Balance Tree across the street from bus stop at
Phyllis Ave. & El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA

The Balance Tree

I saw her standing there
across the street from me—
beautiful Balance Tree.

Just missed my bus and
have to wait for the next—
half an hour on the bench

but my mind is not mad
there's calm across the street—
peaceful Balance Tree.

Roots tied firmly to earth,
sap soaring to heaven—
bountiful Balance Tree.

Tree of Knowledge & Life
ever ancient and new—
delightful Balance Tree.

Uncluttered and simple
teaching me mindfulness—
wonderful Balance Tree.

Branches spread like wings
Prajna and Karuna
blissful Balance Tree.

Symmetric left & right
Tao circle yin & yang—
O soulful Balance Tree.

I see her dancing here
inside my mind and heart—
O joyful Balance Tree.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 3-4-2013