"If you spend as much time on the Mountain as you should,
            She will always give you a Sentient Being to ride: animal,
            plant, insect, reptile, or any of the Numberless Forms.
            What do you ride?"

            — Lew Welch, Ring of Bone (1973), p. 142

Riding the tiger
Bodhisattva Manjursi
wields a Sword of Discernment.

Riding the mouse
Elephant God Ganesha
removes all obstacles.

Lao Tzu rides the
water buffalo into
Spirit of the Valley.

Riding on camels
through the sands searching for
the Star— The Three Wise Men.

Rider and the Horse—
Alcor and Mizar,
Big Dipper binary stars.

The Witch rides a broom
with a cat behind her
every Halloween night.

Riding on a goose
Nils Holgersson explores
every Swedish village.

Riding on hemoglobin
Oxygen feeds all the cells
to energize them.

Riding on Puma
through the Mountain Path,
these shoes carried me for miles.

Riding on the Dove
with an olive leaf and
blessing "Peace be with you."

Riding on the wings
of inspiration,
I soar with the West Wind

Riding the Earth
spinning around the Sun
across the Milky Way.

— Peter Y. Chou
     Mountain View, 8-27-2012