Sunrise, moonrise, butterflies
issue forth from the chrysalis
as Isis raised Osiris from the dead.

After learning that is and ish meant light,
I was astonished to find more gods with
light in their names, so I share this list

with my nieces Elisa and Marissa—
Anubis, Artemis, Attis, Ishtar,
Metis, Themis, Vishnu, Krishna.

Lovers too had light in their names—
Tristan & Isolde, Venus & Adonis,
Abelard & Heloise.

The Buddhist, Kabbalist, and Taoist
visit Eleusis, surprised at Dionysis
swirling like a whirling Dervish.

Wise rishis of Upanishads discussed
mysteries of light rising in the Abyss
as did Francis of Assisi in his prayers.

Paris, city of light in its name—
and Christ, Bringer of Light,
Fisher King of the Piscean Age.

Praise be bisons and tortoises of earth,
angelfish and starfish of the sea, ibis
of the air, and phoenix of Heliopolis.

Discover the mystery of existence
for gnosis may glisten in iris of eyes
or arise when one is silent and listen...

Buddha held up a daisy to his disciples—
Mahakasyapa smiled and received
his flower— silent transmission of the lamp.

The alchemists dissolved and distilled
crystalline stones to discover lapis luzuli
in their quest to find the magic talisman.

The mystic realizes that this Earth
is a star when seen from afar— so make
a wish now and your dream will come true.

The artist's unfinished vision—
the invisible made visible—
wisdom from paradise.

A kiss is not just a kiss
for there is light in its
midst— this is bliss.

              Peter Y. Chou
              Mountain View, 6-29-2010