Chinese Ideogram Shan for Mountain

The Chinese ideogram shan for mountain
has three strokes— bottom k'an is a container
with vertical down stroke kun appearing as "1".

On "Kabbalah" lecture in Cambridge, Mass.
June 6, 1973, Carlos Suarès gave insights
on letters on the Hebrew alphabet—

"Aleph, first letter is infinite energy"
"Beth, house, is container of this energy" ,
together they form image shan for mountain.

In Chapter III "The Way of Ascent" in
Harold Bayley's Lost Language of Symbolism
is a figure of "Dove on the mountain-top"

with mountain image as the Chinese shan
and the dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit
for in myth, birds represent the human soul

and Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens 1617
alchemical work shows birds on mountain-tops
in Emblema VII and Emblema XLIII.

Since the mountain peak is highest point on earth,
it's the meeting place of heaven, home of the gods—
all depicted in the Chinese ideogram shan

for the vertical stroke kun is heaven
and the bottom strokes k'an is earth—
only a sage could have envisioned this!

Wei Wu Wei says "an awakened sage lives & thinks
vertically"— no wonder the Platonic Lambda Λ
"Soul of the Universe" is shaped like a mountain.

          Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 1-22-2018, 3:06 am

Dove on Mountain-top
Figure 74 on page 39 of
Lost Language of Symbolism

Michael Maier's
Atalanta Fugiens (1617)
Emblema VII
Eagles on Mountain-top

Michael Maier's
Atalanta Fugiens (1617)
Emblema XLIII
Vulture on Mountain-top

Platonic Lambda
(Timaeus 35b)