUECK, Sept. 29, 2000)
MUSIC: Was He a Fastidious Romantic or an Impassioned Classicist? [Mendelssohn] (By BERNARD HOLLAND, Sept. 29, 2000)
Antiques: A Devotion to Japanese Art Is Requited (By SUSANNE CHARLE, Sept. 29, 2000)
ON THE ROAD: Everything's New but the Mountains and the Sea [Vancouver] (By R. W. APPLE Jr., Sept. 29, 2000)

Thursday, September 28, 2000:
On This Day: September 28 (Georges Clemenceau 9/28/1841-11/24/1929, William Paley 9/28/1901-10/26/1990, Al Capp 9/28/1909-11/5/1979, Marcello Mastroianni 9/28/1924-12/19/1996, Brigitte Bardot 9/28/1934)
Fliers At Seattle End World Flight of 27,000 Miles (NY Times, September 28, 1924)
Ed Sullivan Is Dead at 73; Charmed Millions on TV [born 9/28/1901] (NY Times, October 14, 1974)
Raoul Berger, 99, an Expert on Constitution in 2nd Career (By DOUGLAS MARTIN, September 28, 2000)
Heberto Padilla, Cuban Poet, Is Dead at 68 (By CELESTINE BOHLEN, September 28, 2000)
A Novice's Hard Lesson: Bringing Order to a Class (By ABBY GOODNOUGH, September 28, 2000)
ARTS IN AMERICA: O Profligate Youth of Rome, Ye #*!, Ye @#! (By JULIE FLAHERTY, September 28, 2000)
BOOKS: The Washington Crowd, Graying Now, Is Revisited (By JANET MASLIN, September 28, 2000)
MEL & PATRICIA ZIEGLER: About to Hatch Their Third Republic (By PETER HELLMAN, Sept. 28, 2000)
Human Pheromone Link May Have Been Found (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, September 28, 2000)
SCREEN GRAB: M.C. Escher: An Artist for the Web (By MICHAEL POLLAK, September 28, 2000)
HOW IT WORKS: A Digital Pen That Wows (By MATT LAKE, September 28, 2000)
The New Wireless Web (By IAN AUSTEN, September 28, 2000)
NEWS WATCH: Internet Appliance Eliminates Hard Drive (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, September 28, 2000)
The College Search Game, Spam Included (By LISA GUERNSEY, September 28, 2000)
Priceline Drops on Sales Forecast (By SAUL HANSELL, September 28, 2000)

Wednesday, September 27, 2000:
On This Day: September 27 (Cosimo de Medici 9/27/1389-8/1/1464, Samuel Adams 9/27/1722-10/2/1803, Sir Harry Blackstone 9/27/1885-11/16/1965, Sir Martin Ryle 9/27/1918-10/14/1984)
Warren Commission Finds Oswald Guilty: Assassin & Ruby Acted Alone (By Anthony Lewis, Sept. 27, 1964)
Admiral Mahan, Naval Critic, Dies at 74 [born 9/26/1897] (NY Times, December 2, 1914)
New Images Offer Clues to Hot Halo Around Sun (By JAMES GLANZ, September 27, 2000)
Barbra Streisand: Enthralled by a Force of Nature (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, September 27, 2000)
BOOKS: Finding the Seeds of Hope in a Society of Paradoxes (By IRA LAPIDUS, September 27, 2000)
MARKET PLACE: Register.com Hits Bottom but Hopes to Rebound (By ALEX BERENSON, September 27, 2000)
Ebbets Lights Dimmed Again In City Prizing Relics, Link to Dodgers Needs a Home (By DANIEL J. WAKIN, September 27, 2000)

Tuesday, September 26, 2000:
On This Day: September 26 (Moses Mendelssohn 9/26/1729-1/4/1786, Jean-Louis Gericault 9/26/1791-1/26/1824, T.S. Eliot 9/26/1888-1/4/1965, Martin Heidegger 9/26/1889-5/26/1976, Charles Munch 9/26/1891-11/6/1968, George Gershwin 9/26/1898-7/11/1937)
Nixon & Kennedy Clash in TV Debate on Spending, Farms and Social Issues (By Russell Baker, September 26, 1960)
Pope Paul VI Is Dead of a Heart Attack at 80 [born 9/26/1897] (By KENNETH A. BRIGGS, August 7, 1978)
Lee Erwin, Organist and Composer, Dies at 92 (By ALLAN KOZINN, September 26, 2000)
A Very Warm White House Welcome to Some Highly Valued Guests (By JOHN TIERNEY, September 26, 2000)
MUSIC REVIEW: A Parade of Youth and Stars for Stern (By BERNARD HOLLAND, September 26, 2000)
FASHION: Those Roomy Sleeves Say '80's Redux' (By GINIA BELLAFANTE, September 26, 2000)
Dr. Leonard Guarente: Searching for Genes to Slow the Hands of Biological Time (By NICHOLAS WADE, Sept. 26, 2000)
Looking at Birds, in Meticulous Detail (By E. VERNON LAUX, September 26, 2000)
Sleuths Solve Case of Bubble Mistaken for a Snapping Shrimp (By KENNETH CHANG, September 26, 2000)
Some See Hope in Biofeedback for Attention Disorder (By JIM ROBBINS, September 26, 2000)
PERSONAL HEALTH— Debate Over Milk: Time to Look at Facts (By JANE E. BRODY, September 26, 2000)
Biotech Corn Isn't Serious Threat to Monarchs ( By CAROL KAESUK YOON, September 26, 2000)

Monday, September 25, 2000:
On This Day: September 25 (Mark Rothko 9/25/1903-2/25/1970, Dmitry Shostakovich 9/25/1906-8/9/1975, Glenn Gould 9/25/1932-10/4/1982, Phil Rizzuto 9/25/1918, Barbara Walter, 9/25/1931, Michael Douglas 9/25/44)
President Eisenhower Sends Troops to Little Rock (By ANTHONY LEWIS, September 25, 1957)
Faulkner's Home, Family and Heritage Were Genesis of Yoknapatawpha County [born 9/25/1897] (NY Times, July 7, 1962)
Hideo Sasaki, Influential Landscape Architect, Dies at 80 (By ANNE RAVER, September 25, 2000)
E-COMMERCE REPORT: The Middlemen of Content (By BOB TEDESCHI, September 25, 2000)
The Week in Science: Molecular Biologists at Play in the Field of Aging (NY Times, September 25, 2000)
Yoga Teacher to Stars Tries Becoming One (By KATHRYN SHATTUCK, September 25, 2000, B-8)
WRITING: A Storyteller Stands Where Justice Confronts Basic Human Needs (By SARA PARETSKY, Sept. 25, 2000)
DIVING: From a Broken Dream to a Gold Medal (By MARK LANDLER, September 25, 2000)
AT&T Board Seeks Ways to Lift Stock (By SETH SCHIESEL, September 25, 2000)
NBCi Piles On New Features (By SAUL HANSELL, September 25, 2000)
DreamWorks Scales Back Its Once-Grand Vision (By GERALDINE FABRIKANT, September 25, 2000)

Sunday, September 24, 2000:
On This Day: September 24 (John Marshall 9/24/1755-7/6/1835, Severo Ochoa 9/24/1905-11/1/1993, Jim Henson 9/24/1936-5/16/1990)
Clinton, at U.N., Signs Treaty Banning All Nuclear Testing (By ALISON MITCHELL, September 24, 1996)
Scott Fitzgerald, Author, Dies at 44 [born 9/24/1896] (NY Times, December 23, 1940)
China's Opportunities, And Ours (By WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON, September 24, 2000)
Bards, Sonneteers and a Laureate Poetry Festival Inspire Thousands of Rhyme Schemes (By TINA KELLEY, September 24, 2000)
Poaching May Kill Fish That Lay the Golden Eggs (By PATRICK E. TYLER, September 24, 2000)
BUSINESS WORLD: Preserving the Forest by Leasing the Trees (By REED ABELSON, September 24, 2000)
Shockless Future Shock (By JOHN SCHWARTZ, September 24, 2000)
MARKET WATCH: Professionals Play the Stock Manipulation Game, Too (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, Sept. 24, 2000)
PORTFOLIOS: As Indexes Fall, Some Musings on the Downside (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, Sept. 24, 2000)
Investing With Alfred Harrison: Alliance Premier Growth Fund (By DANNY HAKIM, September 24, 2000)
Big Advance? No, Thanks, He'll Publish It Himself (By MARY B.W. TABOR, September 24, 2000)
Diary: Seeing the Future in a Surge in Patents? (By Conrad de Aenlle, September 24, 2000)
ART: How Rembrandt Made His Name Painting Himself (BY DEBORAH WEISGALL, September 24, 2000)
ARTS: The Virtual Museum, Imperfect but Promising (By DOUGLAS DAVIS, September 24, 2000)
DANCE: To Dance Vivaldi, Just Ask Vivaldi (By IRIS FANGER, September 24, 2000)
FILM: 'Silent Divas of Italian Cinema': Vamps and Martyrs, Enraptured and Anguished (By LESLIE CAMHI, September 24, 2000)
NOTICED: Here Comes the Bride, and Her Sponsors (By JULIA CHAPLIN, September 24, 2000)
ON LANGUAGE: or shut up (Etymological mysteries of the 2000 campaign) (BY WILLIAM SAFIRE, Sept. 24, 2000)
Portrayal of the Artist (Ed Harris Playing Jackson Pollack) (By DEBORAH SOLOMON, September 24, 2000)
THE ETHICIST: Conference Call (BY RANDY COHEN, September 24, 2000)
FOOD: A Taste for Seduction (By JONATHAN REYNOLDS, September 24, 2000)
STYLE: Mr. Bubble (By INGRID SISCHY, September 24, 2000)
The Dream: Slide Show (Photos by Melvin Sokolsky, Styled by Elizabeth Stewart, September 24, 2000)

Saturday, September 23, 2000:
On This Day: September 23 (Casear Augustus 9/23/63 BC-8/19/14 AD, Walter Lippmann 9/23/1889-12/14/1974, Mickey Rooney 1920, Julio Iglesias 1943, Bruce Spingsteen 1949)
Nixon Leaves Fate To G.O.P. Chiefs; Eisenhower Calls Him To A Talk (By Gladwin Hill, Sept. 23, 1952)
Victoria Martin, Suffragist, Dies: Nominated for U. S. President as Mrs. Woodhull in 1872 [born 9/23/1838] (June 11, 1927)
Huge Spot Visible on Sun (By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, September 23, 2000)
Monarchs Sent Off to Mariachi Beat (By KIRK JOHNSON, September 23, 2000)
VITAL SIGNS— Patterns: Linking Repetitive Stress and Job Stress (NY Times, September 23, 2000)

Friday, September 22, 2000:
On This Day: September 22 (Michael Faraday 9/22/1791-8/25/1867, Erich von Stroheim 9/22/1885-5/12/1957, Babette Deutsch 9/22/1895-11/13/1982)
Highly Important: A Proclamation by the President of the United States (NY Times, Sept. 22, 1862)
John Houseman, Actor and Producer, 86, Dies [born 9/22/1902] (By MARILYN BERGER, November 1, 1988)
Amichai, Israel's Most Important and Influential Poet, Dies at 76 (By MEL GUSSOW, Sept. 22, 2000)
Inside Art: A Rare Stroll in the Garden (By CAROL VOGEL, September 22, 2000)
ART REVIEW: Knickerbocker's Knickknacks (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, September 22, 2000)
ART REVIEW: Calligraphy in Harmony With Poetry and Painting (By HOLLAND COTTER, Sept. 22, 2000)
Islander Once, Now Voyager (By JAMAICA KINCAID, September 22, 2000)
BOOKS: Time Warp of Two Asias in One Place (By FRANK GIBNEY, September 22, 2000)
The Opposite of Amazon.com (By LESLIE KAUFMAN, September 22, 2000)
Nasdaq Down Sharply in Wake of Intel Warning (By THESTREET.COM, September 22, 2000)

Thursday, September 21, 2000:
On This Day: September 21 (H. G. Wells 9/21/1866-8/13/1946, Gustav Holst 9/21/1874-5/25/1934, Hans Hartung 9/21/1904-12/7/1989, Stephen King 9/21/1947)
Hurricane Sweeps Coast; 11 Dead, 71 Missing, L.I. Toll; 80 Die In New England Flood (NY Times, Sept. 21, 1938)
Henry L. Stimson Dies at 83 In His Home on Long Island [born 9/21/1867] (NY Times, October 21, 1950)
Nathan Kroll, Producer of Films on Noted Musicians, Dies at 88 (By ANTHONY TOMMASINI, September 21, 2000)
SINGAPORE JOURNAL: A Fastidious City-State Has an Answer for Crows (By WAYNE ARNOLD, September 21, 2000)
Teen Settles Stock Manipulation Case (By GRETCHEN MORGENSON, September 21, 2000)
MARKET PLACE: Telecommunications Woes Seem to Be Rolled Up in Sprint (By SETH SCHIESEL, September 21, 2000)
DESIGN NOTEBOOK: Designers Find You Can't Live on Buzz (By WILLIAM L. HAMILTON, September 21, 2000)
Sit! Stay! Bark! Cut! [Moviemaking by Computer] (By ALISSA LARA QUART, September 21, 2000)
E-Mail You Can't Outrun (By AMY HARMON, September 21, 2000)
STATE OF THE ART: It's a Word World, Or Is It? (By JOEL BRINKLEY, September 21, 2000)
NEWS WATCH: Study Finds Monitors May Pose Health Risks (By IAN AUSTEN, September 21, 2000)
Places to Close In on Ragweed, but From a Distance (By MICHAEL POLLAK, September 21, 2000)
Numbed by Numbers (By KATIE HAFNER, September 21, 2000)
ONLINE SHOPPER: Shopping for a Vintage Dress (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, September 21, 2000)
WHAT'S NEXT: Impressive New Video Displays (By IAN AUSTEN, Sept. 21, 2000)
A Shoe With Instant Feedback (By MICHEL MARRIOTT, September 21, 2000)
Views of Nature Before Darwin Jumped Into the Debate (By SHELLY FREIERMAN, September 21, 2000)
Q & A: Ways to Keep Out Broadband Hackers (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, September 21, 2000)
BROWSER: Sites and Events This Week (September 21, 2000)

Wednesday, September 20, 2000:
On This Day: September 20 (Joyce Brothers 9/20/1928, Sophia Loren 9/20/1934)
Mrs. King Defeats Riggs, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3, Amid a Circus Atmosphere (By NEIL AMDUR, Sept. 20, 1973)
The Catch of the Moment: White Salmon (By AMANDA HESSER, September 20, 2000)
E-commerce: Clicking Outside the Box (By SAUL HANSELL, September 20, 2000)
E-commerce: Plotting the Next Chapter of Storytelling on the Web (By RICK LYMAN, Sept. 20, 2000)
Excite@Home Chief Quits (By SAUL HANSELL, September 20, 2000)
MANAGEMENT / THE BOSS: Solving the Puzzles of China (By HOWARD HOLLEY, September 20, 2000)
MANAGEMENT: All the World's a Campus (By DAVID LEONHARDT, September 20, 2000)
MARKETING: Those Banner Ads Keep On Waving, Singing a Different Tune (By BERNARD STAMLER, Sept. 20, 2000)
MARKET PLACE: Markets Fall, but Goldman Keeps Rolling (By PATRICK McGEEHAN, September 20, 2000)
Is It Theft, or Is It Freedom? 7 Views of the Web's Impact on Culture Clashes (By MATTHEW MIRAPAUL, Sept. 20, 2000)

Tuesday, September 19, 2000:
On This Day: September 19 (George Cadbury 9/19/1839-10/24/1922, William H. Lever 9/19/1851-5/7/1925, Bergen Evans 9/19/1904-2/4/1978)
The President Dead; Gen. Arthur Takes the Oath As President (NY Times, September 19, 1881)
* William Golding Is Dead at 81; The Author of 'Lord of the Flies' [born 9/19/1911] (By BRUCE LAMBERT, June 19, 1993)
* Brain-Updating Machinery May Explain False Memories (By SANDRA BLAKESLEE, Sept. 19, 2000)
Letters: Politics and the Genome (NY Times, September 19, 2000)
Bookseller and Yahoo to Announce Pact (By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, September 19, 2000)

Monday, September 18, 2000:
On This Day: September 18 (Samuel Johnson 9/18/1709-12/13/1784, Jean-Bernard Foucault 9/18/1819-2/11/1868, Agnes de Mille 9/18/1905-10/7/1993, Edwin McMillan 9/18/1907-9/7/1991)
Defense Command Filled As 2 More Take Service Oath (By ANTHONY LEVIERO, September 18, 1947)
* Greta Garbo, 84, Screen Icon Who Fled Her Stardom, Dies [born 9/18/1905] (NY Times, April 16, 1990)
High Fashion Goes on Sale on the Web (By SAUL HANSELL, Sept. 18, 2000)

Sunday, September 17, 2000:
On This Day: September 18 (Frederick von Steuben 9/17/1730-11/28/1794, David Dunbar Buick 9/17/1854-3/6/1929, Christian Lange 9/17/1869-12/11/1938, Rube Foster 9/17/1879-12/9/1930, William Carlos Williams 9/17/1883-3/4/1963, Sir Francis Chichester 9/17/1901-8/26/1972, Sir Frederick Ashton 9/17/1904-8/18/1988, Warren Burger 9/17/1907-6/25/1995, David Oistrakh 9/17/1908-19/24/1974, Hank Williams 9/17/1923-1/1/1953, Ken Kesey 1935, David H. Souter 1939, John Ritter 1948, Cassandra Peterson 1951)
Battle of Antietam Creek (NY Times, September 17, 1862)
Maureen Connolly, Tennis Star, Dies [born 9/17/1934] (NY Times, June 22, 1969)
* Was It Citizen Hearst or Citizen Welles? (By DAVID THOMSON, September 17, 2000)
MUSIC: A Passion to Teach, and So to Learn (By PHILIP SETZER, September 17, 2000)
SPORTS: Best Conglomerate in the Entire World (Tiger Woods) (By DAVE ANDERSON, Sept. 17, 2000)
CUTTINGS: Making the Best Choice for Beloved Old Trees (By ANNE RAVER, Sept. 17, 2000)
A High-Tech Vision Lifts Fidelity (By DANNY HAKIM, September 17, 2000)
After a Hedge Fund's Fall, Is Wall Street the Wiser? (By ROGER LOWENSTEIN, September 17, 2000)
STRATEGIES: Leaders of the Pack Mentality (By MARK HULBERT, September 17, 2000)
Everyday Plastic, Spun Into Gold (By JANE TANNER, September 17, 2000)
MARKET INSIGHT: Spreading the Risk as Gains Broaden (By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER, September 17, 2000)
INVESTING WITH: Jerome J. Heppelmann PBHG Mid-Cap Value Fund (By CAROLE GOULD, September 17, 2000)
Keeping Hackers' Hands Off Your Card Numbers (By SUSAN STELLIN, September 17, 2000)
PRELUDES: Out on the Road to Burning Man (By ABBY ELLIN, September 17, 2000)
FOOD: Kitchen Confidential (By MOLLY O'NEILL, Sept. 17, 2000)

Saturday, September 16, 2000:
On This Day: September 16 (Squire Whipple 9/16/1804-3/15/1888, Albrecht Kossel 9/16/1853-7/5/1927, J. C. Penney 9/16/1875-2/12/1971, Clive Bell 9/16/1881-9/17/1964, Karen Horney 9/16/1885-12/4/1952, Jean Arp 9/16/1887-6/7/1966, Earl Carroll 9/16/1893-6/17/1948, Sir Alexander Korda 9/16/1893-1/23/1956, Laurence Peter 9/16/1919-1/12/1990, Janis Paige 1922, Lauren Bacall 1924, Rev. Robert Sculler 1926, Peter Falk 1927, George Chakiris 1933, David Copperfield 1956)
Ford Offers Amnesty Program Requiring 2 Years Public Work; Defends His Nixon Pardon (By MARJORIE HUNTER, Sept. 16, 1974)
Railroad Man & "Empire Builder" J. J. Hill Dead At The Age of 77 [born 9/16/1838] (NY Times, May 30, 1916)
SPORTS: Olympian in Word and Deed [Muhammad Ali] (By WILLIAM C. RHODEN, September 17, 2000)
Canadian Scientists Clone Famous Bull (By REUTERS, September 17, 2000)
He Was Obsessed With Little Girls and Perhaps He Was a Genius [Henry Darger] (By SARAH BOXER, September 17, 2000)
Web Sites' Merger Signals Consolidation of China's Internet Industry (By CRAIG S. SMITH, September 17, 2000)

Friday, September 15, 2000:
On This Day: September 15 (James Fenimore Cooper 9/15/1789-9/14/1851, Bruno Walter 9/15/1876-2/17/1962, Dame Agatha Christie 9/15/1890-1/12/1976, Jean Renoir 9/15/1894-2/12/1979, Norm Crosby 9/15/1927, Prince Harry 9/15/1984)
Taft Gained Peaks In Unusual Career [born 9/15/1857] (NY Times, March 9, 1930)
The Euro Experiment: A Bold Idea That Isn't Working (By FLOYD NORRIS, Sept. 15, 2000)
Disney Redesigns Go.com in Push to Attract Surfers (By SAUL HANSELL, Sept. 15, 2000)
* BOOKS: THE TALMUD AND THE INTERNET By Jonathan Rosen (By RICHARD EDER, Sept. 15, 2000)

Thursday, September 14, 2000:
On This Day: September 14 (Luigi Cherubini 9/14/1760-3/15/1842, Alexander von Humboldt 9/14/1769-5/6/1859, Ivan Pavlov 9/14/1849-2/27/1936, Jan Masaryk 9/14/1886-3/10/1948, Karl Compton 9/14/1887-6/22/1954, Alan Bloom 9/14/1930-10/7/1992)
* Soviet Rocket Hits Moon After 35 Hours (By MAX FRANKEL, Sept. 14, 1959)
Margaret Sanger Is Dead at 82; Led Campaign for Birth Control [born 9/14/1879] (NY Times, September 7, 1966)
Apple Breaks the Mold (By J. D. BIERSDORFER, Sept. 14, 2000)
Inktomi to Buy FastForward in $1.3 Billion Stock Swap (By LAWRENCE M. FISHER, Sept. 14, 2000)
The Ultimate Remote Means Never Having To Leave the Couch (By JENNIFER 8. LEE, Sept. 14, 2000)
China Internet Portal Sohu.com Takes Over Rival (By REUTERS, Sept. 14, 2000)
STATE OF THE ART: The Jukebox Comes Home (By MICHEL MARRIOTT, Sept. 14, 2000)
A Place to Go When There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (By KATIE HAFNER, Sept. 14, 2000)
ONLINE SHOPPER: Undercover Buying, Fake Names and All (By MICHELLE SLATALLA, Sept. 14, 2000)
Museumgoers Get a Virtual Hands-On Experience (By CATHERINE GREENMAN, Sept. 14, 2000)

Wednesday, September 13, 2000:
On This Day: September 13 (Clara Schumann 9/13/1813-5/20/1896, Arnold Schoenberg 9/13/1874-7/13/1951, Sherwood Anderson 9/13/1876-3/8/1941)
Rabin and Arafat Seal Their Accord as Clinton Applauds 'Brave Gamble' (By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Sept. 13, 1993)
Leadership, Personal Courage, Devotion to Troops Won for Pershing Affection of Nation [born 9/13/1860] (July 16, 1948)
Found: Possible Pre-Flood Artifacts (By WARREN E. LEARY, Sept. 13, 2000)

Tuesday, September 12, 2000:
On This Day: September 12 (Lorenzo de Medici 9/12/1492-5/4/1519, H.L. Mencken 9/12/1880-1/29/1956, Maurice Chevalier 9/12/1888-1/1/1972, Alfred Knopf 9/12/1892-8/11/1984, Ben Shahn 9/12/1898-3/14/1969)
Steven Biko, Young Black Leader Dies in Detention in South Africa (By JOHN F. BURNS, Sept. 12, 1977)
Jesse Owens Dies of Cancer at 66; Hero of the 1936 Berlin Olympics [born Sept. 12, 1913] (By FRANK LITSKY, April 1, 1980)
* Personal Health: Added Sugars Are Taking a Toll (By JANE E. BRODY, Sept. 12, 2000)
ESSAY: After Deciphering the Map, the Next Task Is a Guidebook for the Human Genome (By ERIC S. LANDER, Sept. 12, 2000)
* Observatory: Bouncing Buckyball (By HENRY FOUNTAIN, Sept. 12, 2000)
Archaeology on Center Stage (By NICHOLAS WADE, Sept. 12, 2000)
Threatened Monarchs Lose Much of Their Winter Habitat (By CAROL KAESUK YOON, Sept. 12, 2000)
There They Go, Bad-Mouthing Divorce Again (By JANE SMILEY, Sept. 12, 2000)

Monday, September 11, 2000:
On This Day: September 11 (O. Henry 9/11/1862-6/5/1910, D.H. Lawrence 9/11/1885-3/2/1930, Vinoba Bhave 9//1/1895-11/15/1982)
Allende Out, Reported Suicide; Marxist Regime In Chile Falls In Army's Violent Coup (ASSOCIATED PRESS, Sept. 11, 1973)
Ferdinand Marcos, Ousted Leader Of Philippines, Dies at 72 in Exile [born 9/11/1917] (By JANE GROSS, Sept. 29, 1989)
BOOKS: Hear All About It: The New Business Reporters [Howard Kurtz, "The Fortune Tellers"] (By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, Sept. 11, 2000)

Sunday, September 10, 2000:
On This Day: September 10 (Sir John Soane 9/10/1753-1/20/1837, William T. Harris 9/10/1835-11/5/1909, Franz Werfel 9/10/1890-8/26/1945, Arthur Compton 9/10/1892-3/15/1962)
Troops Use Machine Gun on Boston Mob; 5,000 Guarding City as Riots Continue (NY Times, Sept. 10, 1919)
Roger Maris is Dead at 51, Set Record Home Runs [born 9/10/1934] (By JOSEPH DURSO, December 15, 1985)
* ART: Lee Krasner: A Tough Abstractionist on Her Own Merits (By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Sept. 10, 2000)

Saturday, September 9, 2000:
On This Day: September 9 (Luigi Galvani 9/9/1737-12/4/1798, James Hilton 9/9/1900-12/20/1954, Otis Redding 9/9/1941-12/10/1967)
* Mao Tse-Tung Dies In Peking At 82; Leader Of Red China Revolution (By REUTERS, September 9, 1976)
Alf Landon, G.O.P. Stand-Bearer, Dies at 100 [born 9/9/1887] (NY Times, October 13, 1987)

Friday, September 8, 2000:
On This Day: September 8 (Ludovico Ariosto 9/8/1474-7/6/1533, Marin Mersenne 9/8/1588-9/1/1648, Frederic Mistral 9/8/1830-3/25/1914, Antonin Dvorak 9/8/1841-5/1/1904)
Ford Gives Pardon To Nixon, Who Regrets 'My Mistakes' (By Hon Herbers, Sept. 8, 1974)
Claude Pepper, Fiery Fighter For Elderly Rights, Dies at 88 [born 9/8/1900] (By REGINALD THOMAS, May 31, 1989)
* Splendid Maya Palace Is Found Hidden in Jungle (By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, Sept. 8, 2000)

Thursday, September 7, 2000:
On This Day: September 7 (Elizabeth I 9/7/1533-3/24/1603, Elinor Wylie 9/7/1885-12/16/1928, Dame Edith Sitwell 9/7/1887-12/9/1964, David Packard 9/7/1912-3/26/1996, Sir Anthony Quayle 9/7/1913-10/20/1989)
* German Planes Raid London All Day; British Bomb Berlin, Starting Fires (By JAMES B. RESTON, Sept. 7, 1940)
* Grandma Moses Is Dead at 101; Primitive Artist 'Just Wore Out' [born 9/7/1860] (NY Times, December 14, 1961)

Wednesday, September 6, 2000:
On This Day: September 6 (Lafayette 9/6/1757-5/20/1834, Joseph P. Kennedy 9/6/1888-11/18/1969, Claire Chennault 9/6/1890-7/27/1958, Luis Leloir 9/6/1906-12/2/1987)
* President McKinley Shot at Buffalo Fair (NY Times, Sept. 6, 1901)
Jane Addams A Foe of War and Need [born 9/6/1860] (NY Times, May 22, 1935)

Tuesday, September 5, 2000:
On This Day: September 5 (Tommaso Campanella 9/5/1568-5/21/1639, Giacomo Meyerbeer 9/5/1791-5/2/1864, A.C. Nielsen 9/5/1897-6/1/1980, Darryl Zanuck 9/5/1902-12/22/1979, Arthur Koestler 9/5/1905-3/3/1983)
9 Israelis on Olympic Team Killed with 4 Arab Captors as Police Fight Band That Disrupted Munich Games (By DAVID BINDER, Sept. 5, 1972)
* John Cage, 79, a Minimalist Enchanted With Sound, Dies [born 9/5/1912] (By ALLAN KOZINN, August 13, 1992)
Personal Health: As Prescriptions Pile Up, Risks Do, Too (By JANE E. BRODY, Sept. 5, 2000)
The Glories of Underworld Are Under Siege (By SANDRA BLAKESLEE, Sept. 5, 2000)
The Ultimate Laptop: A Black Hole (By GEORGE JOHNSON, Sept. 5, 2000)

Monday, September 4, 2000:
On This Day: September 4 (Francois Chateaubriand 9/4/1768-7/4/1848, Anton Bruckner 9/4/1824-10/11/1896, Mary Renault 9/4/1905-12/13/1983)
Arkansas Troops Bar Negro Pupils; Governor Defiant (By BENJAMIN FINE, Sept. 4, 1957)
Richard Wright, Writer, 52, Dies [born 9/4/1908] (NY Times, November 30, 1960)

Sunday, September 3, 2000:
On This Day: September 3 (Diane De Poitiers 9/3/1499-4/22/1566, Louis Sullivan 9/3/1856-4/14/1924, Sir Macfarlane Burnet 9/3/1899-8/31/1985, Loren Eiseley 9/3/1907-7/9/1977)
Viking 2 Lander Settles On Mars And Sends Signal (By WALTER SULLIVAN, Sept. 3, 1976)
Sarah Orne Jewett, Noted Writer, Dead [born 9/3/1849] (NY Times, June 25, 1909)
BOOKS: Wheels Within Wheels [Margaret Atwood's "Blind Assassin"] (By THOMAS MALLON, Sept. 3, 2000)
* Featured Author: Margaret Atwood (NY Times, Sept. 3, 2000)
FOOD: Reality Bites (By MOLLY O'NEILL, Sept. 3, 2000)

Saturday, September 2, 2000:
On This Day: September 2 (Ernst Curtius 9/2/1814-7/11/1896, Wilhelm Ostwald 9/2/1853-4/4/1932, Frederick Soddy 9/2/1877-9/22/1956, Cleveland Amory 9/2/1917-10/14/1998)
* Japan Surrenders To Allies On Warship; Truman Declares V-J Day (NY Times, Sept. 2, 1945)
Shuttle Explosion, Seven Who Perished in The Explosion of The Challenger
[Christa McAuliffe, born 9/2/1948] (NY Times, January 29, 1986)

Friday, September 1, 2000:
On This Day: September 1 (Giacomo Torelli 9/1/1608-6/17/1678, Engelbert Humperdinck 9/1/1854-9/27/1921, Edgar Burroughs 9/1/1875-3/19/1950, Francis Aston 9/1/1877-11/20/1945, Rocky Marciano 9/1/1923-8/31/1969)
German Army Attacks Poland; Danzig Is Accepted Into Reich (NY Times, Sept. 1, 1939)
Reuther Dies in Jet Crash With Wife and 4 Others [born 9/1/1907] (NY Times, May 11, 1970)

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