Entering the Dark Ark of the Moment

Crack! Boom! Flash!— thunderous explosion
of the greatest magnitude and brilliance
from a pinpoint of dark this universe
is born again— La Vita Nuova

heavenly life in all its mystery—
dark matter, dark energy, thick and fast
blur of couples— protons and electrons
reproducing the table of elements

from baby hydrogen to uranium
and everything in between— the body's
resurrection, sense by sense, man, woman, child—
dream of essence from the flowering field

of desires heaped on desires filling up
palace pleasure-domes like Kublai Khan
whose monumental "I" of stone must sink
as all titanic egos by the sands of time.

A whole heavenly city is gleaming—
nets of nerve synapses firing and
dying love and regret reflecting in
all the jewels on this Net of Indra—

the presence of Giorgione's Tempesta,
petites madeleines of Proust's lost time,
seeing Saint Jerome's vision of life,
and Christ's Passion in Veronica's Veil.

Maya, Maya— this world but an illusion,
a computer simulation beeped in space
by some timeless Supermind playing not
Second Life but Infinite Life of matrix games.

Hold still and catch the gap between thoughts—
entering the Dark Ark of the moment
into the Light of Now beyond two by two
of presence and absence lies Nirvana

where Han Yu has slain his crocodiles,
thousands have crossed Joshu's stone bridge,
Old Man of the Sea has found his way home,
and Mona Lisa is still smiling.

                — Peter Y. Chou
                     Mountain View, 7-20-2009

Notes: http://www.wisdomportal.com/Poems2009/Notes-EnteringDarkArk.html