Platonic Lambda Light

"Don't step on the Soul of the Universe"
I tell myself while approaching a patch
of triangular light in the shape of
the Platonic Lambda or the World Soul.

After finding the soul showing itself in
every step we make & in every breath
we take, I see it on top and bottom
of redwoods, on mountain peaks

as well as in the V-formation of geese
and in perspectives of the vanishing point.
Now here's another sample of lambda shape
and I wonder what's the source of this light?

Going inside Room C-6, I find no sunshine
through windows or ceiling lamps casting this
"light-shadow", but C6 represents carbon
backbone of proteins, nature's language of life.

Since six is the first perfect number, C6
may symbolize perfect Pure Consciousness,
synonymous with Soul of the Universe—
Just then I see a gap on the roofside

where sunlight is making this lambda light—
Our Sun, made mainly of hydrogen with
atomic weight one, building block of all—
with the World Soul emerging from the One.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 11-22-2012

Platonic Lambda Light

Foothill College, Room C-6
Middlefield Campus, Palo Alto

Source of Lambda Light