Hike: Pescadero Creek County Park

Tarwater Trailhead Loop
San Mateo— July 4, 2011

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Monday July 4, 2011, Stanford Green Library was closed for Independence Day. So my friend took me to Pescadero Creek County Park in San Mateo for our first Summer hike. We had come here on September 20, 2009 and for five hikes at Memorial Park (August 16-September 13, 2009). Today, we made a stop at Montebello Open Space Preserve (Skyline Boulevard) before going on Alpine Road to the narrow Pomponio Road. This lead to the northeast area of Pescadero Creek Park Complex at Tarwater Trailhead. Three hikers told us about the 1000-year-old Redwood ahead on the Tarwater Trail Loop and not to venture on the more rugged Upper Coyote Ridge Trail. My friend's backache prevented us trekking to the Old-growth Redwoods so we left after an hour and forty minutes hiking. The noise of a car passing us scared a young deer away on Pomponio Road before I could snap a photo. Took photos of roadside flowers (Sticky Monkey-Flowers, Clarkia, Mustards) from the car. Surprised to see sun ray streaks on Russian Ridge Sign in photo.

Two Hawks over Montebello

Views at Montebello Open Space

Montebello Open Space Board

Montebello Open Space Trail

Scenic View, Alpine Road

Scenic View, Alpine Road

Buffalo Valley Ranch

Gate with Cowboys & Bull

1555 Buffalo Valley Drive

Tarwater Trailhead Board

Southern View from Trailhead

Pomponio Road from Tarwater Trail

Westward Trail to Wilderness

Porsche sports car parked next to us

Tarwater Trail Loop



Bay Trees & Butterflies Overhead

"Pterodactyl" Branch



Tarwater Trailhead Entrance

Tarwater Loop Trail Sign

Thistle on Tarwater Trail

Dead Pines at Russian Ridge

Leaving Tarwater Trailhead

Southern View to Canyon

Southern View to Valley

Southern View to Valley

Pescadero Creek Park Sign

Sticky Monkey-Flowers

Lake View Buffalo Valley Ranch

Scenic View on Pomponio Road

Scenic View from Car

View of Hill from Car

Clarkia from Car

Clarkia from Car

Clarkia & Mustards

Russian Ridge Boards

Alpine Pond & Daniels Nature Center

Sun Ray Streaks on Russian Ridge Sign

Bay View from Page Mill Road

Bay View from Page Mill Road

Bay View from Page Mill Road

View of Hill on Altamont Road

Westwind Barn Horses on Altamont Road

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, July 4, 2011

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