Photographic Composites using Adobe Photoshop 3.0

by Peter Y. Chou, Foothill College (5-31-95)

Project Description: Electronically montage together five independently scanned images.

Project Objective:

Comments on Montage of the Five Scanned Images:

Peter meditating at peak of Mt. Lao,
Cortina d'Ampesso, Italy (1972)

Horsehead Nebula
(Mt. Wilson Observatory)

2-year old Peter

This project was done in Adobe Photoshop 3.0.
The following images were scanned at 72 dpi using
the Silverscanner IIat Foothill College's Idea Lab:

  • Peter on Mt. Lao (57K)
  • Horsehead Nebula photo (100K)
  • 2-year old Peter in Chengtu (15K)
  • Rocks on Wall at Los Altos Safeway (147K)
  • Peter's right hand (124K)

"Glowing Pegasus" Illustrator
file rasterized in Photoshop

Photograph of Rocks on wall
at Los Altos Safeway (1995)

Peter's right hand
(scanned at Idea Lab, 124K)

Leaping into the Great Dark
(final montage PICT image, 149K)

The Horsehead Nebula was pasted into Peter's Hand. Since the nebula image didn't fit into the hand entirely, part of it was cloned and filled in the thumb area. Peter on Mt. Lao was sculpted into a rock and placed at the bottom of the right hand. The Safeway Rocks were pasted into Peter meditating and placed at the forefinger. A two-year old Peter was placed on the pinky. Finally, a Pegasus with yellow glow done in Adobe Illustratorwas rasterized in Photoshopand placed on the thumb. A cyan-to-yellow radial gradient was placed in the background. This montage was titled Leaping into the Great Dark,to represent the mystery of poetry which flows from the deep abyss when we are receptive and tranquil in mind.

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