Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)
The Nightmare (1781)

Problem of Evil:
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Preface: Professor Jean-Pierre Dupuy's seminar The Problem of Evil in Literature, Film, and Philosophy (FRENGEN 265), Spring Quarter 2009 at Stanford University has inspired me to gather web links on the topic of evil in addition to his syllabus. Here are paintings, poetry, essays, quotations on the theme of evil for ponderings and meditation.

Web Links to Topics on Evil:

Pressed by Evil
(A look at the artworks in Al Pepper's Office in Chris Carter's Millennium TV series)

Henry Fuseli: The Nightmare (1781)
(Incubus on top of a sleeping woman with horse's head looming by bedside)

Real Life versus Fiction
(Simone Weil: "Nothing is so beautiful and wonderful, nothing is so full of sweet and perpetual ecstasy, as the good; no desert is so monotonous and boring as evil. But with fantasy it is the other way round. Fictional good is boring and flat, while fictional evil is varied and intriguing, attractive, profound and full of charm.")

Xun Zi or Hsün Tzu (312-230 B.C.)
(Chinese philosopher who believed that man is naturally inclined towards selfishness and evil, and that if these inclinations are not curbed, human societies would devolve into anarchy.)

John F. Phillips, Order from Disorder: Proclus' Doctrine of Evil and Its Roots in Ancient Platonism
(Book Review by Todd Krulak, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.02.40)

Jan Opsomer, Carlos Steel, Proclus, On the Existence of Evils. Ancient Commentators on Aristotle
(Book Review by Wayne J. Hankey, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.12.07)

Evil in Proclus and Dante
(By Dr. Greg MacIsaac, Carleton University Colloquium, January 16, 2009)

Proclus vs Plotinus on Matter
(By Jan Opsomer: Proclus criticizes Plotinus' view that evil is to be identified with matter.)

Proclus: De malorum subsistentia
(Six translations of Proclus On the Existence of Evil)

Two Treatise of Proclus (1833) translated by Victor Cousin & Thomas Taylor
(Ten Doubts Concerning Providence & the Nature of Evil)

Poems About Evil
(PoemHunter.com: 395 poems about evil)

Dante's Inferno Study Guide
(By Diane Thompson, Northern Virginia Community College)

Evil and Sin in Dante's Inferno and Goethe's Faust: A Symbolic Comparison
(By Diabolic@Everything2.com)

What is evil?
(By LordBrawl@Everything2.com: Evil is any force, being or activity that increases human suffering. It is a negative force, concerned with loss and deprivation.)

Google Books: Susan Neiman's Evil in Modern Thought
(Online version of Susan Neiman's book with limited pages displayed)

Book Reviews: Susan Neiman's Evil in Modern Thought
(22 Selected Reviews from the author's web site)

Book Review: Susan Neiman's Evil in Modern Thought
(By Frank Eugene Smitha, Microhistory and World Report)

Book Review: Susan Neiman's Evil in Modern Thought
(By Fred Rush, University of Notre Dame)

The psychodynamics of terrorism
(By Mats Winther, Jan. 2006: On the bottomles evil of mankind)

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