Professor Leonard Barkan's Lecture "Some Pages from
Michelangelo's Life, with Reflections on Some Other Lives"
Stanford's Cantor Arts Center Auditorium (May 19, 2011)


David with his sling shot,
and I with the bow—

Bow shooting arrows
or playing the harp—
weapon of war or peace?

Professor Barkan tells us
"If you wish to know
you'll have to buy my book."

I tell him the bow
could be a crescent moon
in the hands of Diana

or the Bowl of Night
filled with stars to make
our dreams come true

or a bow in the cloud—
a covenant between
heaven and earth

or the bow is Om—
symbol of Brahman
the Supreme Spirit

that flows through us
when we are inspired
to create something new

the way Michelangelo did
when his chisel carved
David to wakefulness.

  Peter Y. Chou
  Mountain View, 6-28-2011