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closed book “The true University of these days is a Collection of Books.”
— Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), The Hero as a Man of Letters
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Astronomy Books: tour the night sky for a journey to the stars...
Cornelius, Starlore Handbook Geoffrey Cornelius, The Starlore Handbook: An Essential Guide to the Night Sky (1997), Chronicle Books, ISBN: 0811816044— A dream come true for stargazers and all who have stood in awe of the night sky, The Star Lore Handbook is a complete, fully illustrated guide to identifying the 88 recognized constellations and the principal stars that comprise them. Deftly weaving together astronomy, myth, and symbolism, Cornelius tours the rich heritage of the stars and planets— from meteors and orbits to astrology, moon worship, and astral tales of love and tragedy. Includes a quick-reference table that lets beginners spot major constellations right away, this unique companion introduces not only modern scientific knowledge, but also the folklore of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, China, medieval and Renaissance Europe, and Central & Native America. Wonderfully illustrated with specially commissioned maps and artwork, color photographs, and line drawings, this is an ideal guide to the timeless celestial marvels. Chicago Tribune review: “Everyone who camps needs a book like this.” Avg. Review (2): 5 stars
Rey, Stars Hans Augusto Rey, The Stars: A New Way to See Them (1976), Houghton Mifflin, ISBN: 0395248302— The drawings in this book are delightful for children and adults alike. You'll find seven Big Dipper sketches— its changing shape from 100,000 years ago to 100,000 years from now. The drawings of the earth's orbit inside the Celestial Sphere, wobble of the earth's axis, cross section slice of the Milky Way galaxy are instructive and illuminating. The 17 Constellation Charts show you what to look for. The where and when is shown on the Calendar Charts— 30 full-sky triple-horizon charts developed for Sky and Telescopemagazine that let the reader view the night sky by dates and hours. This is a clear, vivid text with charts and maps showing the positions of the constellations the year round. Saturday Review:The Stars is the best book available for its purpose. It is also a brilliant example of the combined use of art and writing in bringing science to the layman.” In a letter to the author (9-30-53), Einstein wrote: “Many thanks for your lucid and stimulating book. I hope it will find the interest it deserves.” Avg. Review (10): 5 stars
Raymo, 365 Starry Nights Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights: An Introduction to Astronomy for Every Night of the Year (1981), Simon & Schuster, ISBN: 0671766066— The beauty and wonders of our night skies are as enchanting as Scheherazade's 1001 Nights. Raymo's book is divided into 365 sections— providing a snapshot for every night of the year. This arrangement allows the reader to learn the constellations and star positions on a day-to-day basis. The hundreds of illustrations, charts, and star maps help the reader to explore and elucidate the night skies. While naked-eye star gazing is the main focus of this book, the author also covers pulsars, quasars, radio astronomy, stellar evolution, as well as ancient myths and folklore of the stars. This is a great book to introduce astronomy to beginners as well as a handy guide for the pros. Avg. Review (5): 5 stars

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