“When I came home from school,
  my mom would say to me:
  'Issy— Did you ask a good
  question in class today?'”

Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988)
      Physics Nobel Laureate 1944,
      on the source of his creativity

This morning in an old barn,
a circle of poets sit as if
in a cathedral, and I ask
the candlelight how it feels
to glow in the sunlight,
the spider spinning a web
looking like stained-glass
on the secret of its weavings,
the cirrus clouds to teach me
how to use an airbrush,
the West Wind to take me
to the home of the muses,
the hare in the moon about
the elixir of immortality,
the dewdrop to unveil
the pearl of great price, and
I ask my memory to take me back,
far back to my very first question,
“Where did that pebble go
  after I dropped it into the well?”

— Peter Y. Chou
     Walker Ranch, Marshall, 9-12-93
     revised, Palo Alto, 10-21-93

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