Meow! Meow! A black cat wakes me up
in the morning from my dream of night
when I open the window blinds, his eyes
dart forth like arrows from another world

like Bast the cat-headed moon goddess
or those cats drawing Freyja's chariot.
Cat's Eye stones make wearers invisible
and black cats perform spells for witches.

Old mouse asked "Who's to bell the cat?"—
Cat that in the corner dwells.
Where is the Cat with nine lives
with seven kits going to St. Ives?

Artists cat-lovers: Renoir, Dali, Warhol,
Steinlen, Carrington, and Peter Milton.
Cat-loving writers: Colette, Cocteau,
Dr. Seuss and Edgar Allan Poe.

After seeing Egyptian cat statues
in the British Museum, James Joyce said
the ancients had more religious awe than
Christians who had no cats in their Bible.

I'm seeing cats everywhere— in films,
paintings, poems, sidewalk drawings,
clouds, on top a backyard fence, and
on the Stanford computer I log on!

Is Schrödinger's cat dead or alive?
If Joshu was there, he would have lived.
Ask the Cheshire Cat who confounded
Alice with those Zen-like questions

and before she could answer them
he vanished into the tree with
nothing left except for his grin.
Am I now in with a mad cat?

Look at those eyes— not just a house cat
but the stare of a panther whose darkness
swallows me whole into some stargate—
the window opens— O, I see and see!

          — Peter Y. Chou
              Mountain View, 7-4-2011

Cat in the Tree—
Image of cat eyes
in eucalyptus tree
from my apartment
window in Mountain View