Easter Bunny Hunt

Peter Rabbit

Peter Cottontail

Br'er Rabbit

White Rabbit

Peter Rabbit, Peter Cottontail,
Br'er Rabbit, the White Rabbit
all failed the audition to become
the Easter Bunny for they knew not
the Saxon goddess of radiant dawn—
Eastre from whom Easter got its name.
Some say it goes even further back
to Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess
of fertility who journeys to
the Underworld only to rise again
or like the Egyptian goddess Isis
who brought Osiris back from the dead.

Perhaps the Hare in the Moon would be
the best Easter Bunny who understands
the meaning of Easter and its link to
all those fertility goddesses and
the rabbit's rapid offsprings in spring.
Pounding the Elixir of Immortality,
he reminds us of Moon's eternal return
from emptiness to fullness, her death
for three days in the night sky before
her rebirth as the crescent New Moon
much like Christ's entombment in the cave
before his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Hare in the Moon

Moon Rabbit

            — Peter Y. Chou
                Mountain View, 4-9-2010