Peace... Openness... Understanding...                                      for Sterling McNees

Peace... Openness... Understanding...
the three Angels who came to me
when I learned that you had died.

Was that your soul flying by me
today under the magnolia tree?
O beautiful butterfly!

O Angel of Peace—
bring our mind to understanding,
to kindness and openness.

O Angel of Openness—
open our heart to the peace
that passeth all understanding.

O Angel of Understanding—
let our soul experience openness
to all and find inner peace.

May your spirit rest in peace
as you soar to starry openness
with wings of wisdom & understanding.

May your illumined understanding
guide our world to perfect peace
through tolerance and openness.

May your fullness and openness
open the doors to understanding
and bring us the blessings of peace.

        — Peter Y. Chou
             Mountain View, 6-21-2006

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