Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

James Clerk Maxwell

Albert Einstein

Stephen Hawking

Linkage of Souls of Scientific Geniuses?

Stephen Hawking died today on Pi-Day—
this transcendental number 3.14
resembles the mirror image of PIE.

Read five articles in the New York Times
honoring Hawking, surprised to learn that he
was born exactly 300 years when Galileo died.

Since Einstein was born March 14, 1879,
Hawking died exactly 139 years since
Einstein's birthday— strange coincidence?

"Round up the usual suspects!"— lined up in a row
Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Hawking—
they've not broken any laws, only made them.

Explore the mystery of these five scientific geniuses—
Galileo, father of modern science, whose telescope
discovered craters on our Moon and moons of Jupiter.

Galileo died 1642, the year Newton was born
whose Principia laid the foundation of physics,
explaining gravity and planetary motion.

Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism
is considered the "second great unification in physics
after Newton". He died 1879, when Einstein was born.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity explained
the perturbation of Mercury & bending of light
by gravity where Newtonian physics fell short.

Regarded as the greatest scientist since Einstein,
Hawking is not afraid of black holes, saying people
fear to be gobbled up, but "I am their master".

Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease that kills in 4 years,
Hawking surprised doctors by living over half a century.
Such is power of mind over matter when one has a goal.

When I wonder about these linkage of scientific souls,
a Zen Master would whack me thirty blows and say:
"Have a cup of tea and a piece of apple pie!"

            Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 3-14-2018, Pi-Day