Stevens Creek Trail Hike
Mountain View, California

Thursday, November 27, 2014

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Thursday, November 27, 2014, Thanksgiving Day, with all the Computer facilities closed, my friend took me hiking at the Stevens Creek Trail at Shoreline Boulevard (Video of family bikers). Started at La Avenida Trail Head (2:17 pm) & turned back after the Bridge at Crittenden Lane Trail Head (3:37 pm). Because of her sore back, my friend hiked with her wheeled walker on the paved bike trail. Being more adventurous, I hiked on the gravel trail along the creek. The rocky pebbles were too bumpy on my shoes, so I walked on the grassy patches nearer to the creek. What a delight to find mallard ducks swimming there! Took some 15 photos of them during my hike (Three Mallard Ducks, Six Ducks, Black Duck). A giant bird landed on a tree by the creek. Looked like it had a white stripe on its beak. After searches in Google Images, found photos from J.R. Compton (1, 2) and Cornell Ornithology Lab that resembled giant bird seen in the tree by the creek. It's a Black-crowned Night-Heron. On the way back, I walked on bike trail for a different view, finishing the hike at 4:22 pm. Here are 86 photos of the Thanksgiving's Stevens Creek Trail hike. Favorite photos— Fuzzy Palm Tree, Reflection of Egret in Creek, Baby Bird Tweeting. Thanks to Nature for this beautiful day with the birds, creek, trees, and sunshine.

La Avenida Trail Head Sign

Trees at La Avenida Trail Head

"Discover Water" Info Board

Stevens Creek Map Board

La Avenida Trail Head Post

Hike Along Stevens Creek

Colorful Birch Trees

Start Bike Trail Head (1)

Three Mallard Ducks in Creek

Three Mallard Ducks in a Row

Mallard Ducks & Fallen Tree in Creek

Mallard Duck & Fuzzy Palm Tree

Four Mallard Ducks in Creek

Four Mallard Ducks Closeup

Six Mallard Ducks by Fallen Tree

Six Ducks Changed Direction

Reflection of Fallen Tree in Creek

Six Ducks Resting in Stevens Creek

Gurgling Water in Stevens Creek

Bird Tweeting in Trees

Fallen Log Across Creek

Lone Duck Eating on Shore

Duck Paddling Downstream

Reflection of Trees in Creek

Fallen Tree over Creek

Fallen Logs in Creek

Trees Tilting Toward Creek

Rocky Pebbles Trail by Creek

Bare Tree Along Creek

Power Lines Along Creek Trail

Fallen Tree Over Creek

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Baby Duck in Stevens Creek

Snowy Egret on Bush

Giant Eucalyptus by Creek

Ducks in Stevens Creek

Reflection of Egret in Creek

Black Sage (Salvia mellifera)

Snowy Egret on Bush Closeup

Ducks & Marshes in Creek

Black Duck Paddling Downstream

Two Dandelions in Marsh

Bridge over Stevens Creek

Hangar One at Moffet Field

Crittenden Lane Trail Head Sign

View of Moffett Field

View of Distant Hills

Row of Bushes in Creek

Bridge View Northward

Bridge View Southward

Crittenden Lane Bridge

View of Fields Southward

Water Flow from Pipe to Creek

Reflection of Egret in Creek

Coyote Bush by Creek near Sunset

AtoZ Tree Nursery Trucks

AtoZ Tree Nursery Logo on Truck

Bright Little "Christmas Tree"

Orange Birch Trees by Creek

Potted Plants under Power Lines

Sunflare & "Attitude" Truck

AtoZ Tree Nursery Truck

Palm & Cypress Trees

Dozen of Palm Trees in Pots

Pebbly Gravel Trail by Creek

Paved Bike Trail by Creek

Red Firethorn Berries

Fuzzy Palm Tree at Sunset

Palm Trees in Trailer Park

Palm Trees near Sunset

Sunflare through Pepper Tree

"X Marks The Spot" (Buried Treasure?)

Firethorn Berries (Pyracantha coccinea)

Firethorn Branches Soaring to the Sky

Fuzzy Palm Tree at Sunset

Baby Bird Tweets in Tree (1)

End of Stevens Creek Hike

Half Moon & Cometlike Trail

Tree Branch Bows to Sunset

La Avenida Ave, Mountain View

Pepper Tree near Hike Entrance

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, November 27, 2014

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