Romania #1442: Heraclitus
(issued October 25, 1961)


"You could not discover the limits
of soul, even if you traveled every
road to do so; such is the depth of
its meaning." declared Heraclitus

in Fragment 42 of his Treatise
on Nature
in my 1964 paperback
translated by Philip Wheelwright
highlighted with a yellow marker.

Other sayings I've marked in
yellow include Fragment 110—
"No man ever steps in
the same river twice."

But the most memorable
of his quotes is Fragment 8—
"I have searched myself." on page 19
to which I wrote "Have you found?"

Right opposite of this query
I wrote "19 years after posing
this question, I found the answer
in Plotinus's Enneads, IV:8:1"—

"Heraclitus seems to teach by metaphor,
with the idea that it is for us to seek
within ourselves as he sought
for himself and found."

This revelation came at 1:30 pm
on September 3, 1986, overjoyed
by one great sage confirming
another of his awakening.

  Peter Y. Chou
  Mountain View, 4-1-2019