Blood Moon Eclipse 2014

Photo by Kevin Winter: Composite of Blood Moon Eclipse, April 15, 2014

Four lunar eclipses
in the next 18 months—
prophecies of doom?

I walk twenty paces
from my apartment
to see the eclipsed moon.

Above the Blood Moon
during tonight's eclipse
is the red planet Mars.

Below the Full Moon
to the right is Spica
brightest star in Virgo.

From dark sliver crescent
to bright full Frog Moon—
may wisdom light my mind.

The next day I look at
Blood Moon eclipse photos
from around the world.

Tokyo roof antenna
balances moon like
a ball on its tiptop.

At Austin Capitol Building,
Liberty Goddess statue
juggles the Blood Moon.

At St. Olaf Church
in Wisconsin, Blood Moon
dances with a White Cross.

It's Passover time
and the Moon is singing
"Enjoy the circus show."

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 4-16-2014

Photo by Scott Barbour:
Blood Moon rises in Williamstown
in Melbourne, Australia

Photo by Issei Kato:
Partial Lunar Eclipse atop
roof antenna, Tokyo high-rise

Photo by Jay Janner:
Blood Moon over Liberty Goddess
Statue, Capitol Bldg, Austin, TX

Photo by John Hart:
Crimson Moon & Illuminated Steeple
Cross, St. Olaf Church, Ashippun, WI