Wisdom Stories for Enlightenment

Prince and Sages

We have all read or heard stories that have inspired our mind, heart, and spirit to soar to the infinite. Here are some stories that gave me an epiphany during my spiritual quest. We welcome your suggestions and comments for inclusion in this section.

(1) Ribhu Gita: Sage Ribhu tells Nidagha about the Non-dual Self.

(2) Chuang Tzu: A cook initiates a prince on the way of life.

(3) Hakuin: A Zen Master's equanimity.

(4) Ha Tae-hung: The Boldness of Huh Saeng.

(5) Zen Master In: Mind is Buddha

(6) Zen Master Mang Gong: What Is Your Star?

(7) D.T. Suzuki: The Supreme Spiritual Ideal

(8) Sacred Communication: Silent Greetings

(9) Joseph Campbell: Indra's Lesson

(10) Jiddu Krishnamurti: Religious Man

(11) Korean Zen Master: Zen Peace

(12) Chuang Tzu: Gardener Watering Ditch

(13) Jorge Luis Borges: What Is a Divine Mind?

(14) Francis P. Church: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

(15) Zen Master Seung Sahn: Plastic Flowers, Plastic Mind

(16) Ray Bradbury: Live Forever!

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