Not since FernadoMania in '81
has there been a sport's sensation like this—
Jeremy Lin coming out of nowhere to help
New York Knicks win seven in a row!

Lin led Palo Alto High School to 2006
state title but received no scholarships.
He broke Ivy League records at Harvard,
but no team drafted him in the NBA.

A gym guard told Lin "volleyball is next week",
others said "Asians can't jump". After playing
part time with Warriors, they cut him as did
Houston Rockets before 2012 season began.

New York Knicks claimed Lin off waivers
and used him at halftime on February 4
because their stars were hurt and Lin
scored 25 points to beat the Nets 99-92.

Lin scored 28 and 23 points in first two starts
as Knicks beat the Utah Jazz and Wizards,
setting a scoring record for first three games—
Lincredible, Linvincible— Super Lintendo!

When asked about Jeremy Lin, NBA's best
Kobe Bryant said "Never heard of him."
Two days later Lin outscored Kobe 38 to 34
to end Lakers' 9-game win streak against Knicks

Against the defending champs Dallas Mavericks,
Lin scored 28 with 14 assists to win 104-97.
Sports Illustrated had Lin on its cover twice
in a row and Time called it LINSANITY!

Spike Lee wore Lin's Palo Alto High jersey,
asking price for Lin's yearbook was $5000,
and Lin's rookie card sold for $21,580 on eBay.
Ben & Jerry featured Lin-sanity ice cream.

Mallard Fillmore comics said "If the election
were held today, Obama would lose to Lin by 44%."
Nike and Volvo signed up Lin for their commercials
and a fan asked in her poster "Be my VaLINtine".

When Spanish players mocked the Chinese team
at 2008 Beijing Olympics with "Slanty-eyes" photo,
Lin systematically destroyed those players later
in three NBA games— that's Spanish Linquisition!

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 4-5-2012

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