Georges Braque: Papiers Collés (1913-1914)

Georges Braque, Guitar and Program: “Statue d'Epouvante” (1913)

In the years when Braque created papiers collés, his artistic idiom became increasingly complex with each new work. In this case, Braque introduced four different types of paper, including an ad for a movie theater whose text is clearly legible. The fact that the movie advertised is a horror film [Statue d'Epouvante = Rule of Terror] adds an ironic twist to the composition.


Georges Braque, Ace of Hearts (1914)

In this work, by leaving the oval shape suspended over the dun surface of the background, Braque has created a very peculiar piece. the cutout patterns in the white paper endow the composition with an increased sense of depth and a certain relief quality, foreshadowing some of the devices that would become common tools of Cubist sculpture.

Pictures & texts from José Maria Faerna, Braque,
Cameo/Abrams, NY, 1997, pp. 26-27

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