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closed book “The true University of these days is a Collection of Books.”
— Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), The Hero as a Man of Letters
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Peter's Books: art & poetry to celebrate the human spirit...
Vision Statement: presents art & poetry books that are timely and timeless. Using words & pixels, we celebrate the language of the human heart, mind, and spirit. Each poem and graphic image is a new discovery— a fresh insight to share with others. Through this alchemical mystery of transformation from “things unknown to shapes” we wish to bring cosmic awareness to everyday life.
Cave Journey into the Heart Cave Journey into the Heart—
18 Newsletters for computer graphics designers at Foothill college to infuse a spiritual dimension in our artworks
(21 pp. Illustrated)— $5.
Poems Inspired by Dante Poems Inspired by Dante—
Ten poems inspired by Dante's Divine Comedywith notes on each poem's origin. Five of the poems were written while taking Professor John Freccero's Dante course at Stanford in 1991. Illustrated with Dante postage stamps. Cover shows Botticelli's drawing “Dante & Beatrice” from Paradiso(20 pp., Illustrated)– $4.
Rock River Tree Rock River Tree— the creative process showing my computer graphics interpretation of Maya Angelou's Clinton inaugural poem Pulse of Morning, including original laser prints of artwork in Adobe Illustrator, symbolism & images of rock, river, tree from Bible, philosophy, and poetry; source of portraits from postage stamps (18 pp., Illustrated)— $5 Poems for the Dalai Lama Poems for the Dalai Lama—
14 poems gift to the Dalai Lama on his 1994 visit to Stanford, including program with Tibetan National Anthem, poems and graphics design on Ecological Awareness, my photos of Dalai Lama's 1979 Boston talks.
(22 pp., Illustrated)— $5.
Gorbachev's Visit to Stanford Gorbachev's Visit to Stanford— Journal and poems of my moment with Gorbachev at Stanford when he signed my Time magazine of his photo. Includes five photos of this encounter, photocopies of Gorbachev ticket, special stamped cover of his Stanford visit, and his autograph from Time magazine. (20 pp., Illustrated)— $5 Sacred Geometry: Poems 1992 Sacred Geometry: Poems 1992— 23 poems from 1992, including Under the Apricot Tree, How They Fall, Study of Transformation, The M Showed Me, The Distance of Creation, Entering the Primavera. (25 pp.)— $5
Type Gardening Type Gardening— Newsletters on typography & mythology with insights on Typhoeus, Python and Set; classification of typefaces and when to use them; obituary notes on Frederic Goudy and what did he mean by “Stop Stealing Sheep”; Psyche and Spirit stories on Vulcan, Caduceus & DNA, Cornucopia & Capricorn, Calling the Muses for Inspiration (19 pp., Illustrated)— $5 Type Studies Type Studies— Alphabet matrix Aa to Zz at a glance for 30 typefaces from American Typewriter to Zapf Chancery; 0-9, !$%&?; typeface personality studies; font identification of magazine titles & coporate logos. This book will make you fall in love with type and be a better web designer (50 pp.)— $7
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