Hannah Paquiz, 5, in her Princess Leia outfit is not intimidated by He-Man played by Matt Helm at the
Big Wow Comic Festival at San Jose Convention Center, Sunday, May 18, 2014 (Photo: Karl Mondon)

He-Man Battling Princess Leia

Hundreds have come to San Jose's
Big Wow Comics Festival seeing
their favorite artists and buying
vintage comic books & collectibles.

Many are attending drawing
and storytelling workshops,
communing together in
fantasy of the imagination.

They are pondering the future—
comics is in same sinkhole with
newspapers, magazines and books,
print media losing to the Internet.

But this is a happy crowd—
fans have come dressed as their
favorite superhero or villain—
there were four Wonder Women,

two Lara Crofts, a Jack Sparrow,
a Thor, one Alien monster,
a Batman, and a squadron
of Star Wars storm troopers.

Now action in the aisles—
Five-year old Hannah Paquiz is
locking her sword with He-Man
played by Matt Helm of San Jose.

He-Man with blonde flock of hair,
gold-chained breastplate, bear-skin
around his waist & ankles, known as
"Most Powerful Man in the Universe".

His black Power Sword aimed
at Hannah's eyes, but she's not
at all intimidated, having learned
a trick or two from Obi-Wan Kenobi—

Just look at those eyes— so focused
parrying him off. This Jedi-knight will
win wielding her lightsaber because
she has on her Princess Leia dress.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 5-20-2014