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— Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), The Hero as a Man of Letters
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Web Design Books: tips & techniques to make your web site shine...
Jack Davis, Susan Merritt, 
Web Design Wow! Book: Showcasing the Best of On-Screen Communication Jack Davis & Susan Merritt, The Web Design Wow! Book: Showcasing the Best of On-Screen Communication (1998), Peachpit Press, ISBN: 0201886782— Here's a beautiful book with lots of practical advice and creative inspiration for those designing screen-based communications-from Web to CD-ROM. Jack Davis, co-author of the award-winning Photoshop Wow! Book, covers the conceptual process, design fundamentals, and essential interface components. There are over 50 case studies and more than 600 color examples of highly successful and creative interfaces for marketing, sales, education, and portfolio presentations. The CD-ROM includes many projects covered in the book, along with demos of multimedia tools from Adobe Systems & Macromedia.
Avg. Review (11): 4 stars
David Siegel, Creating Killer Web Sites David Siegel, Creating Killer Web Sites, 2nd Ed. (1997), Hayden Books, ISBN: 1568304331— The author's typography & graphic design experience really shows in this book. He tells you about the art of 3rd generation web site design, how to serve your audience with not just a menu but a nourishing meal. This was the best-selling book in 1996 on the Internet and has been translated into ten languages. The expanded 2nd edition is completely updated with new material in every chapter. You'll find the techniques and principles to build sites for today's 4.0 and the coming 5.0 browsers. Much of the book has been rewritten with new tips, new tools, updated HTML, and an emphasis on cross- browser compatibility. There are three new chapters on strategies designers will need to know going forward, including a detailed cascading style-sheet tutorial. Avg. Review (157): 4 stars
David Siegel, 
Secrets of Successful Web Sites: Project Management on the World Wide Web David Siegel, Secrets of Successful Web Sites: Project Management on the World Wide Web (1997), Hayden Books; ISBN: 1568303823— Siegel wrote this book to help legitimize site design as a profession, saying: “I want people to think of us as architects on the Information Superhighway, not gas-station attendants.” This book consists of 15 visual case studies (including Land Rover, Salon, Lucent, National Geographic, Virgin Records, Porsche) that give information that most sites won't give out— what worked for them, why and exactly how. Readers learn the insider secrets of successful business planning, budgeting, and collaboration. Each case study explores both the client and developer point of view, so readers can see for themselves what works and what doesn't. This book gives clients and Web developers everything they need to guarantee a successful Web business. I enjoyed the book's layout and especially the 13 “Secret Weapons” offering nuggets of wisdom on running a successful web site. Avg. Review (65): 4.5 stars
Ardith Ibanez & Natalie Zee, HTML Artistry: More Than Code Ardith Ibañez & Natalie Zee, HTML Artistry: More Than Code (1998), Hayden Books, ISBN: 1568304544— This book is an advanced, hands-on guide to the aesthetics of utilizing HTML tags in Web pages. Concise, practical advice helps readers make the best decisions about when and where to use which HTML elements to create better web pages. It shows all aspects of HTML design, from the simple table layout to full animation with Dynamic HTML. Advanced tips and tricks are sprinkled throughout for optimizing the look and speed of the page. All the examples are actual techniques that are used on today's top web sites. Readers will receive expert advice through examples and case studies on how to achieve sophisticated page layouts through the use of innovative typography, animations, and interactive effects that work on both Netscape Navigator & Internet Explorer. Inspirational case studies show what works in real world contexts and how to apply them to the web. Stunning artwork illustrates innovative layouts, typography, animations— all with HTML. A beautiful book! Avg. Review (8): 5 stars
Robin Williams, John Tollett, 
Non-Designer's Web Book: An Easy Guide to Creating, 
Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site Robin Williams & John Tollett, The Non-Designer's Web Book: An Easy Guide to Creating, Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site (1997), Peachpit, ISBN: 020168859X— This book is for anyone who has little or no Web or design background, but who still wants to participate in this communication explosion. If you are an aspiring Web designer, you'll learn why Web design is different from Print design and how to take advantage of it, where to get or how to make Web graphics easily, how to use typography on the Web, how to get your finished site up on the World Wide Web. The Web Design Don't List will make you communicate more effectively. With its user-friendly writing, appealing page design, eye-catching graphics, extensive examples and illustrations, and full-color throughout, this book provides beginners with everything they need to create their own beautiful and well-designed Web sites. Avg. Review (19): 5-stars
Lynda Weinman, Designing Web Graphics 2 Lynda Weinman, Designing Web Graphics 2, 2nd Ed. (1997), New Riders, ISBN: 1562057154— This book uses examples from the author's favorite sites and offers helpful design, software, and HTML pointers. Written in a casual, conversational tone with a smart layout, the book offers accessible resources and direction for the designer & non-designer alike. Weinman covers everything the Web designer needs to know, from basic HTML to animation techniques in Macromedia Director and tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. Rather than letting the tools lead discussions of technique, Weinman introduces concepts and goals and then follows through with software-specific instruction. This book is the most technically up-to-date resource on Web design. Avg. Review (32): 4 stars

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