Numbers 0-99

Compiled by Peter Y. Chou,


First Avenue in Minneapolis is a legendary club of rock 'n' roll.
Highlights: opening night with Joe Cocker in 1970 with dozens
of people onstage to the club's lionization in Prince's 1984 movie
"Purple Rain". "A brief history of Minneapolis' First Avenue"
(By Ehsan Alam, 11-27-2017)— The club has been the stomping
ground for bands like Soul Asylum, Babes in Toyland, Jayhawks,
Semisonic, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Lizzo, and Doomtree.


Why Do Some Clocks Use Roman Numeral IIII
(By Matt Soniak,, 4-29-2010)
Using IIII also means that only I is seen the first four hour markings
on the clock, V is only seen in the next four markings, and X is seen
only in the last four markings, creating radial symmetry.

A Brancusi Trio Becomes a Quartet
Sleeping Muse III/IV (1917-1918)
(By Carol Vogel, NY Times, 4-30-2004)
Art historians concluded that the sculpture might also have been
made in 1917-18, which is why it is called "Sleeping Muse III/IV."
Nobody can determine which of the last two heads was made first.


St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols (uniform #5) hits 3-run homer in
Game 4 to defeat the LA Dodgers 6-2 and win the NL Division Playoff Series 3-1.
NY Times, Oct. 11, 2004)
Albert Pujols (uniform #5)
hits solo homer in Game 2
to give Cardinals 5-4 lead in the 8th inning.
Rolen followed with another homer to beat
the Astros 6-4. NY Times, Oct. 15, 2004)
Albert Pujols & Cardinal baseball (6-20-2019)

At 5 in the Afternoon is a 102-minutes film directed by Samira Makhmalbaf (2003).
Cast: Agheleh Rezaie, Abdolgani Yousefrazi, Razi Mohebi, and Marzieh Amiri
Plot: One of the first films to be made in post-Taliban Afghanistan follows
the plight of Noqreh, a progressive young woman trying to school herself
in spite of her father's proscriptions. Both old and new generations find
themselves victims of a tragic historical situation in a ravaged country.

The Fifth Reaction is an Iranian film (2003) directed by Tahmineh Milani.
Five women sit in a restaurant in Tehran and talk about their husbands
and their marriages. It focuses on the story of a young Iranian teacher
(Fereshteh), who has recently lost her husband. Cast: Niki Karimi,
Jamshid Hashempour, Merila Zareei, Shahab Hosseini, Gohar Kheirandish.


Game 6 is a 87-minutes film (2006) directed by Michael Hoffman.
It is about a playwright's opening night on October 25, 1986, the day of Game 6
of the 1986 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets
when the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs and the Red Sox lost the game.
(NY Times, March 10, 2006)


Fives, and tens,
Threes and fours and twelves,
All the volte face of decimals,
The whirligig of dozens and the pinnacle of seven.
D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), "Tortoise Shell", Stanza 7
Complete Poems of D. H. Lawrence,
Edited by Vivian de Sola Pinto & Warren Roberts
Volume 1, Viking Press, NY, 1964, p.355

Studio 7 is a WB television quiz show in which people
spend time with each other before facing questions.

'Samurai 7' is an animated TV series based on a Kurosawa
1954 film classic Seven Samurai.
(NY Times, April 1, 2006)


Eight Below is a 120-minutes Disney film that is "inspired by a true story"
based on the experiences of some Japanese in 1958 with sled dogs in Antarctica.
Directed by Frank Marshall; Cast: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood,
Jason Biggs, Moon Bloodgood.
(San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 17, 2006, E5)


"Pont Neuf at Nightfall" is a poem by Galway Kinnell
The 40-line poem starting with
"Just now a sprinkling
of rain begins. It brings with it
an impression of more lasting existence—"
and ending with "lights their moment
all the way to the end of memory."
appears in Mortal Acts, Mortal Words
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1980, pp. 63-64

9 Consecutive Strikeouts to Start a Game
"On anniversary of father's death, Marlins' Pablo López sets an MLB strikeout record" (López needed just 35 pitches to get 9 strikeouts.
Five of strikeouts were on 3 pitches. Previous consecutive strikeouts to start a game: 8, done 3 times: Jim Deshaies on 9-23-1986; Jacob deGrom on 9-15-2014; and German Marquez on 9-26-2018. Record for consecutive strikeouts at any point in a game is 10, done twice: Aaron Nola on 6-25-2021, and Tom Seaver on 4-27-1970). (By Jordan McPherson, Miami Herald, July 11, 2021)


An 11-headed Khmer goddess Prajnaparamita small bronze statue
was on exhibit at the Nancy Wiener Gallery, New York City.
( NY Times, April 1, 2005)


The Neighbor No. Thirteen is a 115-minutes Japanese film (2006)
directed by Yasuo Inoue. It is a revenge saga about gangster hyperviolence.
( NY Times, March 8, 2006)

13 Ways of Looking at an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is an article
by Jack Hitt on seeing an ivory-billed woodpecker in the Arkansas swamps.
( Sunday NY Times Magazine, May 7, 2006)

Black Swan Green is a novel (2006) by David Mitchell
set in Worcestersire, that follows 13-year-old Jason Taylor
through 13 months, each folded into a storylike chapter.
( NY Times, April 16, 2006)


14 Hours is a TNT television special aired
on Sunday, April 3, 2005, and directed by Gregg Champion.
It showed the devastating 2001 tropical storm that cut off all power
to Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Although four patients died during
the emergency, the medical staff's heroic efforts kept 540 patients alive.
( NY Times, April 1, 2005)

Albert Pujols sets Major League record for April with 14 home runs.
[Previous April Record: 13 Homers— Ken Griffey Jr. (1997) & Luis Gonzalez (2001)]
(NY Times, Apr. 29, 2006)


"16 Golden Atoms in Search of a Catchy Name"
by Kenneth Chang is a science article
about a new, unexpected configuration:
a cage consisting of just 16 atoms,
the smallest hollow piece of 24-karat gold possible.
( NY Times, May 23, 2006)


You'll get my Letter by
The seventeenth; Reply
Or better, be with me—
Yours, Fly.
Emily Dickinson, Poem 1035

Chicago Cubs Greg Maddux (16-11) has 15+ wins for a baseball
major league-record 17th straight season. ( ESPN, October 3, 2004)

18 Johannes Brahms "Lullaby" has 18 bars.
Brahm's Lullaby (Cradle Song, Wiegenlied)
(Lyrics and Music)
Brahm's Lullaby
(Music audio file)

Doug Mientkiewicz greets Johnny Damon (uniform #18)
who scores the winning run as the Red Sox
beats the Yankees, 5-4, in 14 innings (10-18-2004),
in the longest postseason baseball game, 5 hours 49 minutes.

18 innings is the Major League Baseball Playoffs record
as Houston Astros defeats the Atlanta Braves 7-6 to win the
Playoff Series 3-1. Time of game was a record 5 hours 50 minutes.
Houston's Chris Burke's homer in the bottom of the 18th wins
the game for Roger Clemens who pitched the 18th inning in relief.
( NY Times, Oct. 10, 2005)


Highway 19 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

19 Varieties of Gazelle by Naomi Shihab Nye
is a book of poems of the Middle East,
Greenwillow Books, 2002 (PS3564.Y44.A613.2002)
It is also the title of the 34th poem in the book (pp. 87-89).

A gash of movement,
a spring of flight.

She saw them then
she did not see them.

The elegance of the gazelle
caught in her breath.

They soared like history
above an empty page.

Nearby, giant tortoises
were kissing.

What else had we seen in our lives?
Nothing better than 19 varieties of gazelle
running free at the wildlife sanctuary...

Gentle gazelle
dipping her head
into a pool of silver grass.


"Winter Threnody"
After twenty hours the snowfall stopped
without our noticing.

Joyce Carol Oates (born June 16, 1938),
The Time Traveler: Poems, E.P. Dutton, NY, 1989, p. 60)

And twenty caged nightingales do sing:
— William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, Induction.2.36


22 and 50 Poems is a book by E.E. Cummings
first published as a Liveright paperback (2001).
Edited by George James Firmage. The 22 poems are from
New Poems of Collected Poems (1938) and Cummings'
50 Poems book (1940). (PS3505.U334.A6.200)

Roger Clemens wears uniform #22 pitching for
the Houston Astros. Clemens returned from his third
abandoned retirement to the Houston Astros on June 22, 2006.
A full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle designed as a movie poster
featured Clemens, who wears No. 22, holding a baseball at his side,
like an eager gunslinger, in "Mission 22: The Return of the Rocket".
Clemens lost to Minnesota Twins 4-2 whose rookie pitcher,
Francisco Liriano (age 22) is half his age.
(NY Times, June 23, 2006)


M23 Bus at 3.4 miles per hour is the slowest bus in New York City.

US Highway 23 and Greene County 23B Highway signs in New York State.


Four, and a keystone;
Four, and a keystone;
Four, and a keystone;
Then twenty-four, and a tiny little keystone.
D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), "Tortoise Shell", Stanza 4
Complete Poems of D. H. Lawrence,
Edited by Vivian de Sola Pinto & Warren Roberts
Volume 1, Viking Press, NY, 1964, p.355


Five, and five again, and five again,
And round the edges twenty-five little ones,
The sections of the baby tortoise shell.
D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), "Tortoise Shell", Stanza 3
Complete Poems of D. H. Lawrence,
Edited by Vivian de Sola Pinto & Warren Roberts
Volume 1, Viking Press, NY, 1964, p.355

Mac Weakley was fishing on Dixon Lake, a reservoir near San Diego, when he
landed a largemouth bass that weighed 25 pounds 1 ounce. The fish, if certified
by the International Game Fish Association, would topple the current world record:
a 22-pound, 4-ounce bass caught by George Washington Perry in 1932.
NY Times, March 28, 2006)


The Zapruder film documenting the assassination of JFK in Dallas
on Nov. 22, 1963 is 26 seconds long.
  (NY Times, Nov. 16, 2003)

What is the most common letter for country names to begin with?
26 countries whose names begin with "S"—
Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino,
Sao Tome & Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka,
Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena, Ascension, & Tristan da Cunha, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre
& Miquelon, Sint Maarten, South Gerogia & South Sandwich Islands, Svalbard
19 countries begin with "M"; 17 countries begin with "B" and "C"   (Alphabet Passport)

Pier 26 Lower Manhattan, NYC
  (NY Times, Sept. 13, 2005)

Peter Porter's "Sleeping with the Alphabet"
from Afterburner (2004):

You glorious twenty-six, not equal
In purport, short straws of words,
Come with me in the night-time squall,
My hurricane of verbs.

My chiefest pegs to hang fear on—
Don't think it's only sights
Which dreams call up— Wordsong
Lingers in the tucks and sweats.

Sounds of pre-performance, cries
Subsumed in nothingness,
Hoping to syllabicize
Themselves as messages?

The A of Anger, E of Death,
An I who might not be myself
And O the deadly wind that bloweth
Unto U, my vowel of Truth

26a is the first novel of Diana Evans, published by Chatto & Waindus, London (2005).
It is about four sisters living in an attic room at 26a Waifer Avenue in London
with their alcoholic English father and their spirit-talking Nigerian mother. The book
opens with two small furry creatures scurry through the night to their deaths—
hit by oncoming traffic and are reborn as human twins Georgia and Bessi.


Only 27 of Brodgar's original 60 stones are still standing
  (Ring o' Brodgar, Stenness, 2700 BC-2500 BC)

San Francisco Giants Juan Marichal (uniform #27)
in spring training, Cas Grande, Arizona, March 1965
Photo by Neil Leifer

Los Angeles Dodgers Jose Lima (uniform #27) shuts out
St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 in Game 3 of NL Division Playoff Series
NY Times, Oct. 10, 2004)

Vladimir Guerrero (uniform #27) of the Anaheim Angels
won the 2004 American League Most Valuable Player award
NY Times, Nov. 17, 2004)


Twenty-eight young men bathe by the shore;
Twenty-eight young men, and all so friendly:
Twenty-eight years of womanly life, and all so lonesome.
— Walt Whitman (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass
"I Celebrate Myself", Stanza 11
A Textual Variorum of the Printed Poems, Vol. I, Poems, 1855-18561
(Edited by Sculley Bradley, Harold W. Blodgett, Arthur Golden, William White
New York University Press, 1980, p. 12)


Jack Lummus wore uniform #29 as an end on offense & defense
for the football New York Giants in 1941. He was killed on
March 8, 1945 by a land mine after capturing a Japanese outpost
on Io Jima, and received the Medal of Honor, the highest award for valor.
( NY Times, Feb. 19, 2005)

29 Poems by Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980)
was published by Rapp & Whiting, London (1972).
The 29th poem is titled "This Morning".
First three lines of poem:
Waking this morning,
a violent woman in the violent day


Radio :30 referring to a 30-second spot commercial, is a Toronto
theater company play starring Chris Earle and directed by Shari Hollett.
(NY Times, Aug. 14, 2004)

Section 30 in Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself": All truths wait in all things,
They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it,
The do not need the obstetric forceps of the surgeon,
The insignificant is as big to me as any,
(What is less or more than a touch?)
Walt Whitman (1819-1892), Leaves of Grass
"Song of Myself" (1855)
A Textual Variorum of the Printed Poems, Vol. I, Poems, 1855-18561
(Edited by Sculley Bradley, Harold W. Blodgett, Arthur Golden, William White
New York University Press, 1980, p. 40)


LaDainian Tomlinson, running back of the San Diego Chargers
had one of the best years ever in the NFL,
and won Associated Press NFL's 2006 MVP Award.
Tomlinson broke Shaun Alexander's league record (28 touchdowns)
by scoring 31 touchdowns (28 rushing & 3 receiving).
He also threw for two scores, rushed for a league-high 1,815 yards
on 348 carries, 56 receptions for 508 yards and was 2-for-3 as a passer,
both completions for scores, giving the Chargers running back 6
in his 6-year career, tying him for second among non-quarterbacks.
Tomlinson's 186 points broke Paul Hornung's 46-year record of 176.
("Tomlinson Hill, Texas", N.Y. Times, 1-7-2007)


Charles Dumas was the first to clear 7 feet in the high jump, on June 29, 1956,
  in the U.S. Olympic trials in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. His uniform
number was 32 when he won the Olympic gold medal in Melbourne, Australia,
clearing 6-11 1/2, an Olympic record.

A glass cube 32x32x32 feet will be set like a jumbo gemstone into the middle
of the plaza of the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue, New York City.
( NY Times, Mar. 2, 2005)


33 Fainting Spells was a work that the experimental Russian stage director
Vsevolod Meyerhold devised in 1935 that was based on short plays
by Anton Chekhov in which there were 33 references to fainting.
It is also the name of a 10-year-old Seattle-based dance group.
(NY Times, Sept. 13, 2004)


David Ortiz (uniform #34) singles in the winning run as the Red Sox
beats the Yankees, 5-4, in 14 innings (10-18-2004),
in the longest postseason baseball game, 5 hours 49 minutes.

Glenn Davis (uniform #34) was the Army football halfback
and the 1946 Heisman Trophy winner, scoring 59 touchdowns (1943-46)
NY Times Obituary, March 10, 2005)


The 37-Year Itch is an article on divorce among the 55-plus crowd.
( NY Times, Aug. 8, 2004)

Shakespeare & Company is a bookstore at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris.
Web site:

Brentano's is a bookstore at 37, avenue de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris.
Web site:


1904 Olympics Medal was the first to award gold for 1st place,
silver for 2nd, and bronze for 3rd place. Diameter was 39 mm
Front side showed an athlete standing on some steps, holding in
his right hand a laurel crown, symbol of victory, and raising his left arm. Above the athlete, inscription "OLYMPIAD" and on rock bottom right "1904". Reverse side: goddess of victory Nike,
standing on a globe. She holds a laurel crown in her left hand and a palm leaf in her right
hand. In front of her, a great crown wreath, with space for name of the sports event. Behind Nike, bust of Zeus on a plinth. Inscription "UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION ST. LOUIS U.S.A."

2003 Turner Prize is awarded to Grayson Perry's Ceramic Vase
showing a car with 39 on the hood.

The Brooklyn Dodgers hit 39 home runs during their homer streak of 24 games
from June 18-July 10, 1953.

Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodger's catcher (uniform #39)
hugging pitcher Johnny Podres with third baseman Don Hoak (left),
after their 7th game 2-0 victory over the New York Yankees in the
1955 World Series. It was the Brooklyn Dodger's first and only
World Championship.

At age 39, Dikembe Mutombo, Houston Rockets, is the oldest player in the NBA (2005)
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)


The New York Yankees hit 40 home runs during their homer streak of 25 games
from June 1-29, 1941.

Super Bowl XL 2006 between the Pittsburgh Steelers
& Seattle Seahawks will be played in Detroit's Ford Field.
( NY Times, Feb. 1, 2006)


The former Metropolitan Life headquarters at One Madison Avenue & 23rd Street,
Manhattan was sold for $1 billion and will be converted into condominiums.
The 41-story tower building was the world's tallest when completed in 1909.
( NY Times, March 31, 2005)

Australia issued a 41¢ stamp depicting the Golden Wattle
(Acacia pycnantha) on January 17, 1990. This medium shrub
with golden ball-shaped flowers is the national floral emblem of Australia.


Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson (uniform #42)
stealing home against the Chicago Cubs in the 4th inning
at Ebbets Field in May of 1952. Robinson was safe before
the Cubs1 catcher, John Pramesa, could tag him. To the
left is Dodgers pitcher Preacher Roe who stepped back
up to the plate and got his first hit of the year.
New York Times Photo Archives

Giordano Bruno's 9th Seal: The farmer—
Each of the four sides in a cubicle is perceived to contain on workshop
along with its mechanic, with his preparations and tools arranged in order
in their proper place. Instead of the number of the thirty fellow singers
and the twelve harmonizers, let forty-two proper and appropriate characteristics
become all for one thing. For all arts in and of themselves do not in this way
seize manifold deeds and instruments. For this reason, those things which are
and can be comfortably comprehended as fields and atria may assist you.

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600),
On the Composition of Images, Signs & Ideas (1591)
Book Three, which is about the images of the Thirty Seals, 3.10
(translated by Charles Doria, Willis, Locker & Owens, NY, 1991, p. 260)

Uniform #42 worn by Jerry Stackhouse of Dallas Mavericks
& James Posey of Miami Heat in Game 2 of NBA Finals 2006 in Dallas.
( NY Times, June 14, 2006)

The 42nd Mersenne Prime = 225,964,951-1.
It has It has 7,816,230 digits.
If printed in its entirety, it would fill 235 pages
of the New York Times newspaper.
(NY Times, March 29, 2005)


At age 43, Doug Flutie of the New England Patriots was the
NFL's oldest player on an opening-day roster in the 2005 season.
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)

At age 43, Robert Parish of the Boston Celtics was the oldest
player to appear in an NBA basketball game, retiring in 1997.
At age 43, Roger Clemens of the Houston Astros won the ERA for pitching.
At age 43, Sean Landeta, the Philadelphia Eagles punter, had his best season.
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)


Hello, little leaves,
Said not St. Francis
But my son in the spring,
Doing at two
(Neither really begged)
What it took the other—
He'd agree and laugh—
44 years to do.

Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978)
"So That Even a Lover" in Some Time (1940-1956)
Complete Short Poetry (1991), p. 114

Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw is a book by Norman Davies
(Book Review, NY Times, July 25, 2004)

The Atlanta Braves hit 44 home runs during their homer streak of 24 games
from April 18-May 12, 1998.

The brown dwarf star OTS 44 has a miniature solar system in the making. It is part
of a cluster of very young stars about 500 light-years away in the constellation Chamaeleon.
(NY Times, Feb. 8, 2005)

At age 44, Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings is the oldest
player in the NHL and captain of the U.S. hockey team at the Turin Olympics.
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)

Jimmy's Corner is a bar at 140 West, 44th Street, New York City near Times Square.
(NY Times, Aug. 20, 2006)


Code 46 is a 83-minutes science fiction film (United Artists, 2004)
directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton
(NY Times, Aug. 6, 2004)

The Detroit Tigers hit 46 home runs during their homer streak of 25 games
from May 25-June 19, 1994.


John Elway had a NFL record 47 fourth-quarter game-winning or game-tying drives.

At age 47, Julio Franco of the New York Mets is the oldest
player in Major League Baseball. Franco batted .275 in 2005.
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)


1896 Olympics Medal was made of silver for 1st place,
and bronze for 2nd place. It was 48 mm in diameter. Front
side of the Athens medal has Zeus' face along with his hand
holding a globe with the winged victory Nike on it, with the
inscription "OLYMPIA". Reverse side showed Acropolis site.


At age 49, Martina Navratilova is the oldest player
in professional tennis, and oldest ever Grand Slam champion.
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)

'Utter amazement': Steph Curry scores 49 in win over 76ers and the Warriors have found their swagger (Golden State Warriors beat 76ers 107-96. Curry's eighth 40-point game of the season; his 11th straight game with 30-plus points snaps Kobe Bryant's record for a player 33 years old or older; his 46 3-pointers over the last five games is a new NBA record; and he became the first player in league history to make 10 or more 3-pointers four times in a five-game span.) (By Wes Goldberg, Mercury News, 4-19-2021)


50o N Latitude Sign at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

"What's So Hot About 50?" is an article by Daphne Merkin
about "middlesex"— sexual life and women over 50.
(NY Times, Feb. 12, 2006)

"50 Is Just a Short Stop From 40" is an article by Bill Finley
about professional athletes performing in their late 40's
(NY Times, March 5, 2006)


51 Exercises for the Piano by Johannes Brahms

51 West 51st Street was the location of Toots Shor's Restaurant in Manhattan,
a New York landmark in the 1940's & 1950's. It was place the famous and would be famous
went to see and to be seen. Yankee, Yogi Berra is said to have met Ernest Hemingway there one night. Hemingway was introduced as "an important writer." Berra is said to have replied: "What paper you with, Ernie?" Dinner menu dated Friday, September 18, 1953 with a picture on the back of 14 of baseball's greatest. "The Romance of the Wrecking Ball" by Jeff Byles is an article with photo showing the restaurateur Toots Shor when the 3000-pound wrecking ball, painted to look like a baseball, in honor of his sports-bar milieu, demolished his saloon in 1959. (NY Times, Jan. 22, 2006)


52 hertz solitary whale makes a distinctive stream of sounds at
around that basso profundo frequency, just above the lowest note on a tuba.
(NY Times, Dec. 21, 2004)

"52 Oswald Street" is a poem by Galway Kinnell
for Wendy Plummer and Jill Niekamp
The 40-line poem starting with
"Then, when the full moonlight
would touch our sleeping bodies,"
and ending with "sleeping, quite long ago"
appears in Mortal Acts, Mortal Words
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1980, pp. 46-47


Ringo Starr's book Postcards From the Boys (2003) contains 53 Postcards from his fellow Beatles. It was published in a limited edition of 2,500 by Genesis Publications for $495.

Dogen's last words were, "for 53 years I've hung the sky with stars;
now I crash through. What a shattering!"
from "Dogen's Last Words" in Norman Fischer's
On Whether or not to Believe in your Mind,
The Figures, Great Barrington, MA, 1987


1932 Winter Olympics Medals were awarded at Lake Placid,
New York. 54 mm in diameter, gilt silver for 1st place. Front side of scalloped medal showing winged goddess with laurel branch, over clouds and a view of the Adirondack Mountains. Back: Olympic rings over "III Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid 1932". Laurel branches below. (

Mark Messier retired after 25 seasons in the N.H.L. His 1887 career points
the second highest after Wayne Gretzky. Messier will always be remembered
for helping the New York Rangers win their first Stanley Cup in 54 years.
(NY Times, Sept. 13, 2005)


1924 Winter Olympics Medals were awarded in Chamonix,
France. 55 mm in diameter, designed by Raoul Benard, Paris. Front side features a victorious athlete holding ice skates and
skis high in the air with the Alps in the background. Reverse is inscribed at length in French, with dates January 25-February 5, 1924. (;

Jayson Williams wore uniform #55 playing for the New Jersey Nets (1999)
(NY Times, Nov. 14, 2004)

Engine 55, Broome Street [Frederick Brosen's watercolors of NYC]
(Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Aug. 28, 2005)

Louis Armstrong sent a Western Union telegram to Joe Glaser
at 110 West 55th Street in New York City to wire him
"$500 immediately against any extra money that I will make"
(NY Times, Feb. 12, 2006)

"A Night Out With Janis Ian: At Fifty-Five" is an article by Melena Ryzik
on the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter in New York
NY Times, Apr. 9, 2006)

Poem 29 "Obit" in May Sarton's Coming Into Eighty: New Poems (1994)
ends with 55 years ago:
Next door
He played Bach
On the harpsichord.
I listened
And wrote poems.
Fellow lodgers,
We hardly
Exchanged a word.

The obit has brought me
An acute sense of loss,
Free fall
Down a nowhere shaft,
As when he told me
He was engaged
To someone else.
In Bloomsbury
Fifty-five years
May Sarton (1912-1995)
Coming Into Eighty: New Poems
W. W. Norton, New York (1994), p. 59

There are 56 poems in Denise Levertov's Oblique Prayers (1984)
Poem 55 is titled "Of Being":

I know this happiness
is provisional:

        the looming presences—
        great suffering, great fear—

        withdraw only
        into peripheral vision:

but ineluctable this shimmering
of wind in the blue leaves:

this flood of stillness
widening the lake of sky:

this need to dance,
this need to kneel:
                              this mystery:

Denise Levertov (1923-1997)
Oblique Prayers
New Directions, NY (1984), p. 86


There are 56 pages in The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds
published by Crosby & Nichols, Boston, 1851.
The 56th page shows the letter Z with 14 different birds.


The 57th Franz Kafka (1983) is a collection of science fiction stories
by Rudy Rucker, a mathematical philosopher. All these pieces and a number
of others, together with verse and non-fiction, have since been republished
in an eccentric tome called Transreal! (1991)
(David Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction,
2nd Ed., Scolar Press, Aldershot, UK, 1990, p. 134)

Astroid 57 Mnemosyne has period of orbit 5.59 years
with 2.77 AU perihelion and 3.53 AU aphelion.
Asteroid diameter = 116 km.
Discovered by R. Luther on Sept. 22, 1859 at Dusseldorf.


X-59 QueSST Jet ("Quiet SuperSonic Technology") is an American experimental supersonic aircraft developed at Skunk Works for NASA's Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator program. Design started in February 2016, with the X-59 scheduled for delivery in late 2021 for flight tests from 2022.
Cruise at Mach 1.42 (1,510 km/hr; 937 mph) and 55,000 ft
(16,800 m), creating a low 75 Perceived Level decibel (PLdB)
thump to evaluate supersonic transport acceptability.

Simon & Garfunkel's song "The 59th Street Bridge Song" (Feelin' Groovy) is from their 1966 album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary Thyme


1900 Olympics Medal was gilt silver for 1st place, silver for 2nd,
and bronze for 3rd place. Medal was rectangular, 42 mm wide &
60 mm high. Front showed a winged goddess with raised arms holding laurel branches with city of Paris behind her. Reverse:
victorious athlete holding a laurel branch before the Acropolis
in Athens. (;; Sotheby's)

1968 Olympics Medal was gilt silver for 1st place, silver for 2nd,
and bronze for 3rd place. Medal was 60 mm in diameter, with blue
colored band. Front shows the traditional goddess of victory, holding
a palm in her left hand and a winner's crown in her right. Reverse: an Olympic champion carried in triumph by the crowd, with the Olympic stadium in the background. (;

Duke P. Kahanamoku (USA) won the Olympics Gold
in 100-meter freestyle swimming (1920) in 60.4 seconds.


Steph Curry answers critics, pours in career-high 62 points in Warriors' win over Trail Blazers [Curry's final stat line of 62 points on 18-for-31 shooting (8-for-16 from 3-point range and 18-of-19 from the free-throw line), five rebounds & four assists in 36 minutes.]
(By Wes Goldberg, Mercury News, 1-5-2021, C1, C4)

Klay marvels at Steph Curry's 62-point night and Damian Lillard shows respect
(Magic Johnson, Dwyane Wade and others pay respect to Steph Curry after his career night
in Warriors' win over Trail Blazers; By scoring 31 points in each half, Curry became the
first player since New Orleans' Pete Maravich in 1977 to score more than 30 in each half,)
(By Jon Becker, Mercury News, 1-5-2021, C1, C4)


Orlando Cabrera, shortshop of Los Angeles Angels reached base in 63 consecutive games
from April 25 to July 6, 2006. During the streak, he had 76 hits, 27 walks, and 2 hit by pitch.
It was 6th longest in history. Ted Williams holds the record with 84 straight games in 1949.
(NY Times, July 9, 2006)


"64 Teams Reaching for the Sky" is an article by Lee Jenkins
on the 64 college basketball teams competing for the 2006 NCAA championship.
(NY Times, March 16, 2006)


1972 Olympics Medals were awarded in Munich, Germany.
66 mm in diameter. Front: an Olympic champion carried in triumph by the crowd, with Olympic stadium in background, designed by Florentine artist Giuseppe Cassioli (1928). Back Castor and Pollux, the twin sons of Zeus and Léda, patrons
of sports competitions and friendship, represented by two
naked youths. Designed by German artist Gerhard Marcks (


1960 Olympics Medals were awarded in Rome, Italy.
68 mm in diameter. First designed to be worn around the
winners' neck. Front: an Olympic champion carried in triumph
by the crowd, with Olympic stadium in the background. Back:
Traditional goddess of victory, holding a palm in her left hand
and a winner's crown in her right. (


2008 Olympics Medals were awarded in Beijing, China.
70 mm in diameter. For the first time jade is used for Olympic medals. The medals have been designed with inspiration coming from "bi", China's ancient jade piece inscribed with a dragon pattern. The medals symbolise nobility and virtue and are the embodiment of traditional Chinese values of ethics and honour, emitting a strong Chinese flavour. Front: Goddess of victory Nike pictured in the Panathenaic Stadium. Back: Medals are inlaid with jade with emblem of the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 engraved in the metal centerpiece. (

70 Park Avenue Hotel in New York City has 205 rooms
and is located on the corner of 38th St. and Park Avenue.
(NY Times, April 3, 2005)

The Seventy Prepositions is a book of 48 poems by Carol Snow.
University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, 2004 (PS3569.N57.S48.2004)


73 Comptines et Chansons: Nursery Rhymes
is a French children's book by Henri Parisot with 73 counting rhymes & songs.
Aubier Montaigne, 1978 (paperback 2001)


74 minutes is the maximum length for an audio CD because Sony President
Norio Ohga wanted the disc to hold all of Beethoven's 9th Symphony.


Speed Limit 75
traffic sign in Texas
raised by 5 mph
ending 13-year policy
of keeping limits low
to reduce pollution (2014).


The Motion Picture 78th Academy Awards was held at the Kodak Theater
on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, on March 5, 2006.
(NY Times, March 6, 2006)


Speed Limit 80
traffic sign in Utah
on Interstate Highway 15
for 401 miles.

80-foot Rainbow Falls
is located in Hilo, Hawaii.
Almost 100 ft in diameter.
Named after Hawaiian Goddess Hina.
On sunny mornings around 10 am,
rainbows can be seen in the mist
thrown up by the waterfall.


Gypsy 83 is a film written and directed by Todd Stephens (2004)—
a follow-your-dream inspirational comedy in the clothing of the Goth cult.


New York's original Penn Station (1910) had 84 pink granite columns


2012 Olympics Medals were awarded in London, England.
85 mm in diameter. Front: Traditional goddess of victory flies into Panathenaic Stadium bringing victory to best athlete. For these Games, figure of victory is accompanied by inscription: "XXX Olympiad London 2012". Back: An abstract design with the emblem of Olympic Games London 2012 at its centre as a metaphor for the modern city. (

2016 Olympics Medals were awarded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
85 mm in diameter. Weight 500 grams (1.10 lb). Front: Design in place since the Olympic Games Athens 2004 with the inscription "XXXI Olimpiada Rio 2016". Back: Emblem of Olympic Games Rio 2016 surrounded by laurel leaves, representing the link between Olympic athletes & nature. Their crown shape recalls those awarded to the winners in Ancient Greece & evokes victory. (

2020 Olympics Medals were awarded in Tokyo, Japan.
85 mm in diameter. Front: Features design used since the Olympic Games Athens 2004, with the inscription "Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020". Back: Around the emblem of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which expresses message of "unity in diversity", the lines collect and reflect myriad patterns of light, symbolising energy of the athletes & those who support them. (

The Miss America 2006 pageant moved from Atlantic City, its home for 85 years,
to Las Vegas in an effort to head off a dwindling television audience.
(NY Times, Jan. 20, 2006)


"86 Floors Up, No Elevator Required" is an article by James Barron
on the 86th floor observation deck at the Empire State Building.
(NY Times, Oct. 7, 2004)


88-carats Korloff Black Diamond— owned by the aristocratic Russian family,
the Korloff Sapojnikoffs, who sold it in 1920 after the Russian Revolution.
For the past 20 years it has been owned by Frenchman Daniel Paillasseur,
who named his jewellery company Korloff Paris after the diamond
and says it's his own special lucky charm.

New England Garden Trellis with 88 squares


The melting snow
dripped from the cornice by his window
90 strokes a minute—
William Carlos Williams (1883-1963),
Paterson (1958), Book One, Section III (1946)
Edited by Christopher MacGowan
New Directions, NY, 1992, p. 29


Most goals scored in a NHL season is 92
by Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers in 1981.
NHL Records: Hockey Statistics


Flight 93 is the name of a TV movie on A&E on the hijacked plane
Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
(NY Times, Jan. 30, 2005)


"96 Vandam" is a poem by Gerald Stern

I am going to carry my bed into New York City tonight
complete with dangling sheets and ripped blankets;
I am going to push it across three dark highways
or coast along under 600,000 faint stars.
I want to have it with me so I don't have to beg
for too much shelter from my weak and exhausted friends.
I want to be as close as possible to my pillow
in case a dream or a fantasy should pass by.
I want to fall asleep on my own fire escape
and wake up dazed and hungry
to the sound of garbage grinding in the street below
and the smell of coffee cooking in the window above.

(This Time: New and Selected Poems, 1998)


Minister's Tree House was built by Horace Burgess
in Crossville, Tennessee, in 1993 after a vision from God.
The 97-foot-tall tree house and church was supported by
a still-living 80-foot-tall white oak tree with a 12-foot
diameter base, and relied on six other oak trees for
support. He built it using 258,000 nails with a nailgun,
and about 500 pounds of penny nails driven by hand.
Guinness has it as largest tree-house in the world.
On 10-22-2019, it completely burned to the ground.
(NY Times, Oct. 26, 2019)

Minister's Tree House


X-59 Dimensions: Length is 99 feet, 7 inches. Width is 29 feet, 6 inches. Height is 14 feet. The X-59's unique shape controls the way the air moves away from
the plane, ultimately preventing a sonic boom from disturbing communities on the ground.
(By Kurt Snibbe, Mercury News, 8-15-2021, B15)

99 Names of Allah

Wayne Gretzsky's uniform number is 99

American 99 store in Bronx, New York is a 99-cent store

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