Skyline Trail (Northwest of Wunderlich Park)
San Mateo County, California

Hike starting across Skyline Boulevard
from CM04 Gate, El Corte De Madera Creek
at Bear Gulch Road & Mountain Meadow Road
Sunday, July 28, 2013

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: This is my first hike on Skyline Trail (Map), northwest of Wunderlich Park. It is across the highway on Skyline Boulevard near the CM04 Gate of El Corte De Madera Creek, Open Space Preserve. We parked near a Mt. Meadow Mailbox surrounded by ten bird icons. My friend came here in 2006 for a leisurely hike amidst the Redwoods. At the Mirror Trail Junction, we didn't know which path to follow. Fortunately a jogger who lives in the area came by and directed us to the right trail. This was the only person met on today's hike until a female jogger ran past near the house in the woods (1, 2). Beside Redwoods encountered on the trails were Madrones, Douglas Firs, and Tanoaks. There were many tree stumps on the trail with one Redwood stump resembling Devils Tower. No wildflowers were seen on the hike except for Stinging Nettles and a Spear Thistle. While no Goosepen Redwoods were seen today, Platonic Lambda Λ images were found in a Redwood Stump and in a Fallen Tree Branch at a trail bend. It was a blessing seeing Sun Rays through the Trees (1, 2, 3) and a Fern Fan for a Queen waving in the sunshine. On the drive back on Skyline Boulevard, photographed the curvy roads on the highway (1, 2). Last photo was the Stanford Dish on the horizon of Highway 280.

Approaching Alice's Restaurant, Hwy 84 (1)

Alice's Restaurant on Hwy 84 & Hwy 35

CM04 Gate, El Corte De Madera Creek

CM04 Gate, El Corte De Madera

Giant Tree by Mailbox 37

Bear Gulch & Mtn Meadow Road

Skyline Boulevard at Trailhead

Bird Icons around Mailbox

Bear Gulch East Gate (Private Road)

Wunderlich Park Signpost

Skyline Trail Signpost

Fallen Redwood through Trees

Two Fallen Redwoods

Redwood & Stump near Entrance

Sun through Tall Redwoods

Skyline Trailhead

Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica)

"Horizontal Among Verticals" Redwoods

Ferns in the Sunshine

View of East Bay through Trees

Bay Area Ridge Trail Sign

Devils Tower Redwood Stump

Mirror at Trail Junction

Redwood Stump

"Triceratops" in Trunk Roots

"Bear Head" in Fallen Trunk

Spider Web Catching "Worms"

Fern Fan for a Queen

Curvy Branches in Tree

Sunshine on Curvy Tree

Eyehole in Fallen Trunk

"Sling Shot" Tree

"Leaning Tower" Madrone Tree

Top of Leaning Madrone

Y-Shaped Madrone Tree

Douglas Fir to the Sky

"Clipper Tree" & Redwoods

Arching Tree Across Trail

"Lambda Λ Gate" in Stump

"Leaning Tower" Tree

Top of "Leaning Tower" Tree

Sunflare through Redwoods

House between Redwoods

House in the Woods

Sun Rays through Tanoak Trees

Redwoods below the Trail

Roots of Fallen Trunk

Serpentine Tanoak (Notholithocarpus)

Burl in Madrone Tree

Burnt Stump with Hole

Sun Rays through Trees

Sunflare through Trees

Curvy Tanoaks on Trail

"Sling Shot" Y-Tree

"Fallen Samurai" Redwood

Samurai Redwood

Trident Branch in Redwood

House on Hill in the Woods

"Lambda Λ Branch" at Trail Bend

Stump: Baby Elephant on Its Back

Samurai Tree to the Sky

"Leaning Tower" Trees

"Headless Redwood" & Giants

Trail to Eyehole Trunk

Spear Thistle (Cirsium vulgare)

"Samurai Swords" Douglas Fir

"Sunflare Mudra" Tree

Samurai Redwood (1)

Top of Samurai Redwood

"X Marks The Spot"

Shelf Mushrooms on Tree

Top of Shelf Mushrooms Tree

Eyehole Trunk at Switchback (1)

Giant Tree at Mailbox 37

Skyline Boulevard: Turn 20 Mph Sign

Skyline Boulevard: Turn Arrow Signs

Skyline Boulevard: Turn 15 Mph Sign

Stanford Dish on Horizon of Highway 280

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, July 28, 2013

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