Bob Thaves, Frank & Ernest Comics (October 2, 2012)

"How about that? Geese playing chicken!"
reads the caption of Frank & Ernest comics
as two groups of geese in V-formation
fly toward each other for a head-on collision.

Readers comments at—
Looks like a conflicted bombing mission.
Many geese are headed for a swan dive.
With that many geese overhead, I'd duck.

Bob Thaves' pun was completely FOWL today!
This could lead to some scrambled eggs and
that special Moroccan dish: goose-goose.
Dead geese on road— feathers, feathers everywhere!

Professor Dupuy would love this comics
of "geese playing chicken" when he lectured
on "MAD— Mutual Assured Destruction"
in missiles buildup during the Cold War.

He dramatized this in his Stanford class
showing a film clip Rebels Without A Cause
in car-racing toward a cliff between gang leader
and James Dean— first to jump out is a chicken!

Afterwards, I realized how cowardly I am,
always yielding to oncomers on the sidewalk.
Now, I will not swerve aside for anyone
except for mother with her baby carriage.

Enough about playing this chicken game—
Heavy-weight champion Muhammed Ali
said he'd run from a thug with a knife instead
of landing his knockout punch— that's courage.

If geese are flying in Λ-formation
and the Platonic Lambda symbolizes
Soul of the Universe— what happens
when two World Souls come in collision?

Our neighbor Andromeda Galaxy with
trillion of stars is twice the Milky Way
and they'll collide in four billion years.
Computer simulations show stars inside

each galaxy are so far apart that the two
galaxies will form a giant elliptical galaxy.
So when World Souls collide, they'll not
destroy each other but merge in love as One.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 10-8-2012