Summer Solstice on Father's Day

KDFC FM plays
classical music
requests on Father's Day.

It's Summer Solstice—
I wake up to Massenet's
Thäis: Meditation.

She dedicates Pathétique
to her Dad who smiled
when she played this tune.

When her Mom died, Dad
played both roles— they were
truly Butterfly Lovers.

Two requests for Dads
named Daniel— play Danny Boy—
"pipes calling from glen to glen".

I'd ask them to play
Zipoli's Ascension
for Dad would've love it.

I recall Goethe's
Italian Journey entry
222 years ago—

"So my life is happy
because I am about
my father's business."

And what business is that?—
the wonder of creation—
"Let there be Light!"

Thus Christos was born
on Winter Solstice for he's
the "Bringer of Light".

If Winter Solstice
is the Seed of Light,
Summer Solstice is the Fruit.

So let's celebrate
and enjoy the ripened fruit—
this fullness of Light.

— Peter Y. Chou
     Mountain View, 6-21-2009