Meditations on 68: Dare Be Beautiful

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name:
He has decked heaven's vault with stars.
The doors of the sky are opened for me—
He pours his blessings forth, like rain

again and again, ay, and again—
Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go,
a leaf of yellow color is going to fall
when beauty lived & died as flowers do.

Be on guard against form when praying calmly.
With wisdom, withdraw from sense pleasures—
the sage is free from desires, devoid of passions,
the philosopher will not be grieved at dying.

A student must first of all learn to doubt,
whose nature is tranquil to pursue learning.
The mind commands our nature and feelings.
Sage is like children in harmony with the Tao.

Rich rocks were ranged along that hill—
A rock is rough. A stone is smooth.
Water in the well has the spirit of life—
All things are already complete in oneself.

We have no Gods of the winds to sail the boats
to travel alluring roads in the world of illusion.
The girl made of wood with old sea flowers
as deep sea cold rose into her being.

How vast the whale & its interior spaciousness,
leagues of nowhere lie between them now.
The power of the spirit makes me tremble
before Consciousness, bow in utmost reverence.

The sunbeam comes upon this earth outstretched
sunlight in the yard so poignant after the rain.
The merry bells ring out, the people kneel
with millions of cries which are wings.

Just before dark big snowflakes fall—
The flower blooms, though it is not spring.
With courage, we will preserve you forever
sing at yes of day for joy— dare be beautiful.

              Peter Y. Chou
              Mountain View, 8-30-2019