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“There is no royal road to geometry.” — Euclid to the King






Geometry plays an important role in building and architecture. The Doric columns of the Parthenon in Greece, the Gothic cathedrals of Chartres & Notre Dame of Paris, the Great Pyramid of Egypt were all based on the divine proportion or golden section (9:4) which Leonardo da Vinci recognized in the human face, hands, and torso. Many visitors to cathedrals, shrines, and temples often feel a sense of tranquillity that lasts for days. Some of this is due to the spiritual vibration at these sites, but also from the inherent architecture planned by the master builders of ancient times. Five important geometrical figures that we experience in our lives are the circle, triangle, square, cross, and spiral. Read the symbolic meanings on these figures and arrange them in the order of your preference. Write a "Poem of Praise" honoring your favorite figure. For ideas, see my Geometry Table compilation.

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