Thirteen Ways of Looking at Completion

Completion is better than certainty—
certainty comes around to being uncertain,
completion comes around and around

Seconds turning to minutes to hours—
three hands moving along on the clock
as day turns to night and night to day.

Children love the circus, ferris wheel,
and carousel— not knowing why
riding horses on the Merry-Go-Round.

The point, the line, the surface, and sphere
in the seed, stem, leaf, and fruit appear—
Geometry lesson from Mother Nature!

I expand the arc of my compass
drawing ever widening circles
like ripples of water in the pond.

Can't believe they cropped Chikanobu's
Magic Lantern— bubbles can't be truncated
otherwise her dream will not be complete!

My favorite quote from Santayana—
“If I see a circle half-drawn,
 I yearn to complete it.”

Before they died, Dante finished his
Commedia and Goethe his Faust
seeing their life's work to completion.

Day and Night of Brahma— universe
manifest and unmanifest, only its
waking and sleep cycles are longer.

Buddha turning the Wheel of Dharma,
Einstein in his wisdom mudra pose—
both teaching the path to Enlightenment.

The Eye is the first circle—
seeing the beauty of this world
from Mind that is complete and whole.

Is the Zodiac a Cosmic Clock?
our Sun taking its planetary children
for a joy ride through the constellations.

If you're tired doing the same thing over
and over, just ask the Earth why it's not tired
revolving the Sun— going around and around

            — Peter Y. Chou
                Mountain View, 10-24-2009

Palo Alto Weekly, August 7, 2009
with Chikanobu's "dream bubble" cropped

Yoshu Chikanobu (1838-1912)
Magic Lantern: Foreign Travel (1890)