Gemstones for Healing

Rocks and stones have healing power but
you need to find the right one for you.
Some say quartz crystals can cure cancer
and crystal skulls can predict the future.

Crystals are found in clocks and computers,
moonstones and sunstones eliminate toxins,
lace agate relieves soreness & headaches,
and green jade is used to ward off evil.

Olympic athletes wear gemstones to
increase their prowess and performance,
while diamonds are a girl's best friend
and star sapphires add to their glamour.

John DeSalvo walked into a gem store
to find the right crystal stone for him—
the amethyst and turquoise were too icy
and cold, the crystal ball much too large.

He felt one gemstone after another
to see which had just the right vibes—
not beryl, topaz, opal, nor ruby,
even lapiz luzuli gave him no uplift.

Then he spotted a glowing red stone
in the corner of a bottom shelf.
Picking it up, he put it in his palm
and felt the warmth energizing him.

He asked the clerk the name of this gem
and price, eager to buy this treasure.
Raising the stone to the light, it broke
when squeezed & she said "It's a jelly bean."

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 5-15-2012

Quartz Crystal