"Soul of the Universe"
Platonic Lambda exposed

Pepper Tree at Avalon Towers
Latham Street, Mountain View

"Soul of the Universe"
Platonic Lambda covered

The Soul Must Remain Hidden

I've walked by this Pepper Tree
at Avalon Towers for fifteen years
to catch the bus and didn't notice

its sheared-off branch with oval
slice showing the Lambda Λ shape
called by Plato "Soul of the Universe".

Three months after taking photos
for my Platonic Lambda files,
leaflets have grown to cover the spot.

My first impulse was to pluck
these leaflets to expose "The Soul"
but an inner voice told me not—

"The Soul must remain hidden"
like roots supporting the trees,
like sap nourishing the leaves,

like the spinal cord sending
nerve currents through the body—
a 6000-miles river of light.

The Soul must remain hidden—
gravity keeping us on Earth
and planets orbiting the Sun.

Perhaps that's why we can't look
directly at the sacred— our Sun
or Zeus, lest be blinded by its power.

The Soul must remain hidden
for its Love makes the world go round
and moves the Sun and other stars.

        Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 11-11-2014