Insights at a Sage's Bathroom Sink

"Don't splash too much when using the sink"
he reprimanded me after I brushed my teeth
in his bathroom in Blonay, Switzerland.
That was 36 years ago and now those words

have taken on new meanings just as Tony
told me about PB— "each moment with
a sage is a learning experience so be aware
of spiritual lessons coming your way."

Dante wrote on four levels of interpretation
in sacred scriptures— I've taken PB's words
literally— wiping off water in sinks
at home and even in public restrooms.

The moral meaning may be cleanliness
is next to godliness and King Janaka's
dry mind enlightened by Buddha in
one night is an allegorical story.

Dante said the anagogical meaning
is discerned only by saints and sages—
so water droplets are thoughts within us
and a clean sink is Pure Consciousness.

How I wish that these insights would come
sooner to share with PB the next morning
at breakfast when he commended me for
learning my lesson in cleaning up his sink.

But I did have an awakening that day
while brushing my teeth at PB's sink—
I had been using Ramana Maharshi's
mantra "Who Am I?" to be enlightened.

God told Moses "I Am that I Am"
and the Hindu Mahavakya "Thou art That"
reveals to us the true nature of The Self—
Suddenly I realized that God or "I AM"

is not on some mountaintop or cave but
in AIM itself— my toothpaste told me so!
You need not go outside of aim to find it—
PB smiled "write about this in your book!"

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 11-1-2012

Meeting Paul Brunton in 1976

Brushing my teeth at sink
(reconstructed in Photoshop)

Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

Ramana's Who Am I?

AIM Toothpaste