Goosepen— a fire cavity
at the bottom of tall redwoods
where farmers hide their chickens,
ducks and geese during rainstorms.

The word is not cited in
Webster Unabridged Dictionary
or American Heritage Dictionary.
Found under "goose" in the OED

"a pen or enclosure for geese"
or "a quill pen", but no reference
for usage except in Shakespeare's
Twelfth Night: "write with a goose pen".

At Muir Woods, Conan Doyle wrote
on majesty of redwoods— "nothing,
not even fire, can destroy them.
Saw brushfire scars in their flanks."

Don McLellan, the Humboldt Hermit
lived a year in a redwood goosepen
with woodstove on the ground floor
and straw mattress on second floor.

Madame d'Aulnoy published in 1697
a fairy tale "Princess Rossette" on
people going to consult an old hermit
living in a hollow tree— a goosepen?

Goosepens are coveted den sites for
hibernating bears & colony of bats.
One goosepen in Prairie Creek
held 109 fourth-grade students!

While top of Redwood soars to heaven,
the Goosepen is anchored to earth—
both resembling Platonic Lambda Λ
"Soul of the Universe" that is eternal.

Shakespeare wrote "The poet's eye.. glance
from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven..."
Let's glance at Redwoods from top to bottom
and experience heaven on earth here & now.

      Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 10-1-2018

Top of Redwood
Portolo Redwoods (7-1-2012)

Redwood Goosepen
Portolo Redwoods (7-1-2012)

Inside Advocate Tree
Looking Out (9-6-2009)

Goosepen Redwood to Sky
Purisima Creek (9-6-2010)