Romance Stories: when time stood still for lovers...

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

We have all read or heard romantic stories that have inspired our mind, heart, and spirit to soar to the infinite. Here are some romance stories that gave me an epiphany during my spiritual quest. We welcome your suggestions and comments for inclusion in this section.

(1) Romeo of Villeneuve: Dante honors this Romeo in Paradiso VI.

(2) Cupid & Psyche: How the son of Venus fell in love himself.

(3) Dante & Beatrice: Dante's true love guides him through Paradise.

(4) Paolo & Francesca: Dante tells about these lovers in Inferno V.

(5) Moses Mendelssohn & Fromet Gugenheim:
      How a philosopher won himself a wife

(6) Pierre Renoir & Aline Charigot:
      Jean Renoir tells about the meeting of his parents.

(7) Yajñavalkya to Maitreyi:
      On the Love of the Soul (Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad)

(8) Ralph Waldo Emerson & Ellen Louisa Tucker:
      From Indolence to Illumination

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