Agnes Hooper Gottlieb, 
1,000 Years, 1,000 People: Ranking the Men and Women Who Shaped the Millennium Agnes Hooper Gottlieb, Henry Gottlieb, Barbar Bowers, Brent Bowers,
1,000 Years, 1,000 People:
Ranking the Men and Women Who Shaped the Millennium

Kodansha International, ISBN: 1568362536
Avg. Review (23): 4.5 stars

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Here are the top 100 people from the past 1000 years.
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Rank #NameLifespanAccomplishment
1 Johannes Gutenberg1394-1468developed the printing press
2 Christopher Columbus1451-1506discovered the New World
3 Martin Luther1483-1546reformed Christendom
4 Galileo Galilei1564-1642father of modern science
5 William Shakespeare1564-1616greatest literary genius
6 Isaac Newton1642-1727discovered the laws of motion & gravity
7 Charles Darwin1809-1882theory of evolution
8 Thomas Aquinas1225-1274Summa Theologica
9 Leonardo da Vinci1452-1519Renaissance man in art & science
10 Ludwig van Beethoven1770-1827unfolded the spiritual realm of music
11 John Locke1632-1704philosopher of democracy
12 Mohandas Gandhi1869-1948apostle of non-violence
13 Michelangelo Buonarroti1475-1564the artist of God
14 Karl Marx1818-1883founder of communism
15 Sigmund Freud1856-1939founder of psychoanalysis
16 Napoleon Bonaparte1769-1821master in the art of war
17 Albert Einstein1879-1955E=mc2 and general theory of relativity
18 Nicholas Copernicus1473-1543discovered the heliocentric system
19 Jean-Jacques Rousseau1712-1778spiritual father of romanticism & revolution
20 Adolf Hitler1889-1945millennium's most evil man
21 Adam Smith1723-1790father of capitalism
22 George Washington1732-1799father of America
23 Wilbur Wright1867-1912first man-powered flight
24 Orville Wright1871-1948first man-powered flight
25 René Descartes1596-1650father of modern philosophy
26 Louis Pasteur1822-1895developed vaccines against germs
27 Peter the Great1672-1725Westernized Russian into a great power
28 Thomas Alva Edison1847-1931invented light bulb, movie projector, phonograph
29 William the Conqueror1028-1087conqueror of England in 1066
30 Dante Alighieri1265-1321poet who brought the divine to earth
31 Queen Elizabeth I1533-1603molded England into the British Empire
32 Abraham Lincoln1809-1865freed the slaves & preserved the Union
33 Johannes Kepler1571-1630discovered the path of the planets
34 Leo Tolstoy1828-1910the giant of Russian literature
35 Johann Sebastian Bach1685-1750composed an ocean of music to inspire us
36 Voltaire1694-1778apostle of enlightenment
37 Franklin Delano Roosevelt1882-1945protector of the American way of life
38 Winston Churchill1874-1965hero of England's finest hour
39 Francis of Assisi1181-1226peacemaker with the human & animal kingdom
40 Niccolo Machiavelli1469-1527first modern political scientist
41 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin1870-1924revolutionary who founded Russian Communist Party
42 Ferdinand Magellan1480-1521navigator of the first ship around the world
43 Genghis Khan1167-1227Mongolian conqueror of Asia
44 Miguel de Cervantes1547-1616author of the quest— Don Quixote
45 Mary Wollstonecraft1759-1797championed women's rights
46 Rembrandt van Rijn1606-1669master painter of chiaroscuro
47 William Harvey1578-1657discovered circulation of blood
48 Simon Bolivar1783-1830liberator of South America
49Immanuel Kant1724-1804metaphysician of the modern world
50Mao Ze-Dong1893-1976father of Communist China
51Henry Ford1863-1947produced the automobile for the common man
52Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1756-1791prolific composer of joyous music
53John Milton1608-1674poet of Paradise
54Benjamin Franklin1706-1790America's Renaissance man
55Alexander Fleming1881-1955discoverer of penicillin
56Martin Luther King, Jr.1929-1968champion of civil rights
57Toyotomi Hideyoshi1537-1598ruler & unifier of Japan
58Frederick the Great1712-1786the sword of German militarism
59Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel1770-1831philospher of history
60Chu Yüan-chang1328-1398first Ming Emperor
61Charles V1500-1558Holy Roman Emperor
62Geoffrey Chaucer1342-1400humanity's poet laureate
63Louis XIV1638-1715the “Sun King” who empowered himself
64Thomas Jefferson1743-1826author of the Declaration of Independence
65Pope Urban II1042-1099preacher of the Crusades
66 Marco Polo1254-1324world's most influential traveler
67Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier1743-1794father of modern chemistry
68Maximilien Robespierre1758-1794started the Reign of Terror
69John Calvin1509-1564Protestant Reformation leader
70Charles Dickens1812-1870novelist of the industrial age
71Suleiman the Magnificent1494-1566Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
72Paul Cezanne1839-1906founder of modern art
73Murasaki Shikibu978-1031creator of the novel
74Alexander Graham Bell1847-1922invented the telephone
75Marie Curie1867-1934pioneer of nuclear physics
76John Eckert1919-1995invented the first modern computer ENIAC
77Fyodor Dostoyevsky1821-1881maker of modern literature's antihero
78Pope Innocent III1160-1216champion of papal power
79Frederick Douglass1817-1895abolitionist leader
80J. Robert Oppenheimer1904-1967director of the first atomic bomb project
81John Stuart Mill1806-1873promoter of individual rights
82Joseph Stalin1879-1953millennium's monster
83Joan of Arc1411-1431heroic patron saint of France
84Francis Bacon1561-1626formulator of the scientific method
85Filippo Brunelleschi1377-1446inventor of linear perspective
86Elizabeth Cady Stanton1815-1902founder of women's rights movement
87Vladimir K. Zworykin1889-1982television pioneer
88Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz1646-1716inventor of calculus & symbolic logic
89William Le Baron Jenney1832-1907architect of the skyscraper
90Edward Jenner1749-1823inoculator with vaccination for smallpox
91Queen Victoria1819-1901the mother of all monarchs
92Babur1483-1530Muslim conqueror of India
93Chu Hsi1130-1200Chinese philosopher of the millennium
94Phineas T. Barnum1810-1891master showman of sales & advertising
95Guglielmo Marconi1874-1937invented the radio
96Marsilius of Padua1270-1342sower of the seeds of modern politics
97Desiderius Erasmus1466-1536literary light of the Renaissance
98Alexander von Humboldt1769-1859universal scientist
99Margaret Sanger1879-1966birth control's evangelist
100Henry VIII1491-1547England's first Protestant King

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