Nine, Page, and Ace of Pentacles

A maiden in rose garment
stands in a castle garden
amidst grape vines in abundance.
She appears content with two trees
behind her, a snail at her feet,
a red falcon perched on her hand.
Are those nine star-orbs by her side
the golden apples of Hesperides that
Hercules would be coming to steal?

A youth in medieval attire
stands in a field with mountain
and trees in the background.
Focused on the star-orb
hovering over his raised hands,
he ponders its meaning or
perhaps offers this as a gift.
Is this Hercules after stealing
the golden apple of Hesperides?

Could this star-orb be the secret that
gypsies reveal when cutting an apple
crosswise to display a pentacle inside?
The Tarot's Ace of Pentacles shows
a hand emerging from clouds with
glowing orb and star at the center.
For his Eleventh Labor, Hercules slew
the dragon guarding the golden apple,
a fruit that made the gods immortal.

This Tarot card with clouds and mountains
is the Emerald Tablet's "As above, so below."
The mountain peak beyond the garden gate
is the shape of the Greek letter lambda, Λ—
which Plato calls "Soul of the Universe".
There are five in the five-pointed star
held in the "Hand of God". No wonder
our Pilgrim contemplates this treasure—
Apple of Immortality from the Tree of Life.

          — Peter Y. Chou
               Mountain View, 1-11-2011

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