2012 Topps #93 Skip Schumaker baseball card with squirrel

Rally Squirrel Baseball Card

In its 60-years history, Topps never issued
a baseball card without the player's face
until 2012 when Topps #93 showed only
Skip Schumaker's cleats with a squirrel running by.

The squirrel became a cause célèbre during
2011 NLDS between the Phillies and Cardinals
at Busch Stadium, running onto the outfield
in Game 3 causing delay in play and again

in Game 4 crossing home plate in the 5th inning
as Roy Oswalt threw a pitch to Skip Schumaker
that was called a ball. Phillies manager Manuel
argued for "no pitch" but the appeal was denied.

Skip flied out but with Cardinals fans cheering
for the Rally Squirrel, Oswalt was distracted
and David Freese hit a two-run homer in the 6th
that led to Cardinals beating the Phillies 5-3.

In Game 5, Skip Schumaker's double drove
in the only run to win 1-0 and the NLDS
as Cardinals beat baseball's best-record
Phillies and went on to win the World Series.

The 2011 Cardinals World Series rings had
103 round diamonds and 50 custom-cut rubies
but between STL logo and home plate with bats
is the "Rally Squirrel" that helped them win it all.

The Rally Squirrel had 27,000 followers
on Twitter and its T-shirts generated $210,000.
Skip Schumaker's baseball card is selling for $1
but the Rally Squirrel card sold for $600 on eBay!

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 12-12-2012

Squirrel crossing home plate
as Oswalt pitched to Schumaker

Skip Schumaker 2012
Topps #93 baseball card

Back of Skip Schumaker "Rally Squirrel"
2012 Topps #93 baseball card

Chris Carpenter's
2011 Cardinals World Series ring

Detail of "Rally Squirrel" on
2011 Cardinals World Series ring